62 comments on “#CrownKeepers and #CrownSpoilers: My 2nd Classification for Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. After seeing them move and hearing them speak – here are my favorites

    Samantha Lo
    Julia Saubier
    Hannah Arnold
    Vickie Rushton
    Samantha Bernardo
    Shane Tormes

    I still like
    Patricia Magtanong
    Emma Tiglao

    but I am not impressed with their speaking ability.

    Will support whoever wins any crown though. Lot’s of beautiful, smart, deserving binibinis.

  2. I would hate to be one of the judges in this year’s BbP contest. The pressure of selecting a potential, formidable and worthy MUP as a potential b2b bet AND selecting another BbP International to best last year’s 1st runner up placement is, to say the least, overwhelming.

    That said, good luck to the judges…whoever’s they may be.

    • …. and I am reminded of Imelda Schweighart, who had to deal with the prospect of a double B2B (Herrell and Ong before her), made even more slippery by the prospect of home court decision backlash. And she was not even 20 at the time (years old).

      And what of Karen Gallman’s feat? Isn’t she worth a B2B, as well?

      I say to the judges, DON’T OVERTHINK it. Trust your instincts. BPCI requested the honor to have you select their titlists precisely because they know you know better. And have the ability to see what most do not (on social media, at least).

    • I have to add that for this year’s MIP, the judges may have to consider that the MI winner may most likely have some functions related next year’s Tokyo Olympics. The MIP winner ought to have great communication and hosting skills, not just the usual one-off public speaking ability delivered in the MI finals.

  3. Highest placement for Aya is Globe or give her a runner-up position if she fails again on Q and A. Pakunswelo tutal ninang naman ni Des si Madam Stella.

  4. Who among the 40 beautifully confident aspirants exudes the most confidently beautiful aura? I can see three: Patch Magtanong, Ilene de Vera and Julia Saubier. Their winning edge is the cerebral prowess. True beauty is not just something to ogle at but to listen to and draw inspiration from, to rouse people’s confidence about a beautiful future. It is not so much about the face and hair but what is inside the head, not so much about the physique but the unyielding spirit and humanity inside. The former can be developed in a short time with training, the latter inborn.

  5. Biggest question mark is Bautista. Don’t get her and medyo provincial ang dating. Lookswise, personality-wise, even her annoying hashtags. Also there are quite a few pics of her without pageant war makeup and lack of facial beauty is evident. I can see the Indos, Thais, Viets, and all of Latinoamerica having a field day with her candids.

    Tiglao is also questionable. Beautiful and polished, yes, but medyo dated ang feels ko with her. Like a beauty queen from yesteryear – maybe because she has been competing for like 5+ years and still has to nail a major or minor crown. Maybe past her prime?

    Aya is a lot more polished this year. Her aura really is, “I learned from last year – oh sige, try and bash me now.” Hopefully she has improved comm skills as well. She has a pabebe voice that is grating to the ear (Megan Young also has this but Megan can clean it up when onstage). I still remember her bobbing her head left and right when she spoke all 68 syllables of her full name last year. Big no – dapat strong and confident ang delivery niya when speaking – not like some Asian-American sorority girl ordering her Boba tea in K-town.

    Patch and Arnold are definitely getting crowns… that is if the latter can sustain her momentum. Otherwise agreed she may find herself another MJ and Pia with a shocking (but likely big-picture) non-placement so she comes back more prepared.

    Bernardo and Rushton, in the back of the pack literally, may just surprise a few folks. Medyo low key sila – obviously hungry but not trying too hard. Refreshing to see solid, confident pros who aren’t wrapped up in theatrics and smoke and mirrors (uh hem, Gazini…). Usually the last group around No. 30 produces a winner, this year might be two! Something tells me SMA likes them.

    • Really? I thought Leren looks pretty sans make-up (or with minimal). Anyway, sige, sabi mo, ‘eh. And, she has already won internationally. Parang ‘yung nanalo’ng Miss Asia 2017 na naging filler candidate na lang last year. Forgot her name, sorry.

