27 comments on “An afternoon with #Binibini39 Dia Nicole Magno

  1. Alam ba nya na sya ang pinakapanget physically sa 40 candidates?

    At kapag nakasungkit ng korona at ilaban internationally…..proud ka pa kayang pinoy tulad ng kay Cat or ayaw mo na sa earth? or the universe rather! hahahahaha

    Huwag maglokohan di sya maganda! Bb Pilipinas is stil a BEAUTY pageant! unang criteria yan!

  2. Pretty, yes. She’s giving me a KC concepcion’s look vibe (???)…..MU material??? I think i will let the judges take care of that. Also, there’s something throwing me off with her look though (like she can’t close her mouth naturally)??? This is just my observation.

  3. I wish some commenters refrain from body-shaming some candidates who do not conform to their idea of beauty. Her being a national champion in badminton must have added a fillip to her overall aura. I’m sure her beauty and brawn glow must have played out beautifully in her presentation before the Screening Committee. We need not reiterate the truism “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. There is no universal definition of beauty, let alone a single dimension of the concept. Someone may gush over the Western archetype of beauty, but another may think an Oriental standard is better. Someone may limit the concept to physical looks, another may include the element of intelligence and physical fitness. Both opinions are spot-on. But I hope we do not put down another for having contrary opinions on something that is patently devoid of a universal standard.

  4. Pics above don’t give this lady justice
    She is actually very pleasant to the eye. And sounds classy.
    However, her ‘fake’ teeth are awkwardly huge and she needs to lose more weight .

    Is she a crown contender ? The answer is no for now

  5. Oh it’s just now that I watched her interview… She is indeed well-spoken and she was a former national athlete for badminton… wow. I just wish KF didnt ruin her teeth.

    • I think the teeth are already what it is. Check her fb. Unless im mistaken

  6. Good for her for fighting to get in but for me her beauty is more Mutya or Miss Global kinda of level. Sorry po!!!! hihihihihi

  7. I’m on Tito Norman’s team
    I think u should tuck your shirt in if you are over 40 .
    Rodgil’s style is ok too . It’s very down to earth . I just hope he wears something formal on pageant nights

  8. it would be a crime naman if everyone is beautiful coz there are only like three to five crowns at stake. we need to have clappers for the background as well as reserved beauties for next year’s edition

  9. Blogger, mas mukhang hip ang styling ni Rodg sa ‘yo. Crewneck and monochrome are “youthening”. In contrast, tucking the shirt in and the horizontal (widening) print on the upper half are aging. And with all due respects, the new mane looks curious/clueless…

    Talagang galing sa “reliable source” na mabait si gurl. Parang (huhhh?) lang….

    But, yes, would love to visit Metro Butuan one of these days. Perhaps blogger could be invited to the provincial pageant of AdN, then take the bus (aircon) to CDO for the Mutya ng Kuyamis (Misamis Oriental, for your info, dear readers). 🙂

  10. How in the world ….. ?
    I won’t complete my sentence just to be nice
    Pls bring back Wynonah .

  11. Papayat pa Inday! Something is also off sa face nya. Although sa gulatang tingin may hawig kay Chelsi Smith-Monica Lewinsky-Michael Jackson-Desiree but the kf veneers andyan na naman. Im not counting her out yet kasi kahit papano pumasok sa screening so for sure she has some merits 🙂

  12. MU 2019! I think it’s time we broaden our definition of beauty. This girl has a good story and isn’t your run of the mill beauty queen. Kudos for making it this far and best of luck. Genuine Filipina beauty .

    • So u want every one to get on stage to join beauty pageants because they are all beautiful?
      Have u seen MIss America 2019 where average -looking out-of-shape girls competed in ?
      This is a beauty pageant and an entertainment show . U want stunning girls right in front of you .
      If u want average girls on tv , let them join Jeopardy or Family Feud, not beauty contests .

  13. Buti na lang may dinner. If not, this candidate would never have a chance to be featured solely in an article.

    • Sa ibang pictures nya parang anlaki ng palikpik nya, is this a good or a bad thing?

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