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  1. She resembles Felicity Jones in these photos. But nonetheless beautiful

  2. The girl needs a lot of polishing. She’s MUP material but not now. In 2-3 years is the perfect time for her.

  3. Just because her mother is a beauty pageant icon does not mean Aya deserves a crown .
    Facially, there are more deserving candidates
    She had one whole yr to get her face ready for the pageant
    And yet , it still leaves much to be desired
    Just compare her to Sam B who has improved significantly from before she joined the pageant
    It looks like Aya’s face needs a lot of scrubbing and her nose .. she should st least know how to put on make up to make her nose less prominent

    • What is STUNNING everybody is Aya’s BODY. Keysi Sayago would approve!

      Yep. Aya is “hipon” – eat the body, throw the head away.

      And as we see not a few times, the ones with killer physiques end up Runners-up at best.

      Oh, my. Oh, well.

      A gallant effort, dear! Thank you for being so brave.


      PS – Pero kung “beauty of face” rin lang ang pangunahing pamantayan, ilalaglag ko na rin si Julia Saubier dahil kung p_ng_t si Aya, MAS ch_k_ si Ai-Ai de las Alas.

      UNLESS….. (sasabihin ko na lang kapag nag-post na si blogger tungkol kay Julia).

      • @flor Yun kamukha ni aiai si Anne barker. You mixed them up or parehas sila NG aiai?

  4. How are any of the front-runners – Hanah, Patch etc.- going to define themselves “with” the constant burden of having to bare becoming Catriona’s successor is the biggest feat.

    Let’s face it, Catriona’s dominating and overwhelming MU18 victory in addition to successfully overcoming harsh criticism from her legions of haters left a powerful legacy for her successor to follow.

    Hanah, hands down, IS an MUP potential but she has the heaviest and most unique burden to carry as a BbP 2019 hopeful and especially if she is crowned the rep this year for MU for the “obvious” reasons.

    I hate to be in the shoes of the frontrunners this year and to be a judge who has the unenviable task ot crowning the MUP and BbP International successors.

    Good tidings Hanah and enjoy your journey. No matter what happens, continue on.

  5. She is beautiful. no doubt. but too raw. too sweet. why do i feel like she’s more for MWPh than BBP? Possibly, International. iba ang ganda niya. but sorry, wala pa siyang MUP Aura. not belittling her, but yun yung dating niya sakin. i keep on checking her photos and videos, pero may kulang. masyadong pa sweet. maybe i am just looking for more.. oomph.. ummpph.. GANON. charot. pero konting tapang at laban pa.

    Ang daming Morena/Pinay beauties na ang lakas ng dating / presence nila ngayon. so let’s see kung ano ang mamamayani sa finals night.

    • Then we send to Japan…. Galeria! Not Dumaguing ‘coz I dunno if MI org will still buy the “kasambahay” backstory, as it was with Lubina.

  6. I just find her too mestiza!

    Medio fair version siya ni Leila Alcasid who is also half-Aussie!

    Nakita niyo ba yung bagong logo ng Miss Universe Philippines (i.e., same logo of MU but with elongated flag of the Philippines on top)? And then recently Jonas was appointed as Creative Director ba? And ang job description niya is to solidify the brand of Miss Universe in the Philippines.

    Naisip ko lang na kung ganito na ang set-up then that means they have to let go of the other titles “virtually.” And kung mangyayari yon, isa sa magiging casualty is yung MGI. Palpak na nga yung launch nila sa Colombia and hand picked pa rin sila sa Venezuela as of last year (unless there will be a change this year under the “El Concurso” of Abuela Osmel who was last spotted going to Argentina kung totoo man ang chika na siya na ang bagong franchise holder doon.

    What I’m trying to say is baka come pageant night “Miss Universe Philippines” lang ang crown with four runners up and out of the four runners up, hand pick na lang kung sino ang ise-send dun sa ibang pageant under the franchise of Binibini kasi otherwise paano magiging distinct yung branding as “Miss Universe Philippines” kung may karay-karay pa rin na ibang title?

