2 comments on “The Two Arnolds of the Miss World Philippines Organization

  1. Did Bessie get fired for the Philippines’ disastrous performance in the last 2 Miss World editions?

    Arnold Mercado is one of the pillars of A&Q, the Betsy Westendorp to Jonas Gaffud’s Stella Marquez de Araneta. Ok sige na nga, he’s the Conchitina Bernardo to Jonas’ SMA (not to age shame, but definitely Arnold is closer to Conchitina’s age than to Betsy Westendorp’s so will compare him to Conchitina nalang).

    The question is, who is left to lead A&Q? Will Arnold still be involved in training A&Q’s candidates in this year’s edition of Bb Pilipinas? Can he remain neutral & ever crown a KF delegate as Miss World Philippines (although KF’s lane is more Miss Earth & Miss International naman talaga, I just don’t know if they’ll ever be competitive at World & Universe).

    So many disruptions in the Philippine pageant scene recently. And a key disruptor was Catriona who really did revolutionize local pageantry by not aligning herself with a camp but creating her own team. These are interesting times for us.

  2. Okay lang yan. Kung may Rodgil Flores sa MEP. may arnold naman sa mwp hehe. Sa bbp kaya? Since wala n si jonas sa aces and him. They are the biggest name in aces. So sino kaya ang papalit sa pwesto nila. Kung sino man. Sana magaling din. And of course hinde masyado mahigpit. I mean kung gano kabait ang team ni cat ganoon din sana sa ibang camp. They all have different styles on how to train the girls. But the head and trainors should have similarities sa ugali. On how treat trainees. Coz Sometimes trainees has got some good ideas might help.

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