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  1. The road keeps getting narrower each year due to the baggage from previous yrs
    I think we should crown the best this yr… and every yr .
    MIP Gazini . Extremely gorgeous with a sweet feminine voice .Alternative – Short
    MUP: Patch did not wow me with her monologue. She came off as redundant . So my choice for MUP is Hannah . I hope Jonas takes her under his wings once she wins . She’s got a lot of learning to do but it will be easy as she has the language facility already . Alternative : Saad Patch Sam B and Sam Lo

      • Which means that you lack critical thinking and presence of mind kaya ka probe sa errors.

        Dami mo alternatives. Wala kang good decision making skill.

        Halatang hindi ikaw yung original na Fabian Reyes. Downgrade ka.

  2. Ganda! International beauty. Di yan matatabunan ng other beauty types.

  3. If only she was 5’7″ or higher. Ito ang gandang Filipina. Hindi si Leni/Pops!

    • I do agree! But we had short beauty queens international. Olivia Culpo was only 5″5

      • I do agree but we had international beauty queens who are short. Tara Conner Miss USA was only 5’5 but had a beautiful face.

      • Tara Conner?
        HAD a beautiful face?
        Vakla, she’s still alive, so it’s HAS.

      • @Mori

        Kung hindi itong kulang sa height at hindi din yung matangkad na kamukha ni Leni at Pops … E sino guzto mo Manalo?

  4. She is beautiful… Kung si Wynwyn nga na showbiz royalty hangang finalist lang sa BBP… sya pa kaya?!
    Mag artista nalang din sya.. mas bagay pa.

    • (…. and came to mind Tetchie Agbayani’s spread in Deutsch Playboy)

      In the local show business scene? I seriously doubt. Not when the archetype is Nadine Lustre or Julia Barreto.

      Know what she could be? The cushy-lifed wifey of some rapper, baller, or rock musician. Another Jinkey Pacquiao, only much more strikingly beautiful.

  5. Joanna has tons of sex appeal. The moment I initially saw her headshot, I saw heavens. She is a perfect embodiment of a fair-skinned authentic Filipina. I immediatley followed her.

    My only reservation is her height. If she were only at least three inches taller, I would put her side-by-side with Patch, and then people would decide how both outwit each other. But, how about if people react “hey, she has made it in the top 40, therefore, height isn’t an issue, is it?!” No. It’s always great to feel we are winning in the international competition, especially Miss Universe, if we send a caliber, facewise and heightwise.

    If BbP-Globe crown is bestowed on her head though, then who am I to contest?

    My two cents and my two closing words “that’s all.”

    • I have always grappled with the question: why is height an issue in beauty contests? Does height make one more beautiful? Note: The world’s average height for women age 18- 40 is 5 feet 3 inches; USA records 5 feet 4 inches; Asia is 5 feet; Therefore all those above 5 feet 6 inches are outliers.

      • Just because they dont fall on the average doesnt mean that they are outliers. It just means that yes, many of them are 5’6″ but many people as well ar in the 4’9″-5′ range, hence the average was pulled to 5’3″. Amelia Vega at 6’2″ is what i might consider as an outlier for women

        now, while one may argue that pageants, esp Miss Universe, are moving towards a more wholistic (inner + outer) approach to beauty, we cannot deny the fact that physical beauty still plays a huge factor in judging. Personally height is not a major concern naman as long as body parts are in proportion with one another. yun nga lang shorter women tend to have shorter torsos or limbs which make them look disproportionate i guess. Rarely do we see women who actually are short in height but looks tall because their body parts are proportionate (see: Jehza Huelar)

      • I agree, Jehza Huelar is proportionately statuesque wgich is rare for her height… while Joanna although has a long neck, her arms and legs lacks a few inches to create that modelesque proportions.

      • Thanks, Unorthodox, C2F and Ana. This the kind of conversation that I hope will proliferate in this blog. We may disagree but still retain the civility.

      • Why is height an issue in beauty pageants? Coz competitors stand next to each other ONSTAGE, and visual comparisons count, and even the slightest edge could mean the difference between winning and losing.

      • oh, thanks @scorg! I was actually worried na baka i sounded too preachy with how i wrote my comment. Thanks for not seeing it that way. And yeah, sana more civility on this blog talaga.

  6. What is remarkable about this batch is the presence of many ravishing accomplished kayumanggi beauties. They provide a refreshing whiff of fresh air to pageantry that has for a long time leaned towards the Western beauty archetype. I wish Joanna and all the kayumanggi beauties the very best of luck.

    • Favoring Western beauties ?
      Besides Pia and Cat, who else ?
      The last one before that was Arenas . And people then did not even know she was a mixed race . They hought she was simply fair-skinned. Same with Charlene and Dindi.

  7. Real Jeremi, ang dahilan kung bakit hindi mawala-wala ‘yang peyk mo ay Admin siya, mismo!

    Parang ‘yung peyk bong, din.

    Alam na ni blogger ang nangyayari. Pero pinababayaan niya lang dahil patibong sila. Yes! They are deliberate, and their goal is to extract information from specific commentators (like you, real Jeremi) based on your answers/replies. But I know you know that, you wise and sexy beast, you. 🙂

    OK , may pahintulot ni blogger. Pero dahil sa mga Admin’g ‘to, ang DAMI na’ng umalis dahil na-turn off.

    Parang t_nga lang kung ganu’n si blogger, kasi as if he is allowing his blog to go into a death spiral.

