7 comments on “The Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Interviews: #Binibinis 1-4

  1. After seeing them move and hearing them speak – here are my favorites

    Samantha Lo
    Julia Saubier
    Hannah Arnold
    Vickie Rushton
    Samantha Bernardo
    Shane Tormes

    I still like
    Patricia Magtanong
    Emma Tiglao

    but I am not impressed with their speaking ability.

    Will support whoever wins any crown though. Lot’s of beautiful, smart, deserving binibinis.

  2. Wow!! Very impressive women!! I am in awe of how well they are able to express there thoughts and what they wanted. All empowered women.

  3. All good communicators…

    Diaz impressed me the most out of this group.

    • Opkors dey ken tok! Ano ba tingin mo sa kanila? Mga pipi? 🤣😂😃

      • check out web interviews of previous editions and ul know what im talking.

  4. CUTE ni Marasigan! She should have no problem getting a boyfriend. Parang ‘yun tropa mo’ng…. 🙂

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