43 comments on “#Binibini12 Gazini Ganados: Is she starting to peak in your eyes?

  1. Checked all her interviews.. She seems to have good comskills.. her accent and pronounciation are neutral.. the content is sometimes a bit redundant but it can be easily fixed by the rule of thirds.. I have a feeling she’s already a pro by June.

  2. She’s always been a front runner to me and she’s been slaying every day. She’s currently at the top of my list.

  3. Beauty wise she’s for MUP.. styling and catwalk (KF tatak kabayotik) for MGI or Globe..communications skills ( watch her interview during their visit in Gateway Art Gallery) shes suited for a comedy show like Banana Sunday..

  4. She’s in the Miss Universe league. Crown her before the pageant starts LOLS

  5. I have ruled out Galeria and Tolledo for a win.
    I like Saad and April Short
    No to Ilene but Pinoy judges like that kind of beauty ( reminds me of Manjon ) so she may do well
    Warning to Patch . Pinoy judges don’t like teeny tiny girls . That’s prob the reason why Pia and Janine gained a little weight for the pageant

  6. Those fake teeth ruined her face . Looks so unatural . Path is a no for me for MU . I think it’s still Hannah’s to lose. But I want Galeria to be a surprise winner or somebody else dark and exotic

  7. Since walang pasok sa banga sayo lola dear, ikaw na lang sumali. Taob lahat ng kalaban mo bcoz of your masyohong kiki, panot na ulo na me kuto and your bitchiness undermining everyone around you. Pasok na pasok ka lola! So GO! Lolang panot na kulubot pati vulva ng kiking masyoho!

  8. Where I stand right now:
    No Patch for MUP .Physically, she is not ready . She does not have the smile or the body of a BQ.
    As for public speaking , she needs more practice . I know she’s UP law so the potential is there.
    I am now a little worried about Hannah . She needs more fire . I also think she should join camps to get guidance from the gurus and the fellow pageant girls. I hope she gets a runner up slot to get ready for next yr
    I ‘m still not feeling Aya. S he seems grounded but there are more outstanding girls racially . Sorry.
    Samantha B and Vickie are ready . Either one can be MU P but I prefer Sam due to better comm skills

    • Since walang pasok sa banga sayo lola dear, ikaw na lang sumali. Taob lahat ng kalaban mo bcoz of your masyohong kiki, panot na ulo na me kuto and your bitchiness undermining everyone around you. Pasok na pasok ka lola! So GO! Lolang panot na kulubot pati vulva ng kiking masyoho!

    • Sige.

      Granted na ‘yang “fire” na sinasabi mo ay halintulad sa ipinamalas ni Ahtisa Manalo, then OK i-reserve muna si Hannah. PERO, DAPAT BBP-International (pa rin) siya next year (or until 2021 at most, when she turns 25 at mukhang ayaw ng mga PonJap sa rang-gu or nearing 30-ish years old).

      Ang concern ko dito kay Hannah, ma-“Poonlertlarp”, ma-pressure manalo kung sa MU ipadala.

  9. What’s wrong with her?
    She’s so pretty and yet she can’t place even in minor pageants ??.
    I guess we’ll find out more as BP 2019 progresses

  10. I find her face ODD. Sometimes pretty, sometimes mannish. NOT liking the comparison to Sampalok!

  11. Facially very beautiful…

    But the “Morticia Addams-Cher-Venezuela 2018” hairstyle just does not cut it with me. Too gothic or morbid and I apologize for sounding like a broken record! 😥

    • Agree! Tamaryn is a natural beauty and has more stage presence.

      Gazini is pretty but looks older than her age and she looks different when she competed at MWP 2014. What did she have done? Her nose or something else?

      I really wish Wyn competed this year. She brings so much joy and excitement when she’s on stage. Wyn is a natural born performer.

  12. If I based on pictures above,
    Miss Earth beauty divahhh mga vecks 😄hihihi
    Diko pa naman naview yung mga interviews nya☺
    Kung KF cya, auntcle iyong iyo na sya divahhh hihihi.

  13. This will be the year where BBP needs to be strategic again. Patch or Aya would be a worthy MUP. I would not gun for back to back. Instead just keep the semifinals streak.