    Paging Trolling the trolls, I think we need you, po. Unless, Admin ka rin…. HAYUP!

  8. Kailan po ba makakatikim ang kapangitan ko ng TITE? 😦

    Halos 60 years na akong nag-aantay na may magkamali at magmahal sa KAPANGITAN ko! 😦

    Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

  9. Pretty face but I don’t see anything special .
    She’s like any Miss Cambodia or Nepal.

    My MIP for now is April Short
    I have so many choices for MUP – Patch , The 2 Sams , Julia , Vickie , Hannah , Saad ,

  10. EXOTIC. BEAUTIFUL. I have yet to see her body, her bearing, and if she can talk.

  11. Sa dami ng magaganda sa mundong ibabaw heto siguro ang isa sa mga pagpipilian para ipadala sa Miss Universe 2019 . Sa kanyang kakaibang ganda at sa kanyang tangkad na 5′ 4 1/2″ may pag-asang masungkit muli ang korona. #toledoformissuniverse2019.

    • 5′ 4 1/2″? matangkad na ba yon?
      The ideal height for MUP should be at least 5’7″ , otherwise baka maapakan sila ng mga latina…
      Even ang napakagandang si Olivia Culpo who is 5’6″ muntik pang matalo ni Janine Tugonon.

  12. Siya po, dear readers, ang spirit animal ni Jeremi. Ang hinirang niya’ng kahawig ni Andrea Tovar! Ang kanyang panghalili kay Trejsi Sejdini. 🙂

    ‘Eto ang i-tour niyo sa promotional at marketing activities ng MUP sa Europe at Latin America, at sigurado’ng mawiwindang ang mga banyaga sa kanyang BEAUTY.

    Paging Jonas, tell SMA to NOT crown her so you can sign her up at your agency. Then tell Mario to take her on a road tour abroad to become the “modern fez of MUP”. Your ambassador-at-large!

    (Dumaguing and Galeria may look more regal because of their height. But UNDENIABLE that Tolledo trumps them both on CHARISMA)

    • Yes indeed Flor Tula
      And not only me who is going gaga over even some latin beauty pageant sites dahlinnn

      • These types of clones should never be allowed here
        Look at the language disgusting
        Gone were the days when the original commenters here were engaged in a well- mannered conversation and antagonism (me- the original Jeremi, Ana Winter, Bong700 (the original), Laila, Fabian Reyes (the original), Geoff, Andrew, Cool Brew etc.
        I miss those days where people just argue in good ways without personally attacking each other and foul language was non-existent.
        The cloning of names should never be allowed by the admin of this blog specially if it meant to discredit or alter the image of the original.

      • I miss those days when ang tanging naghahari dito ay ang walang kamatayang KAPANGITAN KO lang, hahahahahahaha.


      • Jeremi, sweetie, I am still here. Like you, there were some individuals who copied my pseudonym trying to post comments as if in my level of thinking. Other commenters quickly bashed their comments saying, “hey, you are not Ana Winter, we know how the real Ana Winter writes!”

        If you write tastefully notwithstanding your opinions are very unpopular, you get intelligible and nice responses. In our case, hunnie bunnie, we always catch ourselves on the opposite sides of the strings, but we never kill each other with harsh words. That’s what I love about you.

        Ang hindi ko lang kinakaya sa mga kapwa ko commenters dito, ako ay pinagdududahan nilang si Laila a.k.a Tita Lavinia. Kara Mia ba ang peg namin ni Laila? Baliktaran ba ang face namin to say Ana Laila kami? Somebody even hit me below-the-belt by saying I am baboy (referring to Tita Lavinia on her blogs, I suppose, because she looks a li’l heavier), BUT noooo! I am slim in person and preteh.

        That’s all.

    • Tama ka! Pero what you got wrong is my spirit animal.

      My spirit animal is: BAKLANG GARAPATANG MAY CHICKEN POX.

      Get it right next time okay? Ampanget-panget ko nga eh! PANOT PA!

      • Good Sunday morning, Admin. Mukha’ng MAGANDA ang gising natin, ‘ah! Sinagot ka? Yyeeayyy!!

        May garapata pala’ng beki. Teka, ma-sampolan nga ang Shi-Tzu namin, dito.

        Ayan. Alam no na’ng may doggis kami dine.

        Pakisabi kay blogger, regards kay Bailey. Alam niya na ang tinutukoy ko.


  13. She has potential but she doesn’t scream a winner yet. I think give her 2 years of growth mentally then she’ll be ready. But I love her! fresh, exotic and has a meaty resume too.

  14. Beautiful face
    But she is not as slim as the pic says
    Her videos show her proportion is squarish
    Sorry ,
    Wouldn’t it be great if Aya had that face ?

    • Beauty queens should be 5’7 above. Unless may magandang mukha like Vicki, Karen gallman or Ms toledo pero Kung may matangkad na option ipadala Yun matangkad. This binibini batch have many tall women. Re Olivia culpo who have such a beautiful face and looks 5’4 besides nick Jonas. Mu was in trump Era when she won and she is miss USA that sash alone. Mu originated fr USA. Pia was at least 5’6 5’7 same as demi Leigh not 5’5

    • Sige nga paki-explain mo nga ibig sabihin ng “dark horse”. Gamit na gamit mo baka di mo naman alam bakit tinawag na “dark horse”…

  15. Stunningly beautiful..especially her top photo head shot!

    Love her morena features and smooth skin tone!

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