    • wow…i like your observation on AYA….i’m glad you noticed that ‘ASIAN AMERICAN’ sorority “maarte” english twang that you normally hear from asian girls in the US. She needs to improve her comm skills fast. 🙂

  6. Just WOW. The press presentation really shuffled everyone’s leaderboard.

    Leading the pack for now I believe is Gazini Ganados. Her presentation was well-executed and who can deny that beautiful face? She has the aura of a winner. She has made an impact to all pageant fans all around the world.

    Emma Tiglao also performed very well. Striking beauty!

    my MUP bet, Patch Magtanong, underwhelmed with her performance 😦 needs to tone her body as well. Still beautiful though.

    Hannah Arnold needs to work on her pasarela. I still believe she is crown-worthy but it won’t hurt if she place this year as runner-up and come back in 2020?

    My top 10 for now:
    1. Gazini Ganados
    2. Emma Tiglao
    3. Patch Magtanong
    4. Hannah Arnold
    5. Vickie Rushton
    6. Aya Abesamis
    7. Samantha Bernardo
    8. Isabela Galeria
    9. Julia Saubier
    10. Leren Bautista

    Anyway, anything can happen in the next 2 months so we’ll see. The finals will still determine everything.

  7. I agree but with a different arrangement.
    Likewise, I would put Joanna Tolledo in place of Marianne Marquez
    Resham Saeed instead of Samantha Lo
    If not a runner-up, Hannah Arnold is fit for MI
    Joanna Tolledo is MGI – reminds me of Parul Shah and Clenci
    For MUP, I cant find anyone yet – maybe Isabela Galeria but she is still young, she can do better in 2 to 3 years time IMO
    By the way, I love Denise Omorog’s beauty

  8. Gazini or Emma for MUP/MI whoever wins MUP, the other gets MI. Mangyari lang to and I’ll believe in Jonas’ credibility. Both have the FACE, BODY, X-FACTOR, and the highest PERFORMANCE level. Of course Q&A is a dealbreaker so both of them just needs to give strong answers in the final night and this should happen.

    Supra – Samantha Bernardo is a total performer kebs na kung nakukulangan ang mga tao sakanya ng x-factor, she makes up for it with sheer determination so I know she won’t let us down.

    Intercon – Vickie Rushton. She could also be MI but my top 2’s stats are just better. A part of me wants Vickie to not win anything so she could try for MWP this year but I’m afraid this might make her quit pageantry for good.

    Globe – Aya Abesamis. I think she’s minor crown worthy now, if you line her up in this list, she actually adds diversity in looks. Sure she’s not the prettiest, but to appease her supportive family na lang, Globe is enough.

    MGI – Patchiria Magtanong. If you look at this pageant’s past winners, this girl’s looks fit the bill. It also helps that she’s the same type of binibini like Nicole Cordoves who also got assigned to the same pageant and finished 1st runner up so who knows she might be our first MGI winner.

    1st – Hannah Arnold. She’s a diamond in the rough. Sending her to a pageant now would be premature. It was obvious she was full of nerves in the pp and her pasarela was off. Her thick Australian accent also doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate her accent but if she wants to represent Ph then she has to learn the language and speak like the people that she wants to represent. She has much polishing to do.

    2nd – Maria Isabela Galeria. I’d put Leren here but I’m aftaid this might get wasted on her since she’s already 27. Isabela is young at 20, I want her to get more experience first and maybe she can go for MUP in 3-5 years time.

    Rest of top 16:
    Leren Bautista
    Julia Saubier
    April May Short
    bahala na silang maglaban laban for the remaining spots (since I can’t remember the other’s names hihihi)

    • Magiging luhaan sina Gazini and Emma. Kailangan natin ngayon ay gandang hindi hahanapan ng anggulo at kung saan siya mukhang maganda.

      Plus #BeyondBeauty dapat hindi lang nakakadoubt na ganda.

      • Really kaya pala laging ang kapal-kapal ng makeup ni Leni/Pops. Kaya pala laging straight ang hair. Si Leni/Pops kaya ang may anggulo ata.

