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  1. where did she previously competed internationally and what happened? true, judges and criteria differs but hopefully she has learned from that experience. I like her also – she is gorgeous. hope she gets a crown.

  2. Ok saw her latest video…

    Goodbye all crowns…

    She is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed..
    tsk tsk

  3. NOW, alam ko na kung bakit ayaw ko sa kanya : SHE REMINDS ME OF PRAVEENA SINGH!

    (Not Tamaryn Green)

    Sige, highest placement MI (certainly NOT MU!). At kailangan, Globe si Tiglao. 🙂

  4. I wonder how she would tackle a political, cultural or personal question?

  5. MUSA 2019 just published the photos of contestants… solely based on photos, these three will do battle: CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, NEW HAMPSHIRE

    • So?! Ano connect sa post ni Tito Norman ang comment mo?! Balik ka logic course mo ha, ine.

      “Irrelevant” ka!

  6. Hannah and Patch have maldita aura in some of their interviews. Hannah’s hybrid heritage and patch’s education background has long bn utilised as formulas for a win.

    I’d stray from Hannah and Patch this year, and support gazini – a la dyosa – for the mup win.

    • Dami mo kuda! Maiangat mo lang si Gazini maninira ka pa talaga kina Hannah at Patch. Ang layo nila Hannah and Patch. Lalo na kay Julia.

      Gazini might get a crown (though hindi pa ako convince) but she will never ever get MUP or MIP.

      Puwede na sa MGI.

    • Hoy orangeandapple2017, dahil mahilig ka manira ng ibang kandidata.. how about we give you a taste of your own medicine… Gazini seems like a nice girl but I hate to break it to you henneeey… Gazini is half-Palestinian.. IMG is owned by Jews… BBP roster of judges usualy include ambassadors and politicians… they would know not to send a girl who would spark negative political recall… so do the Math Bitch!

  7. Strong face but can’t seem to expound her thoughts eloquently that’s why her interviews has me hearing crickets and hanging. She will be crushed on interviews with the likes of Julia Saubier and Hannah Arnolds. Speaking of Hannah, she still has a lot of growing to do. Her slouched posture during interviews gives away her neophyte status. Sometimes I wonder if she chose the right pageant for her. She is more suited for Miss world i observe. Back to Gazini. Hope she remedies her comm skills sooner. If she continues like this, she will share the same fate as karen gallman of this batch at best. Just pure honest observation.

    • ACCURATE assessment of Ganados’ comm skills! Fully agree with it/you.

      In contrast and from the same on-spot media interviews (MJ Marfori, to be exact), Samantha Bernardo addressed the questions hurled at her with the professional precision of a semi-automatic rifle. She invoked the trust of the organization (BPCI) with just the right amount of words, with both posture and stare arrow-STRAIGHT. She engaged the reporters like a seasoned politician!

    • Agree! Kung ano sinasabi niya sa interview niya. Halatadong may loose association terrain of thoughts niya.

      Sabog sa pagsagot. Tagpi-tagpi.

  8. She is very beautiful but her beauty will not stand out in MU because it will be very similar o the beauty of latinas and eastern europeans and south asians … how tall is she ? … If she were like 5’11 or 6′ , I would say she has a shot at MU top 5 … but I don’t think she is that tall

  9. I think Gazini and Hannah will be a very formidable team in 2020

    • I have a strong feeling that both girls will be crowned this edition. I cant imagine these 2 strong women clapping behind for other girls.

      • If they do end up clapping behind other girls, it is because they are still young and raw and therefore still have time and can still use some improvement.

        But more importantly, kailangan na’ng koronahan ‘yung mga thunders, paunahin na at malapit na sila sa Departure Area at pabilasa na sila (read : ‘yung mga 25 to 27 years old).

        Minsan, maganda ring patakamin ang mga kompetensiya. Hayaan natin’g mabitin sila! Kaya, GOOD move si Alaiza na mag-MEGA-POSTPONE-to-last-minute (on age), para mapilitan’g ma-crown siya.

        Sige, MGI kung tjhis year. PERO, KAILANGAN GUSTO SIYA NI ANGKOL. Otherwise, send Bea Patch.

