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  1. Jessarie Dumaguing looks beautiful…. those symetrical features, sexy figure and alluring dancemoves would be perfect for Miss Supranational.

    Im disapointed that Patch and Aya did not come up with any talent… hence it seems a lower crown for them.

    Although Vicky is an established actress.. what else can she offer as an entertainer? Not joining means a lower crown or no crown for her if she doesnt give the best Q&A.

    Gazini is showing me grit..

    Im disapointed that Julia did not showcase her talents… but at least she has an excuse w/ pics.. and its already well established that she is good at it.

    I dont think SMA is retiring in the next 5 years.. hence I dont think she is in a hurry to have another MI crown this year… which increases Emma’s chances of winning a higher crown…

    I’d love to send Patricia to MGI but I think Angkol is afraid of lawyers who could potentialy sue him if he misbehaves as a national director.. hence what happened to Eva Patalinjug.

    And my current BBP U is Hannah Arnold… she really did not leave any stone unturned… for now…

    • Oh yeah.. forgot about samantha bernardo and leren mae bautista… Their grit seems to be crown worthy pero parang laging may kulang….

      Leren’s talent presentation would have been leveled up if she wore a beautiful costume…

      Samantha for some reason us so forgetable..
      She needs to stand-out.. Yes she is curvacious… What else???

  2. My fearless prediction is a morena and pure blooded Filipina will win MUP 2019.

    • Physicaly I think Jessarie is our best bet.. exotic proportioned at 5’7 with very symetrical features… I just dont knw if she would excell in the interviews… But she even has a more inspiring story than the silverspoon-fed Aya Abesamis.

  3. Based on the walk and introduction , these two girls are absolutely ready to take the crown and represent : TIGLAO and ARNOLD , beauty-wise , these two girls are not far behind : GAZINI and RUSHTON … very very unpredictable this year , many deserving to get to the first cut !!!

    • Tiglao to me is perfection…
      Except for her comskills…
      Will she redeem her wit and grace in the interviews this year? I cnt wait and see.

  4. Now i can also put gazini in my MUP title list. Not because she looks like latina but she stand out too. Her stage presence is just enough. Medyo nakukulangan lang ako ng spark sa mata nya ng onti. The rest can be trained naman so its okay if she wins. Sya ung tipong tignan mo lang halata mong manglalamon. Hannah not my bet pero palaban talaga. Lalo na sa group pic nila sa pose nya. Patch my bet. she is growing slowly facially Kita mo ang spark sa mata. Magand talaga sya guys. Pero kung titignan mo overall base MU or even MUP qualities mapapa haysss ka. D mo ma feel ung stage presence nya. She really need to gain some enough weight and make her bodymu toned to make her stand out. Ung unang tingin mo lang from head to toe eh ma bo blown away ka. Pero you can see na meron syang potential just train her to be more pageant ready in over all factors. But she can pass as MIP representative. Pero mas bet ko sa MU. So i think ist runner up muna sya now and join again in 2020 or 2021. In that year sana maipakita na nya ung hinahanap sa kanya para mas mapaboran sya ng majority bilang mup and win the top prize. Pero pero kung kaya pa mag magic ng A&Q okay giver her the mup crown.

    • I also like patch though my teenage niece commented patch look nangangawit w her tindig.
      Mu – gazini Tamaryn aura or patch arida vibe
      MI – Hannah mananalo for sure sa MI. I want her to win internationally

  5. Now I know the pretty girls above are Gazini and Emma .
    I’m just wondering why Gazini fails to win pageants despite her great beauty .

  6. Lots of pretty girls
    I just don’t many of them
    No to Patch for MUP

  7. Is Sam Lo unconsciously copying Paulina Vega?
    I used to like her but I don’t know now

    • See? The possible pitfalls of cloning…. If only there were no negative perception….

      But with all honesty, the (hair) waves look GOOD on her. A GREAT way to stand out from the sea of dead-straight locks. And for that reason only. I remain iffy about Sam L. If she screws up, I think she should try again immediately, para magsabong ulit sila ni Apriel Smith. THEN we’ll see who REALLY “owns Cebu”.

      • I think 2019 is Sam’s last yr
        That’s why Apriel gave way to her .
        If Sam fails this yr , I don’t see her coming back . But I think she has a good chance . She has a very strong personality and good comm skills . It’s a matter of finding the style to make her more feminine . I hope she does not lose any more weight

  8. I am beginning to like Emma . She looks great from head to toe.
    And her talent show was re ally entertaining . She might just win Talent.
    Tormes’ talent performance was horrendous . She will not win Talent this time . Why did she choose that song?

  9. The beauty in the last photo has, what looks like, a hole on her left leggy.
    Her provocative one-striped outfit gives a new meaning to the term “go for the ‘gold’.😉

    I hope she worked it and dazzled the crowd.

  10. The 11th pic from the top , she is very pretty .
    Who is it ?
    I wish the pics were labeled

    • And who the secovd to the last ? She is gorgeousOf course , Sam B looks great . I think she will be tough to beat

  11. Hannah Arnold is so pretty in that pic below – she is definitely one of my favorites aside from Isabela Galeria, Jessarie Dumaguing, Joanna Tolledo.
    Aya Abesamis I think will win one of the crowns this time.

  12. The rep who would be sent to MU, Supra & MGI needs to be good dancers… specialy Supranational who’s yearly choreography seems to have a hint of Burlesque… Teresita Marquez would have nailed that crown 10s across the boards!

  13. May tanong ako bakla, Bakit threatened k Kaya Magtatanong? Hahaha

    Can we please not demean other candidates. Sana ganyan kayo k usisa sa paghalal nyo ng mga senador

  14. At this point, I am hankering for a Palawena to rep us at MU this year. Either the KF front-runner (whom JC of SF referred to as “may gigil” and whom our very own C2F said “did her homework”), OR “Black”, the only other brown beauty who can “out-stand” Galeria (and would surely gladden those calling for a non-(Eurasian)halfie, or a “pure” one, this time around). And with her perpetually heavily-shadowed eyelids, Galeria is approaching “borderline umay”. Tolledo should take note of this.

    The Law Student/Iskolar ng Bayan, I am sorry to say, is STILL INSIPID-looking. Send her to Angkol!

    The only non-negotiables are Rushton (Globe) and Arnold (International).

    Ganados andTiglao are inconsistent. While Abesamis and Bautista are.

    Saubier, by sole virtue of her being the niece of Mimilanie, will be a Runner-up.

    • Yeah, she did her homework.. Thats about it…
      The girl you want to send to Angkol is a cumlaude and has a jurisdoctor.

      • Sorry C2f , Patch is not ready . To win MU or do well, she has to be pretty in shape and articulate . And Patch is none of the above
        Her face is small but wide on the side ( parang Sandok) .. Then her nose, her smile, her hair, her sticky figure . And despite her academic feat , she is not very articulate .

    • Agree about patch . Galeria is gorgeous but needs to lighten up make up for finals night. AYA is better than Gazini at their point

      • Si pabyan na lang I talaga sa lahat ng beacons this year. Napakaganda nya, napakatalino, napaka sexy. Higit sa lahat, napa kabaho pikpik nya na at siguradong sikat ang pinas dahil sa kulubot nya at ulong makintab na may kuto. Silang 2 ni florenda mag agawan sa lahat ng titulo. Mag ubusan sila ng balahibo! Ang galing ng mga lolang amoy lupa! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!

  15. Wala masyadong ingay kung saang camp mga girls ngayon…. i smell fishy on this

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