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  1. She looks pretty on two of the smaller pictures (when she’s not too dolled up)…….too much make up/severe eye lashes makes her hmmmmm, i don’t know….something is throwing me off with her look.

  2. If one could brush aside the patent fact about Martina’s rhinoplasty and veneer procedures, she would indeed look beautiful. Nevertheless, it sounds good to advise her to not go more as she looks unnatural. Less is more, wika nga. Get rid of fake lenses and colored hair, please. And, not oberdo the make up. This is the same advise I gave to Ena Velasco last year.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against aesthetics, so long as they are done beautifully. Venezuelan beauty queens, despite being naturally beautiful, still undergo knives. That is to perfect everything in their look. However, theirs look natural because the doctors who worked on their faces are excellent in their field. One good example is their veneers, hindi malalaki, hindi nawawala ang gilagid when they smile at hindi sobrang pinaputi.

    Martina should have looked for Cat’s dentist.

    That’s all.

      • C2F, sana matuto ang mga kandidata, especially future beauty queens.

        I am confident though that Patch and Hannah are natural beauties. A lot of pageant afficionados are actually torn between the two. But I am more confident that Patch can pull off in QnA, especially on current events. Being grown up here and studied Law, she basically knows social, political, and economic issues. I have watched her interviews, and she can deliver spontaneously and intelligently. Her speaking voice is lovely, making her sound so alta. At, ang ganda-ganda n’ya talaga. Sobra. I can’t wait for her glam shots which I find lacking. Pero sina Hannah at Aya, andami nilang studio shots. Patch, wake up! Sana may maglasakit sa kanya to provide her everything.

        That’s all.

      • @Ana

        I think her team wants to pull-off an Ara Arida surprise… That’s just my guess…

      • Ang maganda kay Patch, she is a chameleon on pictures. May anggulo s’yang Shamcey Supsup, Ara Arida, Aileen Damiles, Teresa Licaros, and Yedda Marie Mendoza. Pero when talking on videos, she is distinctly Patch. Ang ganda ng voice n’ya talaga. She sounds vibrant, energetic, and intelligent. MUP na talaga s’ya for me.

  3. Tito Norman , when r u gonna feature Patch ?
    Pls do so ASAP .. para magkaalaman na.
    Right now , she is Globe or MGI for me … or first runner up to be trained for the top crown next yr

  4. Hannah for MUP
    Wag nang patumpik tumpik dyan.
    I had an initial good impression of Gazini . But on review of her pageant records , I found that she failed to place even in minor minor pageants . What’s wrong with her ?

    • You could ask her handlers, straight up. Did Gazini’s “bad record” happen AFTER MWP 2014?

      Mukha’ng nangyayari, we have Nationals veterans like Nava, Tiglao, and Romero (Agatha) who try the regionals or provincials (Misses Ilioilo and Manila) and corporate tilts (Miss Midori Clark), but end up as Runners-up because the organizers want to use the opportunity to discover and crown new faces or first-timers on the pageant scene. So, they end up as fillers, essentially. Plus, the prestige of having a Nationals veteran in their line-up is too good to refuse.

      ‘Di ko tuloiy malubos isiping nag-uusap ‘tong mga handlers, at nagkakasundo kung “whose turn it will be”. Some of them might even be influential enough at the Nationals level. And know SMA, ALV, and Lukring personally.

      Just my one cents.

  5. ‘Eto na naman ‘yung add ng “backend developers”, nag-pop up. Taga-tone ng buttocks? 🙂

  6. ‘O, ‘yan, Blogger. Ikaw na mismo nagsabi – hustler siya. Hustler = streetsmart. Ergo, MUP!

    Pwede ‘to mag-artista.

  7. Oh she has a back story…. and taking up her masters after traveling the world… I assume she has good comskills. I want to hear her interviews.

  8. Turner , is she mixed ?
    I want to see more . The pics above look good but I don’t know if she is well -spoken or not

  9. She can cook? She’s the ideal wife…beautiful and can whip up a meal!

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