19 comments on “#ExperienceAraneta with the Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. Candidates who I think (again, my personal opinion) are strong contenders for MUP are Hannah Arnold and Patch Magtanong. Hannah has the lead on physical attributes (global appeal, very marketable like Pia and Catriona), while Patch has the bragging rights to being a lawyer which would play very well with IMG’s redirected branding for Miss Universe (women empowerment, etc.).

    Both Hannah and Patch are articulate and smart, so I can easily visualize either of them being able to handle spontaneous interviews on American television which now clearly is one of the required duties of Miss Universe, that of a brand spokesperson. If I can’t visualize a candidate being able to handle, engage, and sustain this type of spontaneous interview, then sadly I really can’t imagine them winning MUP, and eventually MU, for that matter.

    Other candidates I like for now, but haven’t seen enough of their performances or interviews for me to form a definitive opinion, are Galeria, Ganados, Lo, Dumaguing, Tiglao and Abesamis. Of course my list will change over time.

    I do wish all the candidates good luck and admire all of them for their hard work, sacrifice, and commitment in joining Bb Pilipinas.

  2. I love Isabela Galeria…she is my favorite right now aside from Hannah Arnold.
    I also like the other morenas like Joanna Tolledo, Jessarie Dumaguing, Omorog and Aya Abesamis.

  3. Patch is starting to lose me. The more I see pics of her the more I’m convince she just doesn’t have the facial features for MU. She’s beautiful but hers is too unconventional of a face. It’s too dependent on right make up, right angle, right lighting . Hannah on the other hand is undeniably pretty . Galeria is really a dark horse for BbPU , so exotic and her beauty is very in right now internationally. How tall is she?!
    Aya’s chin is starting to sabotage her chances again. Gazini’s veneers make her look old and fake

  4. I think the morenas are doing great as the competition progresses namely Tolledo, Omorog, Dumaguing and my favorite for now Maria Isabella Galeria. I like her unconventional beauty and tall too.
    For this pictorial, I also like Aya Abesamis, Hannah Arnold and Leren Mae.
    Until now, I don’t get the hype about Patricia Magtanong. Sorry to her fans.

  5. Gazini is starting to give the frontrunners a run for their money! Awra kung awra si girl. Ayaw pakabog!

  6. 2 weeks after they have been chosen as official candidates, most of them have improved facially. It only goes to show that the right make up does magic!

  7. Curious of the two BbP ladies who are missing in action.

    Oh well, such is life

  8. Galeria is one of my faves right now. She reminds me of that 80’s BB that was featured here❤️

  9. I agree with ver #3 sam lo looks fresh she’s all natural
    No surgical enhancement and no veneer teeth
    I’ve seen her before with out make up and she looks
    Gorgeous (with out exaggeration)

  10. #3 Sam lo I’ve seen her with out make up and she’s gorgeous
    I’m not exaggerating , I think all these girls should be judge with out
    Make up, that’s where you’ll see the true beauty

  11. I totally agree with ver #3 looks fresh
    She’s totally all natural. No surgical enhancements and no veneer teeth

  12. May isa pa’ng absent. Taon-taon na lang sumasali, ‘di naman nananalo. ‘Di na nadala. ‘Ewan ko ba kung bakit pinasasali pa siya. Perpetual filler candidate. Every year’s last candidate! Ngayo’ng taon, Binibini #41. Clue : nagpakulay ng buhok. 🙂

    Tiglao, Tolledo, Lo, Abesamis, and Bautista are the ones I noticed.

      • Hihihiii…. Huwag na lang. Baka tuluyan na’kong i-block. 🙂

        Nope, not Shane. Ganda nga siya, ‘eh. Radiating Patalinjug vibes.

        Again, the clue is… #41 (this year). ‘Pag ‘yan, nag-pose, go home, na. Win-win.

  13. The 1st and 3rd girl look very pretty (something about their fresh looking beauty caught my attention. Girl #8 looks stupid with that SHOES!!!!! Sorry tacky….

  14. In fairness, Emma Tiglao seems to be the only one who completely understood the challenge and she gave the best post among them all.

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