      • Mori! Maglinis ka sarili mo ha. Naku, andami mo nakitang mali sa sarili mo. Kahit kailan itaga mo sa bato, hindi mananalo bets mo. 😉

        Dahil…ang layo nila kay Leni/Pops na sinasabi mo.

        Dahil…ang layo nila sa itsura mo. Tao sila, ikaw “hayup”!

      • And lastly, pakibasa sa dictionary ano ibig sabihin ng “beyond” at “beauty”. Hibdi mo ata gets kaya wala talaga mga bets mo. Okay po?

        Say aaaahhh…nganga ka!

    • It will all depend on the final Q&A who would get the highest placements. Goodluck with your top bets.. They need the luck more than anyone else.

  9. Binibining Pilipinas Official Photographer took a photo of your 8 Crown contenders in one frame a few days ago. Makikita mo kung sino lumitaw pag nagtabi tabi na sila. Di ko na makita sa instagram ang photo though #AllTeaNoShade

  10. So many gorgeous ladies, but so very few articulate ones. I have viewed videos of the popular girls like Abesamis, Bautista, Bernardo, Tiglao, Rushton and Galeria. Sadly, these ladies really do not have what it takes to go in front of international reporters and foreign media without risking embarrassing themselves and the Philippines in the process. Only the girls I have listed as winners in my prediction in an earlier post can be deemed articulate.

  11. Leren has been really threading water lately so I don’t know why she’s on top. Care to share Mr T?

    Otherwise, I agree with the picks. I am not sure about Tiglao either. Sam Bernardo is a performer but her beauty doesn’t really have the gravitas.

  12. I agree! But in a different areangement.. and I would replace Omorog with Samantha Lo, Marquez with Resham Saeed and Tormes w/ Nicole Guerrero.

    Top 8 random order
    Gazini Ganados
    Andrea Abesamis
    Leren Mae Bautista
    Bea Patricia Magtanong
    Hannah Arnold
    Emma Tiglao
    Samantha Bernardo
    Vickie Rushton

    Top 16 random order
    Resham Saeed
    Nicole Guerrero
    Maria Isabela Galeria
    Samantha Lo
    Ilene de Vera
    Julia Saubier
    April May Short
    Jessarie Dumaguing

  13. Gazini and Hannah have plenty of time . They can take the runner up spots to be trained for team 2020

    • In that case, you have just filled up my 2020 roster!

      This looks not too bad : MUP – Aberasturri, BBP-International – Arnold, BBP-Supranational – Ganados, BBP-Intercontinental – Malinao, BBP-Globe – Buot, Alita, or Enah Velazco, & BBP-Grand International – Paton (who is giving me PLENTY of Flora Cocqruel vibes) .

      (I am just hoping those ladies I assigned as options for Albania will return. Sutton and LemonS as RU’s)

      • Sam Lo has great face, but sadly fails in the body department. Watch the press presentation vid again and tell us what you think.

      • U forgot about Cynthia Thomalla
        I’ve seen videos of Aberasturi. Sorry , I’m not impressed with her beauty and comm skills .
        I actually prefer Buot but she has already retired from pageantry .

        Alita Lemonon Alaiza and Sutton . Wow, The field is getting more crowded . I’m actually leaning towards Sandra after seeing her during BP 2018 . She was just gorgeous that night .

  14. TORMES is ok…but i don’t know…..she speaks very MALANDI though, after announcing her province. LOL. I like her bubbly personality though.

  15. So the new sashes (in random order, city, province?!) were HIS brilliant idea, in HIS capacity as the new “creative director and brand manager” for MUP? LOL! Madam must be so thrilled to be part of HIS team! Looks like he’s calling the shots. Can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for next year’s pageant.

    • I doubt Madame cares. She has tread this path for much longer than him and knows better than to be perturbed by a such a silly matter.

      By the time he is influential enough to “bully” her, she will probably be too old and feeble, anyway. And she will just be happy to sit back and let HIM face the Press and scrutiny of fans. Her mission is accomplished. Nothing more to prove.

