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    • “Funner” is not a word, because “fun” is a noun, not an adjective. You can’t turn a noun into a comparative, unless it has an adjectival form, which this does not.

  1. Dapat ata sa training camps, maghire sila ng volunteer debaters from colleges or law school. I-train ang girls sa debate competitions para maging kabog. Sa halip na typical Q&A na usually pabebe ang outcomes dapat mag-debate-han sila para maging palaban.

  2. i get alot of positivie vibes from her i think she will get a crown and surprise us all.

  3. mas maganda siya compared from last year. i mean comparing her over all styling and aura? a crown for her this 2019.

    Her comm skills? well, nag improve.. but still there’s a room for improvement. how do i see it? if it improved from last year without professional training, maybe if she wins one of the crowns, with the help of the professional people, mas mag iimprove pa to. I know she’s not Pia or Catriona when in terms of answering questions. but para sakin kasi… she’s there. but not totally there. basta parang ganon. HAHA

    so i think a little push and more effort pa to train/learn. she’ll be okay naman na.
    she can be supra as well, she’s beautiful, rampadora and grabe ang katawan. I think that’s the least that she should get. no runner up placement. last year na niya to. wag naman na nila i hannah sison. crown or nothing.

    • IMO, she has already has all the goods to win..
      Only thing missing is a bubbly out-going personality…
      Well she is almost there and her answers have way more depth compaired to last year.. A little bit more sense, guts and sass during interviews would hopefuly secure her one of the crowns.

  4. I like her face and her overall personality, but the comm skills… Arggggghhhh. I guess it’s more of what she has in between her ears rather than how she expresses herself. She’s like a glass of water at room temperature. It’s not her fault. Wait, it’s not even a fault at all. That’s how she is. I guess there’s really something else for her.

    • Medyo kulang yung personality totoo. May kooky side daw, eh sa posed photo lang ba? Everyone knows she can model.

      Someone compared her comm skills to Ara and Maxine. I think she is closer to Ara. However, Ara is engaging and open. Her personality is undeniable.

      Aya, like Maxine, always seems like she is hirap in her role as a beauty queen. Like that Valeria chick from Colombia at Universe. Konting kulang

      Still, I think she has the goodness for Supra, Globe, Intercon. Her flaws can be masked more in those competitions. MUP, MIP, and even garbage MGI need natural attention seekers and getters.

      • Ara is very kind and actually has a lot of depth as in she has a deeper understanding about anyone or anything. I hope Aya is the same.

      • Ara is a UP graduate, while Aya is not so that explains why Ara has more depth in expressing herself and seems more knowledgeable even if she’s uncomfortable in speaking English.

  5. To be honest, she looks different this year.
    She has that spark which was not there last year

  6. Although her q&a skills has improved… I still find her a tad too safe and ressserved in interacting during interviews.. You need to bring in more charm and personality.. Its you last chance girl.. Wake up!!

  7. maybe let’s cut her some slack face-wise(????). Ive been asking my non-pageant fan friends to pick who they find beautiful and Aya is a common response. I do get the reservations about her comm skills tho. I really feel that Aya is best fit for Miss Supranational

  8. Aya is beautiful in her own ways. She improved infairness. Her body is onpoint. Pasarela and stage presence hinde absent lols. I find her face too strong which is not suitable for MU. Shes a crown worthy queen pwede na sa MGI and the lowest is intercon. Im sure intercon will not give the crown again to ph this year. If we will send a high caliber with a fresh beautiful face in intercon this year she will be wasted. We all know how intercon play their game. Right. So practically we should send the like of aya abesamis. Rest muna sa intercon crown and give way sa ibang asian.

  9. When they first submitted their applications, there they were in one photo – Abesamis, Magtanong, Lo, and Guerrero. They were the Four Bimbos of the Aces and Queens Apocalypse (Admin, huwag ka’ng pikon). 🙂

    In Alice’s Wonderland, the (w/b)_tches of the North (Guerrero, who is American but also represents Ilocos, right?), South (Cebu’s Lo), East (Abesamis, as Pasig City is in Manila’s east zone), and West (Magtanong, as Bataan is along Luzon’s west coast, facing the West Philippines Sea/SCS).

    Of the four, only the eastern one excites me.

    The other three are INSIPID and it’s their fault; they have failed to live up to the pre-arrival hype, at this point/so far.

    My BOLD prediction : NOT MORE THAN TWO OF THE FOUR WILL CROWN, at best. The other two will leave TOTALLY empty-handed.

    KF and Las Mujeres Independiencias will take Season 56 of BBP! Including the two Runner-up slots.

  10. Tantanan nya lang ung paggamit ng Verdadero pag cnasabi nya ung name nya… support ko cya.

  11. Beautiful exotic face , well proportioned body. She is one of my top 3 for MU . kAYA mo tan!

  12. She looks and sounds more polished, and is one of my top picks for a crown, this year. Face and body among most beautiful of this batch. Good luck to her on finals night!

