10 comments on “#Binibini9 Melba Ann Macasaet through her fight for the Hemophilia Bill

  1. Wala na magagawa, nakakontrata na ata KF sa dentista na tagagawa ng veneers nila.
    Pero naman sana, pagbutihin ang pag estimate sa mukha ng kandidata.
    Tulad nito, sobrang laki ng ipin, halos di na maisara ang bibig ng maayos. Nagmukha tuloy syang pumapak ng maraming pagkain sa ref at kailangan itikom ang bibig para wag makita ni nanay.

      • Maganda rin ‘yung “teeth that grew a face” (referring to Rachel Peters) noong BBP 2017 at dito rin sa blog na ‘to lumabas. 🙂

  2. Ang ibig savihin na va ngayon ng KF is Kalakihan ng i-Fin?

    ilang percent ba ang laki ng mga ngipin sa overall impact?

    Distracting na eh.

  3. I admire aspiring beauty queens who have advocacies that are related to their university degrees or life experiences. This can be an assurance of a genuine and sustained interest into a cause, not a fly-by-night initiative to add plus points in their quest for a crown. Having advocacies has become the “in” thing nowadays. Rightly so, because it is an indicator of one’s values, the “inner beauty” people love to talk about. Also, advocacy is the element that lends relevance to any beauty derby that some segments of society frown as a form of women degradation. For those candidates with admirable advocacies, I wish them good luck. You add great value to pageantry.

    • A bill has already been filed in both houses of Congress and awaiting passage.#MaeLaban is working with Hemophilia Advocates of the Philippines for the passage of this bill and also in raising awareness in the outreach and identifification of undiagnosed people with bleeding disorders. She will be a speaker on World Hemophilia day this April 14 at the Glorietta Activity Center.

  4. In the swimsuit shot, parang mas maganda siya. Better natural than dolled-up.

    Regrading Hemophilia Bill (and at the risk of sounding like a know-it-all),…

    So, the intent is to get at least one of the incoming senators (midterm polls) to file such bill? Did I understand correctly?

    Funding will probably not be a problem; we all know there ACTUALLY is a LOT of that going around (except that with apathy and lack of vigilance it just gets “diverted”).

    But, saan itatatag ‘tong mga Hemoplhilia Centers? As separate clinics at government hospitals? And necessarily dapat siguro in highly-urbanized areas, kasi may headline kahapon sa isa’ng broadsheet na more than half of Filipinos now reside in urban areas.

    Necessarily. Dapat. Redundant.

    GALING ngayon’g taon! Marami’ng may worthy cause. And the BEST donor? LCS, whom Mommy Sugar described as “an important partner… to whom (we) owe a (huge) debt of gratitude”.

    • Her advocacy for the passage of the Hemophilia Bill is genuine, Hemophilia Associates of the Philippine president Andrea Hernandez Trinidad is an aunt and Ms Trinidad and her daughter
      Star and also another cousin Ryan are Hemophiliacs.Thanks to the platform provided for by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, she is doing her best to raise awareness for the needs of this community. THank you.

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