    • Para si Yaya at si Leni ang macrown? Duh! Nanginginig na ba ang ahas and queers sa ganda ni Gazini?

  10. She is my bet for Miss Universe Philippines but I just hope that she delivers on Q&A. Or else I would go with Hanna. But Hanna is kinda raw for me. She still need to be groomed and compete again. i just dont want her to be wasted on a minor title. Bb. Pilipinas International should be the lowest title for her.

  11. I just watched her web interview. Content is there naman pero she really needs to work on her delivery. Full of confidence naman si baccla pero it sounded rehearsed because she was trying to have variations on her intonation but ended up using the same pattern over and over again. She should learn how to relax when speaking so she would sound natural and at ease. She should converse more with Jessica Marasigan, Ilene de Vera, Denise Omorog, or Malka Shaver

  12. One of my rising bets to become MUP. In fact, she’s being talked about by a lot of pageant fans after the press presentation. Ace the Q&A during the finals and this girl can definitely get the top plum.

  13. I do not buy the demolition job for Gazini that she’s not smart. I have watched her interviews and I can say that she is smart. She just needs a little polishing on how to compose her thoughts so she can deliver it fluidly. She’s my MUP. Look at that face and she can battle with Julia Horta.

    • Lol that’s because she zoomed up in the list and obliterated the Chakas & Kinks girlies kaya sya naman ang puntirya, nung una si Hannah.

      • Look at the other front runner and you’ll see Leni Robredo/Pops Fernandez. Let’s be real, she ain’t Ara or Shamcey. Ang ganda nung dalawa at magaling sa pasarela. Yung isa di pa marunong maglakad! Tapos na tayo sa dark era na Theresa Licaros ang type of beauty na pinapadala natin. Hindi sapat na matalino lang. Also stop the demolition job against Gazini.

  14. She is beautiful, no doubt about it, BUT after watching the candidates’ video of their advocacies, I wasn’t impressed with how she delivered hers. Hinde natural ang dating. She will probably get a crown but definitely not MUP.

  15. the styling could be better. her baby baby brown hairs when combed back hair makes her look old.

    She is beautiful. I like her. Try pa ulet, Stylists. Sayang ang bata.

    Ne, pagbutihan mo ah. Kelangan pa ng conviction.

    • Really? Marvin1978 aka Por Que aka Mon Lua Tien Siong? What if si Leni or si Yaya na lang ipadala natin dun? Tutal brainy din naman si Nicole Cordoves like Patch, what do you think?

      • Favorite ko si Morisette Amon kaya magiging mabait ako sa iyo ha, hija.
        Ito lang sasabihin ko sa iyo:

        Si Yaya at Leni ang magkokorona sa iyo ng tinik bago ka maipaki sa krus sa “irrelevant” mong mga comments. May oareally really ka pa akala mo naman functional neurons mo.

        Shhhh, keep quiet.

  16. May chika na ang 3rd bidder for MU2019 hosting is Brazil!! Ok lang kung brazil. Sana ma push yan and also mexico for ME. If ever ma push. Pasok banga itong si gazini. Some latins pageant fans type din nila si toledo. late ko na napansin na may potential sya basta maayusan ng tama.

    • Brazilians are into Mullata ot Germanic beauty…
      Gazini is neither…. Mas bebenta si Gazini sa Korea or Thailand…

      • @marmar yakik. Nope. Only the judges. Point is having the qualities na tipo ng brazilian or korean or any host country is a plus points to have a bigger fans. Remember chalita and catriona parehong malaki ang fans nila sa host country. Thats what im talking about

  17. she is so beautiful with impossibly flawless skin. She only needs to tone down on her presentation which sometimes border on over- the- top theatrics. No need to scream for attention for she has it already. Good luck Jordi

  18. She is really beautiiful in motion and in close-ups. Her photoshoots however are oa, just like the ones above. It’s too made-up and doesn’t compliment her beauty kaya it didn’t translate well to pageant fans at the start.

    • In your dreams. Wala masamang mangarap. Pero babala:
      Not all dreams are meant to come true.

    • Not all dreams are meant to come true.

      Maligo ka malamig na tubig para mahimasmasan ka. 🙂

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