5 comments on “What’s your take on #Binibini22 April May Short?

  1. If only April’s energy is as high as Jessica Marasigan’s energy during the Press Presentation , then April is really a hot contender for MUP 2019 ….

  2. Won’t be surprised is she takes home a crown on the 9th of June. Too many crown-worthy girls this year!

  3. She is ok but I feel that this year most of the winners are full blooded pinay and morenas which are actually plentiful this year. The morenas this year are contenders the likes of Jessarie Dumaguing, Joanna Tolledo, Omorog, Isabela Galeria, Aya Abesamis.
    I have a feeling though that the plum will be given to a halfie once again most probably Hannah Arnold which is ok for me too.

  4. a definite contender here … need to see more , need to hear more also …

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