      And bear in mind, ONLY the newly-crowned MUP will get that “special treatment”. The other titlists will not even feel the “angge” of this new partnership.

      Indeed, sounds ominous for the future of BBP. Paris Group, WBA, Deliart Association, and surely my dear sweet Angkol will be watchful….

  16. Mup gazini dyosa talaga aminin kahit mag tumbling kayo nuknukan NG Ganda si ms ganados
    MIP Hannah Arnold. She will win mi crown. Bet na bet ko si Hannah banana pero gusto ko sya naging international title holder. Di ako umaasa na may back to back sa mu kahit si darna PA ipadala natin
    Intercontinental-Vicki she will bring home a crown kahit di sya katangkaran at hindi fit. Save na Lang NG face face face face face
    Supra. Samantha Bernardo performer at papanalunin
    ni madam. She even deserved to win last year
    MI-Emma Tiglao sya Lang ang makakapaguwi NG Korona ni angkol. Pls ipadala Yun mga ganitong dyosa levels Kay angkol. Biyas at Ganda tindig Lang hinahanap nun. Mananalo tayo sa mgi w Emma
    Globe-Julia Sabier mananalo din tayo sa globe this year. Bet na bet NG globe Yun malalaking bulas
    Ist runner up aya abesamis-she deserves a crown pero madami gutom na girls ngayon
    2nd runner up Shane performer din
    Nagagandahan ako Kay patch ngunit di ko like body proportion. Di rin ka level ni Vicki ang Ganda nya Para I ignore ko Yun. Oo law student at papasa na sa bar at matangkad pero may Mas maganda sa kanya at may mga repeaters na Naka tatak sa puso ni madam. Though I won’t mind her winning its like the zorayda bianca manalo days again hindi nga kahabaan Biyas ni patch kahit matangkad

    • Teh, pa iba-iba ka ng nick..
      halatang nangangampanya ka and black propaganda against sa d mo type…

      • @closer paiba iba ka nick ka na nalalaman. Eversince betsina ko na si Hannah at hindi ba pwede mag shuffle favorite mo after the presentation. Hihi wag ka magbintang sa gawain mo. Kanya kanyang appreciation Yan. Hindi porket iba tingin mo sa tingin NG iba may black propaganda na. O sige gamitin mo. NA. Alter ego mo para sumagot
        Yung maganda sayo maganda sayo. Wag ka mambasag NG trip

      • @closer.. Ikaw ang halata. Yun betsina mo nilamon na ng kasabayan nya na totoong maganda puro gravitas loooooooong torso.

    • I agree on Gazini
      But she needs to build more character
      Her personality is still very weak
      I am hoping by next yr , she will have built enough confidence to be our MUP or MIP

      • @fabian.. Yes gazini at hanna are still young and they can be a much better version next year like ahtisa. a performer even at a young age. Kailangan talaga maganda at proportioned ang maging winner. Skills Kaya Yan matutunan w their team..

      • As in sure na. 😉

        MGI or Supra. Hanggang diyan muna. Mahirap magsinungaling veks kaya stick ako sa sinabi ko na she will never be MUP this year.

  17. Sorry , Aya does not have the face and confidence of a BQ
    Talong talo talaga sya ng iba
    I would not give her a title out of pity
    Last yr, we could have done better if Supra and MGI were given to Sam B and Rushton instead

    Pls let’s not do the same this yr . Give the crown to the deserving
    Maybe Aya will have better luck in the marriage dept , not pageantry

  18. Aya? plsss wag ipilit ang nagpupumilit sa kanyang last Hurrahhh!
    Di nman ako madamot kaya bigyan ko sya ng 1st or 2nd RU kahit fafalfak uli sya sa Q&A Divahhhh mga vecks hihihi 🙂
    Mag False Thick eyelashes lang winner na ng crown hihihi Hellowwww 🙂
    Kung noong 21 pa sya sana ay sumali na sya baka magkaCrown pa sana sya on her 4th try Divahhhh over naman kung wala pa rin after 3rd try hihihi 🙂 Yun lungs hihihi.

