5 comments on “Miss Universe Catriona Gray and her firsts in New York City

  1. What an amazing MU we have. Thank you Cat for being you and Miss U. Lovelots 😘😘😘

  2. ‘Yown! MU MUST have endurance (exhausting… don’t count on getting a lot of sleep), passion (what JC of SF referred to as “gigil”), and an agenda, a CLEAR IDEA of what she wants to do with the title and the reign. SHE provides the direction; MUO merely backs her up. Wonderful! A good ‘ole job interview, it is.

    MU is not a woman. We are a movement – Paula Shugart.

    Jorge is pronounced, “hor-he”, not “jorj” (as in George).

    IMG has offices all over Asia. Saan-saan kaya? I know the competition – Wilhelmina in Tokyo, Ford in China (Shanghai, probably), and Elite in Bangkok.

    If Korea as host this year will push through, I will junk the KF front-runner in favor of Isko ng Bayan.

    • Pangit si patch. Weak yung face flat parang saleslady sa SM department store. She is not a janicel lubina, ann colis, anjame magbitang type of pinay morena beauty na goddess. Nothing special sa uneven and flat na mukha niya. Terrible jawline, weak cheekbones, wonky eyes and weird nose. Beauty muna kasi hindi makakapasok sa q&a if chaka. Yun lang.

      • What I have in mind kasi, bong (kung ikaw nga ‘yan), is she could connect with the Korean fans better.

        And besides, given that LCS is now considered a crucial partner of MUO, doubtless “Gov” will be given a voice in the selection, and between Iskolar ng Bayan and ANYBODY at KF for that matter, I think it is safe to say he will approve of the former.

        One thing is clear : that reception in Vigan City will be a chance for him to cherry-pick. So if the handlers are wise, they should sieze that opportunity to pay homage to “Mr. Universe”.

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