    • may nabasa ako na ang tawag sakaniya ngayon is

      Miss Universe Philippines | Bb. Pilipinas

      may nakita pa nga akong post na “Official sashes for MUP and BB PILIPINAS Candidates” are now ready keme keme. which are ung suot nila sa press presentation. so i think mas kailangan i emphasize nila ang MUP title. pero kasi for me, pag naisip mo ang BBP, Miss Universe agad ang unang naiisip. or baka gusto na din nila na may sariling pageant ang MUP? LOL

  7. My mi. This lady will win mi 2019 mikimoto crown. I want her to win internationally. I don’t think. There will be a mu back to back
    Mu – gazini ganados or Julia sabier
    Mic-Vicki rushton or aya abesamis
    Supra – gazini ganados or Samantha bernardo
    Mgi Emma tiglao
    Globe Julia sabier or aya abesamis
    I also like Samantha lo, leren, Shane Thormes and Kim pechon
    Yun nagsasabi join uli next year. Oh pls ha it cost 300k to 500k to join a bb nabasa ko sa sash. Ootd, designer gown, designer nat cos make up skin care, time, condo rental NG galing sa probinsya, give some condiments and food for the supporters, tickets for the supporters, PR fee. What if may iba pang gusto gawin si candidate sa buhay nya?dapat papanalunin na di kailangan umulit. Si ahtisa nga 21 but she performed very well

    • Don’t worry. BPCI knows who can afford to re-join. That was determined during the application period and the screening. They may be brutal-stringent. But they are also wise. Specially NOW with Mario Garcia working with them for the brand marketing and licensing arrangements. BECAUSE YOU CAN KEEP AND IN FACT PAY A VERY POPULAR (if underperforming) CANDIDATE TO STICK AROUND.

      (No, I am NOT referring to Hannah when I say “underperforming”)

      • @flortula bpci have credit investigation and background check??
        Im just pointing out that the young aspirers should get what they deserve just bec some 26 27aspirants only have a change of heart when they are now a tad mature.

    • Point taken.

      I think the underlying issue is the STEEP cost of mounting a candidacy in pageantry. Again and rather than repeat what is common knowledge, perhaps Mario Garcia et al can come up with some sort of financial incentive at least for the more promising noobs.

      But again, MUP needs money to make that possible. It cannot come from BPCI, kasi nga tax-exempt sila, dapat. It is MUP who will, if ever, shoulder some of the burden of “housing” its “talents”.

      Which begs the question – how we, as ordinary fans, can help to make it possible.

      Ah, well, Mario Garcia needs to be creative and he needs to be the one to approach us for that.

      • Kaya yung ibang candidate eh may glam team and support crew.. Kasi paisponsor sila..

  8. One more piece of unsolicited advice for Hannah!

    Pansin ko lang du’n sa Press Presentation, medyo malambot (not firm and toned) ang body.

    Madali lang ang solusyon : tanga-cut one-piece swimsuit.

    Parang ‘yung blue na isinuot ni Poonlertlarp nu’ng 2017 sa MU. Puwede rin siguro asymmetric, tulad nu’ng kay Ahtisa last year sa MI na dilaw. But IVORY-WHITE, to complement her luminous complexion.

    Blogger, Jag Jeans naman, por favor. 🙂

  9. Pareho sila ng “aura” ni Ms. Thailand-Universe 2017.
    Pero mas maganda siya.

  10. MIP this year, then Miss World Philippines, Mrs Morley will love Hannah and her accent❤️

  11. Miss International PI for me, then Miss World Philippines. Mrs Morley will love her❤️

  12. I love Hannah ! MUP or International for me. This girl has great potential up her sleeve and
    I believe between now and the final night, she might just “wow” us big time ! Go Hannah – you can do it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. She’s got great potential
    Needs a lot of work though in terms of styling attitude and comm skills . I believe they can be remedied easily . If MU is to be held in 12/19, she has 5-6 months to work on her issues . I hope she finds/ has found the right people to train her .

    She does not deserve anything less than MUP. Period.

  14. First runner up muna. Vickie will win Miss International 2019. Hanna will make the first ever back to back happen…hihihihihi

  15. Strikingly beautiful. Period. PERO parang hindi pa sya ganun ka confident, para si Aya last year ganun ang dating nya. Well, girl, kung gusto mo ang MUP, laban lang. Labang may panahon pa. Sino ba kasi ang nagtratrain sayo? Anyways, 1st runner na lang muna this year. Next year, ready ka na for MUP.