    • Ay agree with the thick false eye lashes. She’s been in the Philippines for the longest time pero hindi pa rin sya naka get over sa thick false eye lashes. Tatak anak ng mga pinoy na nag migrate sa US. Hahahaha!

    • Wow, true huh….i wasn’t rooting for AYA last year (and i thought she would have fared better, but after she answered her Q&A….with an OA americanized accent and not so great response…..i see why she wasn’t really a front runner for any of the crowns)…..but i will give her credit for having such a nice lean body who is deserving to compete.

  19. My fearless prediction for 2019 Binibining Pilipinas winners. This prediction is based solely on videos and not on photos. I also take into consideration the culture of the BPI organization. Throughout its history, it has always given more weight and preference to intellectual credentials and intelligence over beauty and justifiably so. If these candidates are to be interviewed by American and international television media, such as Good Morning America for example, 98% of them will just end up embarrassing the country, sadly, very few articulate girls.

    MUP – Julia Saubier – most articulate, hand down. Tied with Ilene de Vera for the best body/ stage presence. One of the three ( the others being Gaznini Ganados and Ilene de Vera ) most versatile facial bone structures, with huge potential to be ravishing.

    The rest of the winners ( in no particular order or ranking )

    Ilene de Vera – tied with Saubier for the best body/stage presence, second to Saubier (distant second ) for articulation, very versatile facial bone structure.
    Patricia Magtanong – pretty and smart but body is not beauty queen caliber. She is not shapely.
    Samantha Lo – pretty and one of the most articulate but personality is rather dry and needs improvements.
    Hannah Arnold – above average in looks and intelligence but does not rise to the levels of excellence.
    Gazini Ganados – apparently the preferred choice and favored by foreigners and international observers, decidedly a knockout beauty of international caliber and arguably the most beautiful of them all, but she is not an articulate girl.

  20. Question lang, ano bang pangit kung by numbers ang candidates? Kasi yung sashes hindi mo malaman kung ano ang basis. Merong iba naka by city yung iba by province mas pangit tignan. Sample si Palawan at Puerto Princess. If yan pala ang plano nila eh di sana nag conduct sila ng local pageant in coordination with LGU tourism offices. Tutal June pa ang finals they have enough time to do that. Ano ba talaga ang habol ng organizer dito? Baka pag tinanong mo yung mga candidates about the places they represent NGANGA sila especially the half half candidates and those who just come back in the Philippines for the purpose of joining BBP.

    • Pagsabihan mo nga c Madam SMA hihihi 🙂
      Gaya-gaya agad sa Mutya ng Pilipinas plan ni Madam Cory.. Kaka talaga .. cherette lng.

    • I think the sash is based on the regional titles they won which is either a city, a whole province or a whole region…

      • C2f , the new sashing system is stupid
        If it was like MIss USA or Miss America where every single state is represented , it would make sense .
        3 Reps from Palawan 2 from Cebu and 10 from Albay but none from Manila or Nueva Ecija ?
        It’s ridiculous ! They should go back to the number system …. since each candidate is for herself anyway ..not the town written on her sash

      • C2F, alam mong hindi totoo yan. Hindi nanalong Ms. Payanig sa Pasig si Aya. I agree with Fabian. Bong700, tingin ko pakana yan ng bagong MUP chereret. Hahahahaha!

      • I was refering to the basis of choosing who among the 2 girls from Palawan will be recieve the Palawan sash while the other will get the Puerto Princesa sash… seniority may also be a factor?

      • pati ba nman yan pinoproblema nyo? mapumber man yan o sash eh mukha parin naman nila yan…dami nyong alam

    • I guess, numbering the girls is like commoditizing them..MUP wants to institutionalize reforms and this is just for a start..

      • If that is the reason then good. But they should have started it right. Since finals night is on June, they have enough time to start it right. They could have conducted provincial search or contest. If not feasible they could have coordinated to LGU as to whom they want to send as a representative. Or they could have retain the numbering for now and just start the provincial representation next year.