  13. I am convinced, she should be crowned this time… i don’t mind what title it is. Kung si Maxene at Ara nga di kagandahang sumagot sa q and a pero umabot sa finals. But Aya deserves a crown kahit Globe or Intercon, I will be happy for her.

  14. I really wanted to rank higher than globe but her weak interview skill is really foretelling of her fate as with gazinil. With bbp putting premium on substance and wit this year , these ladies are seemingly casualties of the tagline ‘beyond beauty’. Runner up to globe crown at best for Aya.

    Having said all these, huge possibility that a darkhorse is going to take the crown this year.

  15. Maganda talaga si aya. W lucy Liu vibes. Highest placement mic since 3rd crown ang mic this year. Mas gusto ko sya than the leni lobredo look alike

  16. Ays is the your next door ate, literally and figuratively. Such a sweet character, but she needs to show drive, drive, drive.

    Impressed with leren’s straightforward handling of interviews.

    And gazini shouts winner at every angle. A formidable dyosa who just need to modulate herself when she speaks.

    I’m getting less impressed by Hannah and Patch. In fact I’d rather they get minor crowns, if they get any. Just to stray away from our usually formula for crowning. Winning is becoming a formula rathan than a surprise. We fit the candidates into a mold. Also, just not nice to see a frontrunner acting too much like one, or conveying superiority with nasty side eyes. Check Hannah’s interview to see what I mean. Was rooting for her before, just the nasty side eye became a huge turn off.

  17. Her Q & A still weak, she’s trying to overcome those nerves by Doing a huge smiling, a crown for her Supra Maybe, but I think there are a lot of girls who are deserving more for the crowns.

    • Kung gano’n, sino-sino ang feasible for Supranational, para alam natin ang competitors niya?

      Mind you. Supranational, by going on a media blitz and basically trailing MU (as did Angkol, but after all he is Thai and Thailand hosted last year), gives the impression that they, TOO, plan to clone specific aspects of MU. Indeed, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

      Clue : the 1st Runner-up placement of Mary Jane Dimaranan last year was telling.

  18. Catwalk, poise, body – check.

    But her face is polarizing, and it shows in the close up interview. Needs a lot of explaining.

    Runner-up, maybe.

    • Runner-up? Probably not too good an idea considering last chance niya na ‘to. Kung talaga’ng hindi, hindi – no more placement.

      Or, outright crown! No more grey areas. Black or white, lang.

      Hindi rin fair kung pag-aasahin mo ‘yung tao with Runner-up simply as “consuelo”. Si Fabian Reyes nga, ‘eh, ” I will not give her a crown simply out of pity”.

      That being said, I think there is a clear trend – retired (or near-retirement) models join pageants. You begin working the runways in your late teens. And you are put out to pasture once you hit your early-twenties. TAMA talaga si (forgot his name. Sorry, po) – she should have tried EARLIER.

      But it is what it is.

  19. She will get my support if she gets a crown. She has improved a lot this year.

  20. Ohhhh hihihihi 🙂
    Do i have to comment again mga vecks.
    Philippines is not Mongolia Divahhhh.
    Plsssss! cherette lang hihihi 🙂

  21. I like her better than last year, but yeah, for the top pageants there are definitely more crown-worthy contestants. Can’t believe I actually agree with Fabian. MUP and MIP need to be HUNGRY.

    Tellingly she prioritizes pasarela for her prep over Q &A… Halata, at talangang push push push push push push push ang mga sagot. Ano ba yan Tito Nad deserves OT for his work.

    Push mo lang yan teh! Supranational or Globe or Intercontinental, kaya mo! I don’t think Angkol will appreciate her beauty so reserve MGI for Gazini.

  22. Ang problem lang… when you say you are (just) “enjoying it from time to time”… may be misconstrued as indifference and/or tentativeness. Might, not will. She seems pleasant enough and probably just does not want to appear entitled or greedy. OK, fair enough, then. But seeing this (from her) merely validates the HUNGER of the more deserving girls, as Fabian Reyes said (below). Sayang. GANDA pa naman ng katawan! But like I said before, if she crowns, it will be no higher than Supranational. Which is not too bad, either.

    GORABELS, my citymate! 🙂

    • Why do I have a feeling that Saubier will get the top plum kung pedigree ang isa sa basis nang mananalo? Sana mali ako. 😁 As for Aya, Supra or Globe.

  23. Beautiful first picture…………I love it, the angling and her overall facial expression. But during the video, those fake lashes are just too much and too long for her face. :*(

  24. She is very beautiful and would not be surprised nor would I have a problem if she were crowned MUP or BbP International. Her video really showed “why” so many feel she is a favorite to win a major crown, if not the major crown itself.

    She grows on you.
    We’ll see.

  25. I don’t mind her getting a crown
    But There are more deserving girls , I’m sorry

  26. Definitely crown worthy. She has improved from last year’s stint. I hope she’s training in Q&A and managing your nerves during the session.

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