9 comments on “The Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2019 visit Gateway Gallery

  1. My Prediction:

    Universe: Bea Patricia Magtanong
    International: Hannah Arnold
    Supranational: Ma. Andrea Abesamis
    Intercontinental: Vicky Rushton
    Globe: Samantha Mae Bernardo
    Grand: Emma Tiglao
    1st RU: Ma. Isabela Galeria
    2nd RU: Leren Mae Bautista

    Top 14 Q&A:
    Julia Eugene Saubier
    Ilene De Vera
    Samantha Ashley Lo
    Jean Nicole Guerrero
    April Mae Short
    Jessarie Dumaguing

    Top 20:
    Resham Ramirez Saeed
    Joanna Toledo
    Gazinni Ganados
    Jane Genobisa
    Martina Turner Diaz
    Jessica Marasigan

    It would be really be difficult to screen the total package because almost the .ajority of the girls are at par w/ each other hence, I’m sure all the TOP 20 would be part of the swimsuit and evening gown competition. And around 14 girls would be part of the Q&A. I already feel sad for the possible strong girls who would be excluded.

    • I agree with your choices @ C2F. Spoilers will be Ilene, Gazzini, Leren. My top 2 choices – Patch and Hannah. It will come down with age restrictions on crowns available and Q&A

  2. DIAskeng NICOLE MAGNO…… Lahat ata sa kanya malaki!

    Pagkalalaki ng ipin, halos di na masara bunganga. Tigilan na yan, please lang KF!

    Panalo ang boobsie wonderland nya! Ala Fia Worstback!

    Nagmukhang chaperone tuloy diyan sa group fexture!

    • Pero bakit 2 and pics ni Leren
      Sya ba bet mo for MUP , Tito Norman?

  3. I really thought Magtanong was the one, but based on the recent pics online especially when she was with Arnold, I am now sensing that it could still be anybody’s game. Maybe there’s something wrong with the make up and styling? Experimenting perhaps? Even Aya’s overall styling was better, in my opinion. But I hope Magtanong can still manage to maintain her lead.

  4. My bets so far:

    Universe: Bea Patricia Magtanong
    International: Emma Mary Tiglao
    Supranational: April Short
    Intercontinental: Vicky Rushton
    Globe: Aya Abesamis
    Grand: Hanna Arnold
    1st RU: Joanna Rose Tolledo
    2nd RU: Julia Eugene Saubier

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