  16. Ok just in case she is that dedicated in winning a crown this year here are my tips:

    1. Edit your OOTD well… minimal but impactful accesories… all clothes must be well-fitted, even casual ensembles… maximum 2-3 colors(neutral colors not counted)… think sleek, cosmopolitan, modelesque.

    2. Study Filipino language, history, culture, economics, geo-politics, current events, etc. in relation to the whole world. TBH, I dont think Teleseryes are the best source of Filipino culture… I think you should really imerse yourself by traveling the whole country meeting all kinds of people.

    3. Work on Q&A skills… be more assertive and always stay positive… Ex. if an interviewer or any1 mentions your flaws, its ok to acknowledge to show humility but do not elaborate on it.. always focus on your strengths.. and always know your purpose.

    I actually have more tips but thats enough for now.
    You have a huge potential and time is on your side.
    I know you could become an international winner.

    • No. 3 is where her rawness is most evident. She spends so much time focusing on her flaws, criticisms, etc. The reality is if she is saying those things out loud then she is obviously thinking them in her head. At this level, her mindset has to be focused on who and what she and not the opposite.

      There can be no room for any doubt in her mind. She’s got exactly 2 months from today to turn on her mental A-game and drown out anything and anyone that doesn’t comport with her best version of herself. Plenty of time, but time also flies.

      Yes, agreed, the teleserye thing is kind of lowbrow. Time for her to pick up a book and find a way to infuse its topic into 90% of the questions she may have to answer for Q&A related to the Philippines past, present, or future.

      Hope her team is not just telling her she is a beautiful halfie who can speak English really well and that’s all she needs.

      • …. and few books are as timely in its relevance and insight into the TRUE Filipino condition than “A Season of Grace” by F. Sionil Jose (or Bienvenido Lumbera, I cannot remember exactly).

        And do NOT even get started on Nick Joaquin! A sure-fire way to get depressed.

      • Exactly guys, at this moment.. her sweet innocent nature can easily fall victim to other representatives with sociopathic tendencies who’s so hungry for the crown that they would try their best to psyche out the biggest threaths and shake her down. Those kind of spirit suckers are pretty common in International pageants. She should never allow other people plant negative thoughts in her mind whoever they are.

  17. Siya ba ang dapat mananalo sa mga korona ng Bb. Pilipinas? Tanging tadhana lamang makakapagsabi at hindi ang mapaghusgang opinyon ng mga ingiterang palaka. Nasa kanya na ang lahat ng katangian upang manalo sa patimpalak ng Bb. Pilipinas.

  18. She got this subtle charisma that screams MI. You can’t help but smile in her interview.

  19. She is the strongest candidate this year. And I feel SMA will send her to MI where chances of winning is high. Imagine another doll faced Philippine representative conquering the land of the rising sun. As one fan shouted during Ahtisa’s presentation, “Sugoi kirei!”.

  20. hi hannah! i hope u dnt get discouraged by comments that you’re only fit for a lesser crown, or that you need a year or two to polish..for me, the MUP 2019 crown is still for you to lose
    .and that there is no better time than now to pursue that dream..so as i wrote earlier, stay focused..and watch out sa mga magsasabotaje sau on ur journey…so careful.din gurl..trust with caution..watch pia’s mmk episode to get the drift.

    • Unsolicited advice to hannah: And it won’t hurt to brush up on your current events/current headlines by watching tv news daily and reading varied materials…wag na sana maulit ang build build build blooper..

  21. Hannah, if you are reading all this, and decide you want to go for MUP regardless of what people think, then feel no need to pressure yourself to be FIERCE.

    Iris Mittenaere wasn’t. At least not until Finals night (or day in Manila, rather). And even then, she toned it down. Not for her the dramatics of Chaling or 4M. And Mary Agnes Were was even CHILLER than the French dentiste.

    Like what you just said, you are not Catriona Gray 2.0. – “For one thing, I don’t have a lava walk”.

  22. she has the goods…but I can see that she still needs polishing and more training…Imagine her in 2 years after training and gaining more maturity ! she’s a diamond waiting to be polished…I want her to be a runner up now and join again next year or in the next two years

  23. Hannah is undoubtedly gorgeous. She looks stunning in most of her studio shots. She is also tall and lean. I also notice that she has a good glam team that provides her make up, hairdo, and glam shots. Many pageant fans on IG are rooting for her on the belief that she can do good in Miss International than in Miss Universe.