  21. can’t wait for the finals night. sana ginawa na lang 2nd week of May. Ito na yata ang pinakamatagal na schedule for finals ng BBP.

    Magtanong for MUP 2019!

  22. Patch is very pretty when she talks
    I won’t mind if she wins MUP …. provided she works out and trains more when it comes to presentation ( Paserala and public speaking )

  23. Even if the Press Presentation showed only the outward beauty of the contestants, I rely on the sound judgment of the blogger who has seen and mingled with the aspirants up close. I am positive that his choices reflect what I commented in an earlier blog post– that beauty is not only to be gawked at but also listened to and looked up to as image model. There are so many young women achievers in this batch and it is pathetic if their worth will simply be measured by vital statistics, pasarela, hair, legs, make up, and other trivial attributes. It is comforting to note that the blogger’s list of frontrunners includes academic achievers and social advocates.

  24. I am really wanting to push April May Short to be more energetic and to project more personality… her beauty in this batch is truly one of a kind … I hope she surprises everyone soon … there are still 8 weeks to go .. such a long time , can both be an advantage and a disadvantage

    • Yep! She has that SULTRY Gwen Garci pout. Seductive enough for her own Esquire spread.

      GREAT selection, Tinio San!

      I am ready to revise after mulling over the observations of y’all. ‘Eto, siguro naman less away na’to :

      MUP > Julia Saubier – Looks like Ai-ai de las Alas, but will not be castigated for heavy use of cosmetics (unlike Bea Patch) for the fact that her resume is IMPRESSIVE-STUNNING such that hindi na KAYO mapapahiya. Plus, independent siya and if Jonas and Mario want a “tranquil” initial public reception, it will be strategic to have her as their “first fez/brand ambassador” rather than a A&Q bet.

      BBP-International > Vickie Rushton – Tama si 4M (or was it Ana Winter?). Madame S. has reserved her for this moment, and just as MI raised their age maximum. I said before that the Viets like her. Well, they themselves have done well at the Tokyo Dome so it is safe to assume they will have affection for this brand. She, with her classic beauty preferred by the PonJap, should easily get us another “coronita”, and I can SO imagine a “B2B” with Ahtisa Manalo, with the latter crowning her colleague at the 2018 Nationals.

      BBP-Supranational > Aya Abesamis – After watching Valeria Vasquez and the rest of the “Supra family” traipse across the capitals of SE Asia (Djakarta, Ho Chi Mhinh City, Bangkok), I get the feeling the organization wants an ULTRA-GLAM URBAN PRINCESS now. So not Mutya Datul! Aya, with her elitist and upper middle class background, plus feedback that the Thais like her, should fit right in.

      BBP-Intercontinental > Sam B. – No need to over-analyze this one. Karen Gallman would approve. I am seeing a Sushmita Sen-Manpreet Brar or Cynthia Thomalla-Maureen Montaigne scenario.

      BBP-Globe > Nicole Guererro – Sayang naman ‘yung ininda niyang residency. Crown na at nang matapos na! But if she is open to trying again and is “willing to wait”, either Ilene de Vera or Leren.

      BBP-Grand International > Bea Patch M. – I just realized that she is a stretch version (read : tall and skinny) of Nicole Cordovez, with that same air. Cloning, yes! But Angkol will expect eloquence from Filipinas, and the Iskolar ng Bayan is the safest to send over (to Caracas, still?) in that regard.

      Reserva Primera – Hannah A. Polish the pearl into a diamond! Then next year, she will be our bet to MI and bag “corona numero siete”. Imo, it will be helpful if she will travel to Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar after the June pageant, as MI is pushing its brand in these three countries and it is these audiences she needs to garner early support for her 2020 bid for the Mikimoto crown. And as she traverses the verdant-if-not-historic rice paddies of French and British Indochina, she will imbibe “beauty, peace, and love”.

      Reserva Segunda – Dumaguing or Galeria, whomever of them registers more promise and drive.

      • I agree na sa MGI dalhin si Leni but Julia for MUP? Credentials? Yes. Beauty? Nah! Magpadala ng mas maganda kay Horta!!!

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