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  1. I can’t wait for the press presentation… I hope all the girls could handle hard-hitting questions na yung tipong magdudugo mga utak nila! Sana malaman natin habang maaga who will make us proud and sino ang magkakalat lang ng kabobohan… wahahaha!!!
    Girls, review review na habang may time… Ginusto nyo sumali sa pageant kaya panindigan nyo! Kala nyo puro ganda lang ha… well nagkakamali kayo! Build build build! MGA BOBO!

    • Imo, that question – on the BBB Program – was unfair and unnecessary. The consensus was that the correct way to deal with a topic unknown to you is with grace. And LemonS did!

      Ladies, remember this : it is impossible to know everything and to prepare for EVERY scenario. That being said, such occasions are great opportunities to show how gutsy you can be. And we have to admit, the debacle worked to Lemmon’s advantage in the end. 🙂

      The Universe will not confer any special treatment to Patch simply because she is a lawyer.

      And Gerhardt Von Lipinski LOVED Mutya for her spontaneity, which had NOTHING to do with “brains”.

      • Yes, not her fault.. She did handle it with grace… In other words… no crown for you this year… kung si Oia ng nakakasagot pero ligwak parin… Try and try until you die! Wahaha… Kung wala kayong mga utak.. Mag carshow model or escort nalang kayo… Wag na kayo mangarap na mapahiya sa harap ng million na katao! Feeling ko madaming magkakalat this year!

  2. My choices for now:
    Saad-articulate in shape with beautiful face

    Sam B
    Gazini- prettiest face
    April Short . This girl is aggressive . She might just win something big
    Hanna – hoping for a runner up .
    Julia – hoping she loses a little more weight
    Nicole – hoping she loses more weight
    Leren – cute face . The only dark-sinned pure Pinoy I like . Sorry Tolledo Aya and Galeria
    Patch – hope she gains a little more weight
    Sam Lo – hope she gains a little weight
    Tormes -another pretty face

  3. so much beauties in this batch. However, pasensya na pero hindi ko magets (so far ha..) ang super hype with Hannah arnold. she’s beautiful – no doubt about it.. but.. hindi ko pa siya na iimagine as MUP. may ibang maganda din pero mas strong ang presence, ang dating. There’s Aya, Pat, Martina… ang dami ding morena beauties.. let’s see hanggang sa press presentation.

  4. x factor beauties! still my fave’s! Patch, Aya and Hannah… and of course Gaziniiii..

  5. I love Jeserie Dumaguing and Isabela Galleria both tall with sexy bodies and very symetrical native exotic features… My only fear is that one could be raw in comskills and the other is raw in fierceness but both have the huge huge huge potential to be crown-worthy internationaly.. Should they be crowned this year or should they be resserved for next year?

    • Imo, kung ang intention lang naman ay to give them time to polish comm skills, I think it is NOT necessary to give them placements.

      Sabi noon ni Baklah, all Anjamie Magbitang needs is to do is to work at a BPO company for the interim to polish her comm skills.

      Whomever of the two is more ready in that regard can be crowned now, and sent to a pageant that does not place a huge premium on STEM-strand brains. Like Supranational or Intercontinental.

      That being said, Angkol (with his title now with the lowest rank) will expect nothing short of excellence!

      • Well, we don’t need just comskillls.. we need hosting skills… Someone who could answer diplomaticaly before and after winning no matter if the question is religion, political or economic related. I want a girl na hindi tayo ipapahiya dahil sa katangahan.

        Regrdless of all that, I don’t want to waste any1 of them to Angkol’s pageant…

  6. Great and worthy cause to engage with. This is one of the best things why BPCI is so well loved by pageant
    fans and non-fans alike. The org. gets so much involved in essential causes and events like this.

  7. I want Vickie R. Abalos to win kahit minor crown or MI para magpahinga na sya sa Beauty Pageant at magconcentrate na rin sya sa Showbiz after her reighn or ienjoy na lamang ang pagiging Mrs. Abalos and i’m sure magiging beauty queen din ang kanyang anak na babae or binabae hihihi 🙂


    Kung sakali’ng hindi ulit palarin sa BBP, PLEASE find for her a pageant that Vietnam will host this year. SHE WILL WIN. The Viets will repay us for the crowns we bestowed on Nguyen Phuong Khanh, Cao Xuan Tai, and Bao Trinh. And the affection afforded to H’Hen Nie. Viets are gracious.


  9. Patricia M. has those killer dimples and that beautiful face! It’s easy to see why many believe she can be the next MUP.

    • You mean those dimples that look like bullet scars? Lol. The girl is average looking at best, she can’t even get close to Ara’s looks with her everyday heavy make-up, and mind you Ara’s not even our prettiest MUP (although she did have that x-factor.)


  10. Emma, Hannah, and Vickie are the ones who stood out here. Honestly, the rest fades in the background. Where is Gazini tho?

    • They standoit localy.. but when u send them Abroad, they’ll just blend-in among the fair skinned contestants. well Vicky would standout like a sore thumb cause she is short!

      • Good point on the fair skin! Naalala ko tuloy sina Muhlach-Alvarez at Patalinjug. Just for that reason.

        Kaya BUHAY pa rin ang pag-asa ng mga “KK” – Kagandahang Kayumanggi (Galeria, Dumaguing, Tolledo).

        As per stature, between Rushton and Tolledo, I would think the latter would be more in keeping with what foreigners envision a Filipina to be. Siera Berchell (MU-Canada 2016?) on her YouTube channel made her initial selection. And guess what, she dropped Hannah and Vickie in favor of the three in her second elimination!

        Hannah is as fair as a flawless and natural Mikimoto pearl. NO disputing she will go to Tokyo, whether now or in the future (2020, 2021, 2022…)!

        But I have to admit. Vickie is RADIANT. Siya lang napansin ko dito. If you had not told me that was Hannah, there (in braids, right?), I would have dismissed her as yet another filler candidate. Mula ngayon, HUWAG siya’ng tatabi kay Vickie! Vickie is also sweet-and-not-fierce. But in terms of sheer fez appeal, Jason Abalos’ (whom “the other side” hailed as the “bf-of-the-moment” of this BBP edition) gf is WOW, PO, ATE! 🙂

      • Yes, I do have a problem with Vickie’s height but she would be enough in MI (even better in MW imo), Emma’s beautiful asian features would make her stand out in a sea of latinas, caucasians and asians alike, and while I do admit that there’s a chance that Hannah’s raw tisay features would get lost in a sea of white women, that could easily be avoided by emphasizing her pinay features more and getting a tan. Gazini on the other hand, doesn’t need any more justifications. She’s morena, exotic, internationally appealing, and absolutely gorgeous.

        Lastly, these girl doesn’t need cake tons of make-up just to look average since they’re already beautiful without it, unlike some other contestants.

  11. Gwapo nung nasa 2nd picture!

    I like these girls:
    1st Picture: Patricia Magtanong
    2nd Picture: Emma Tiglao
    3rd Picture: Wala
    4th: girl on the right, What s her name?
    5th: Vicky Rushton ba yon?
    8th: that girl, what s her name?

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