35 comments on “#Binibini26 Emma Tiglao: Is she your favorite?

  1. Beautiful! I love the tan on her since she looks more filipina that way. Veneers should be fixed asap, KF utang na loob itigil nyo na yan.

  2. She’s beautiful but her veneers are kinda distracting. IDK, too white? the shape? but still, pretty. she just needs to find the perfect hairstyle for her to look more soft or mapa sweet ang dating. minsan kasi medyo strong e.

  3. I think she’s perfect for MGI, pag eto hindi pa kinoronahan ni Angkol ewan ko na lang talaga. But then again parang mas bagay si Samantha Bernardo sa MGI. So siguro sa Intercon na lang to si Emma

    • Ang dapat ipadala sa MGI, ‘yung napupusuan ni Nawatt. No more, no less.

      At may diskarte at kusa, tulad nina Nicole C. at Clenci.

      Sam B. sounds good. But then again, gusto ba siya ni Angkol?

      Tandaan natin, LITERALLY bibitbitin ni Nawatt ang winner at court saan man siya pumunta. Kaya dapat si gurl, “marunong sa bosing” at mahaba ang pisi. Pero at least, alaga siya ng maayos. 🙂

      • huh? eh di wala din. napupusuan nga, gagamitin rin naman para mas magka mileage ang pageant niya. ugh. buti na lang nilagay siya sa lowest rank. feeling ko hindi pa idadrop kasi may contract pa. lol

  4. Sam B And Vickie R are really pretty without make up on
    I’m disapponied at Aya and Patch . Now I understand why they have to wear heavy make up .
    Still Hannah for MUP.

  5. she’s OK, But not really my top choice…..somewhat a second rate Kylie look a like with mediocre early 00’s Bb…winner vibe.

  6. ‘Eto ang HUWAG niyo ipadala sa PonJap! Nakita na nila ‘to – CLONING (Kylie)!


    • SHE’S giving me the Kylie look (and that RUTH ANDAM (chinita pointy chin) look of a beauty queen. Her looks is too severe compare to KYLlie’s regal beauty.

  7. She looks a lot better with this hairstyle
    Still reminds me of Lani Misalucha . I hope she’s a lot nicer than Lani

  8. I don’t know why a lot of people are saying she’s MI
    For MI , I want a pleasant beauty with a nice speaking voice .

  9. Grand International. I think she might get a crown given that SMA has soft spots for the repeaters who work hard.

    She would be good for MI but Hanna would should be sent there…. But then Hanna could be reserved and placed a as a runner up since she has a few more years left.

    Just look at Jehza…

    • gather your thoughts dear! naguguluhan daw si Madam Stella sa mga suggestments mo! hihihihihi!

  10. Ms Tiglao is physically prepared for beauty contest but she fail miserably in Q&A looking back at her stint in Miss World – Philippines.

    Based from her initial photos for BBO 2019, her aura screams Miss International. Since memorization ng speech lang ang final answer sa MI, sa tingin ko swak dito si Emma.

    All my prayers are with you, cabalen. Hopefully you can bring home the MUP title for Pampanga which we failed to clinch for so many years.

    • I think she is dead serious this time. Even enrolled in a personality development school.

  11. Highest placement could be BbP International. She could also be BbP Supranational.

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