    Methinks that Hannah can also be a shoo-in for Miss Universe. She has all the goods that can make her in the semi-finals of the superbowl of beauty pageants. However, I have a few reservations on her chances, to wit:

    1. She doesn’t have the “wow” factor that Pia or Catriona possesses. We all know that judges prefer a girl who can uniquely standout and can’t take their eyes of her whenever she comes out and walks on stage. If she stands side-by-side with the like of Tamaryn’s beauty, she may easily fade out.

    2. She may not have general information about our history and some social issues which, if asked during the Q & A round, she’d miserably lose. I said “may” because I thought Hannah grew up overseas.

    As one of the most hyped (and frontrunner, if you will) candidates in BbP, I also hope that she be given a crown. If she’d be lucky enough on the finals night, I want her to take home Intercontinental.

    That’s all.

    • pia doesnt have the wow factor..that’s why it took her 3 attempts to get the right to represent the PH.

      • You are actually correct. Pia did not have the wow factor in 2013 compared to Ariella Arida. She was totally a plane jane, lean halfie with white complexion. When she came back in 2014, MJ totally outshone her with the former’s overload sex appeal and wow factor, plus her weak answer in Filipino gave her chance for a crown an anjust demise. And when Pia came back in 2015, she already learned her lesson by changing her drama and physical look (tanned skin and vava-voom voluptuous figure, plus the smize, and readiness in QnA). Who knows Hannah might replicte Pia’s fate.

  24. The One to beat! Margie Moran’s face clearly showed foreign extraction,even some of ex-Venezuelan winners had European bloodlines…to say that bcoz she had foreign connections lessens her winnability– is outright lame,and absurd!— She has thr every right of every binibini to WIN it!! And she simply screams Queen Stefania of Ms.Venezuela!— all who says she deserve a lesser crown ..had other favored bets kaya ginagawa nilang lame excuse ang pagbelittle sa kakayahan ni Hannah!– well,tingnan nalang natin sa bandang huli coz,Everything ay ayun sa kamay ng BPCI at kay Madam!

  25. Hannah is a ton of freshness to the point that her rawness is working against her..I really hope that she’s really brushing up everyday on her pasarela, non stop learning to give her the required depth, and going to the gym. . To Hannah, more pasarela training to achieve that clockwork precision, not the mahinhin walk, but one with the sought fierce level, and personality development/acting/modeling training to really have that über confidence ..good
    luck Hannah, stay focused, dont be distracted by the small things…and keep on learning..today is Apr 9, so exactly 2 months to go before the coronation nite..may the stars aligned for that crown.

  26. If not MUP, I wouldn’t mind if she get 1st Runner UP. She has another one full year to learn and enjoy the training and development. She has time to study tagalog like CAT.

    Enjoy mo lang girl. Pero, if destiny mo ang MUP. Go lang. But for the moment, I would like to give the MUP crown kay Samantha Bernardo, Vicky Ruston or Gazini Gurl. International – Emma Tiglao, Intercontinental and Supra – Alin man kay Samantha, Vicky or Gazini Gurl. MGI – Pachi Pachi Gurl. Globe – Abesamis girl. Second Runner – The other cebuana girl – Lo or De Vera.

  27. I live her but she is still too young….
    She needs more depth in answering questions..
    We need more personality… and dont elaborate on your weaknesses girl… focus on your strengths..

    For now she’s my 1st RUp.. I wana save her for next year.

  28. here’s where im having trouble with Hannah: her face, credentials, and overall styling all scream Miss Universe. Pero her personality and stage presence is clearly Miss International. For me she’s literally the opposite of Ahtisa Manalo that has MI written all over her face and whose overall aura screams MI without even trying, but performs on stage like an MU.

    I still believe that she will fair better in MI than in MU, though. Yun nga lang I also have a feeling that Madam is grooming Vickie, whose face AND personality screams MI, for that crown.

    • Vicki is already 27. She is also of middling height. Top 8 ko din si Vicki but not mi

      • As far as i know MI already adjusted their age limit to 27. Also Vickie is still 26, though she will be 27 by the time of BBP Finals. Her birthday is on May 8.