    Hanna Arnold, still for MI. I think Vickie will be given the MIC crown. Sam Bernardo for Globe. Emma for Supra.

    I still think that Vickie should pursue MWP. She will be KF’s best bet to take the crown from Aces’s grips.

    Sadly there’s so many gorgeous first timers. I rather reserve them for future BBP.

    • Aya? Really?
      Anong bago sa kanya aside from her false thick eyelashes hihihi 😆
      Convince me more, cherette 😄

    • masama bang itarget ang back to back ? If you just aim to just be a semi finalist the worst is bka maging clapper ka lang…If you aim for the crown and if you fall short, at least you’re a runner up

      • nothing wrong with it. It’s a strategic move knowing the odds are slim to none…

  14. i think Gazini would be the girl to finally bring home that silly Miss Grand International title. Please I hope we get that crown and drop the franchise hihihihihi

  15. She was one of the finalists in Miss World Philippines 2013 which is the same batch as Miss World 2013 Megan Young.. Thats already a huge feat for the teenage Gazini 6 years ago. And I see the grit.. She’s not leaving any stone unturned. She might end up with one of the crowns… Based on looks, she’d be a hit in Korea, Japan and Thailand…. based on Q&A and hosting skills… I believe she has greatly impoved. I feel like one or two repeater won’t win a crown this year.

    • MWP ’14 same batch with Valerie Weigman, Rachel Peters and Nelda Ibe.

      • @Jacob

        You are right… So why did she put Miss World Philippines 2013 on he official fb profile headline instead of 2014… hmmm.. It doesn’t seem like an innocent typo…?!?!

    • Oh Hi C2F, Just a minor correction, “2014” not 2013 when she competed and landed as one of the top 13 semifinalist …. This was the time of Valerie Weigmann Imelda Ibe and Rachel Peters.

      • Yes, I do remember.. but my point is why upto now.. She hasn’t changed that wrong headline on her FB which Im sure a lot of people have already pointed out… its kind of misleading and it is making her look bad.

  16. Bbp2019 is very unpredictable. Its hard for now to pick who among them Should win.
    The big question for now is. The format of bbp. Mag stick sila sa traditional format nila or they will follow the format of MU2018? I think its good to follow that mu2018 format. From close door interview top 40 to 20. 20 will battle for short speech. Trim to 15. 15 will battle for eg and ss. Trim to 10. 10 will battle for final Q&A. Then winners from runner ups to titlist. They have 2 runner ups and 6 title. So magkakaroon ng last 3 standing pag i aanounce ang mup. But i doubt that will change their format to this. Kase pag last 3 standing alam na agad kung sino mananalo as mup. Unlike sa traditional format nakakaloka at nakakakaba. But im sure they will have add some changes for bbp coronation night.

  17. Pang MGI or Supra ang beauty nya…i am sealed with HANNA ARNOLD!!..There are a dime dozen mestizas..but Arnold is on a Queenly Level!!– She needs no peaking bcoz Hannah doesn’t need peaking at all!!—She is the legit Miss Universe face of this batch!!– parang Lupita,Oxana or Margie Moran na ganda in a 5’11” bodyframe!!

  18. I admit I am for Magtanong as MUP. But recently she’s being overshadowed by Arnold (serving us FACE) and Ganados (Fierce latina beauty)

    • I agree, Patricia and Aya shouldn’t have missed the talent portion… even though it has no points.. joinning this portion shows grace and grit… and the best dancers actually has a greater chance of winning a crown… Remember, Pia, Megan, Mutya, Teresita and Catriona can all sing and dance which are very Filipino traits.

    • Have patience with Patch! I’ve noticed she’s acknowledges her supporters’ suggestions for her. Hope she’ll slay the stage at press presentation week this week in the Philippines.

      I felt the same way with Cat during MU last year. I felt she was being overshadowed by Tamaryn and other girls who were pulled out for sponsor shoots, videos, presscon and had more pics on the MU IG account. Cat felt the same way too that she was being overshadowed then she realized that the winner of the MU crown will be judged by the judges at the competition and not sponsors (or fans, I may say).

      Patch is smart enough to have a game plan.

  19. gusto ko sya ipadala either sa MI or MGI..cguro naman bet ni Angkol ang mala MU vibe na awra ni Gazini..i hope she gets either crown.

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