        Also, she is as tall as Lara Quigaman as per google, so i dont see any problem regarding height with the Japanese Org

      • Precious won 2005. 2019 na po now. Kylie was 24 5’7 the recent winner is only 20. 5’11. They broadened the age requirements but that doesn’t mean mananalo.
        Vicki is my mic. Since they are not too keen on height and age.

      • yes, I agree naman, it’s not an assurance na mananalo sya. It’s just that, all the signs seem to be pointing at Vickie winning MIP. Even the official IG page of MI liking ONLY the photo of Vickie among the rest of the pics posted in titasofpageantry account seems to be very telling din. Im not saying that Vickie will definitely win MI2019 (jusko nakakadala yang mga pica pica with pageant owner pero di naman josok sa banga re:Katarina Rodriguez-Julia Morley, Eva-Nawat), pero we can infer that Vickie is the preference of the MIO among the current roster of Binibinis

        I do agree with you, tho, with MIC. I mean, if Vickie doesnt clinch MIP then the next best crown for her is MIC. Personally I find her even more gorgeous than Karen Gallman so im sure the MIC Org will not be able to let her get away

  29. Hannah projects a demure aura. That easily gives her a Filipino vibe. However, her blue eyes and Aussie accent are easy giveaways that she is of Western extraction. Nothing wrong with these except that from the eyes of foreigners (in my adoptive country at least), we always get criticized that we only win international beauty pageants because we send beauties “who don’t look like us”. This notwithstanding, her persona fits Miss International template. This beauty pageant is known to crown women with quiet sophistication, and cerebral prowess is only shown in a one-off public speaking sampler during the finals. My hunch is that this year MI will award the crown to someone with great communication and hosting skills, owing to the fact that the winner will most likely assume Tokyo Olympics-related tourism activities. The Philippines need to send a strong delegate to upend last year’s 1st runner-up finish.

    • And that’s NOT Hannah because, as we saw in the MJ Marfori ambush, she is still a mess. 🙂

      If indeed that Tokyo Olympics-related promotions are in store for the titlist this year, then you have just given Julia Saubier one more option (aside from MU). Have you read her “enlightened rants” on various social and historical topics?

      I am positive she can make a good impression there! Don’t the PonJap adore anything French? Isn’t MI organization owned by the “Miss Paris Group”? I know she’s only half. But she’s the closest we have right now to the Arc de Triomphe, the wheat fields of Giverny, and the lavender-scented cafes of the South (towards the Riviera and Cannes).

      TAMA! Runner-up muna, ‘to. Anyway, she could use the time to brush up her Filipino and win more fans in the process. And MJ Marfori said, so.

      • Julia is also in my top 8 but not mi. She is beautiful but big boned. I don’t want another Mariel de Leon incident na maganda but malaking bulas. Or bianca guidoti who is modelisque but not a delicate beauty. Julia can fare well even in mup but mi needs small boned delicate features
        Vicki Rushton is also not that young and tall.

      • Ayaw mo (rin) ng modelesque na hindi delicate ang beauty para sa MI? ‘Eh, ‘di wala na rin si Gazini! Anuvayen?! 🙂

        Para’ng mas mahihirapan pa ‘yata tayo makahanap ng pambato sa MI. Hihihihi…. Cheret! (Hi, bong).

      • @flortula. Mi talaga si bagets Hannah. Gazini is small boned at dapat magpalit NG styling Kung mi. No to heavy boned ladies like mariel

    • My biggest concern is if Hanah does win MUP, the obvious and heavy burden of the “Fili-Aussie” comparison with Catriona may be her Achilles heel in the quest for b2b MU crowns. Sorry to say.

      Otherwise she would be the strongest candidate for MUP.

      I wonder what the 2019 MU judges would react to another Philippine delegate who is beautiful and half Aussie?

      All the best Hanah!

  30. Venezuela – Philippines – Venezuela – Philippines. That face screams Miss International. MU will be a suicide mission for her – no way will another Fil-Aussie back to back for MU (or come close).

    It’s so easy to root for and like her – hindi yung parang ibang overhyped na kailang ipush lagi. Effortless.

    You either have it or you don’t. Hannah has it.

  31. Miss international Philippines!! Manyika.. Medyo kailangan din mag milo energy gap but since mi loves subtle moves I feel SMA will the best for MIP just like 2016 and 1970 after a win

  32. She looks like Emilia Clarke in the video. I don’t mind her Australian accent. It’s sounds so sexy.

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