36 comments on “The Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2019 at the Ali X Launch in Ali Mall

  1. i like the determination of Samantha Bernardo but still i find there’s something “kulang” or off about her, maybe too pageant patty or boring.

  2. Too early to tell but it seems like it’s a battle between Magtanong and Arnold. Both beautiful, smart, with interesting backgrounds. Would love to see different looks for these two.

    PS. Liking the girl on high bun.

  3. Joanna Toledo might pull a surprise.
    Something’s off with Patch. Thought she’s the one to beat.
    Emma is more beautiful in her previous stint.
    Wyn could have win it all had she decided to join.

  4. Puro kayo kuda, pati mga tao sa background na walang pake napansin. pero ang kapansin pansin na hindi nila pagsuot ng Numbers ay di nyo pinagusapan! #AllTeaNoShade

  5. Joanna Tolledo is a beguiling beauty. Sadly, being candidate #40 means she is one of the shortest (if not the shortest) in this batch.

    • She’s not only short .
      She also looks short . She either is overweight or has short limbs.

  6. Dios ko naman, lets enjoy MU2019 !
    Let us be in the competition .
    Hannah for MUP 2019!

  7. Still between Patch and Hannah, standout beauties. Leren, Short, Jessica, and Tolledo are right behind these 2…at least on these candids.

  8. Mga seswang, panoorin niyo ‘yung bag raid kay Galeria ni Mars Franz (YouTube channel).

    Cute ni Bakla. Naka polo barong, pa. Parang galing straight from work ni Mamshie. 🙂

  9. Second to the last photo – Short and “looks-like-waifish-Celine Dion” – is a shot straight out of some Fashion Week backstage – SKINNY.

    ‘Eto, pampa-good vibes lang, Admin (sino ka man ngayon). May comment sa (beep!). Si Dolk daw, parang sumali nang makakain lang ng dinuguan.

    Dios mio, tagal ko na’ng ‘di nagawi sa Ali Mall! Wala pa’ng SM City noon. At too sosy naman ang Quad. 🙂

  10. the girl witih the BUN reminds me of (PARUL) she looks pretty (not sure why) who is she???

  11. The photo grid shows all absolutely beautifully confident candidates. But snapshots of fleeting moments hardly capture the mien of a confidently beautiful person, although snippets can be gleaned in the facial expressions of some. Live interviews can properly handle that. Testimonials and documentary evidence of achievements can attest to that. But for those gunning for MU crown, reality check tells us the impossibility of a B2B win on top of the fresh 4-year-ago win if we send a more-of-the-same beauty prototype. Our best shot for the win still is the possession of the differential advantage over competition. The winning edge lies in the area of brainpower. Fortunately, this year’s batch is awash with beauty and brains package. But the one who will triumph in the end will be the one who can present a convincing personal brand of intelligence, sincerity, strength, excitement, and sophistication. She should be able to stand for something bigger than her physical self, to embody an inspiring ethos, to bring a strong point of view, and to take action towards positively impacting the world. Who will she be? That is the question.

  12. Yung background crowd walang pake 😉 Most girls have good makeup skills and some could use some tips (hint – easy on smoky eyes for daytime). I don’t think a back-to-back MU is out of reach.. but it will take a really exceptional girl to make it compelling. We have a deep bench so we’ll see.

  13. Magtanong ‘s make up is better but still off . Appears to hide something . Miss Flone or MGI for me

    Hannah is MUP 2019 . Wag nang magpatumpik tumpik pa

    • Feel free to check her IG.. She looks gorgeous with or without make-up.

  14. P.S.

    The beautiful Patricia Magtanong looks great when at ease. However, I wish she’d sport a different “do.” All I see is Cher, Morticia Addams or Miss Venezuela 2018.

    I’m rootin’ for you Patch..

  15. Patch & Hannah side by side – they both look great with how they were made up. I have to agree with Anna that Patch undeniably has that “X” factor based on how she was photographed above. Hannah looks so sweet and very photogenic and Julia – I love that smile and she’s very charming ! These 3 right now are my best bets for the top crown👸👸👸 Bakit kasi nagsabay sabay pa sila for this year’s BBP edition – ugh ! 🙄🙄🙄

  16. As the competition moves on, the girls’ make ups are on point. Their looks imbibe positivity as they are showing a lot of fun. They are indeed having a good time.

    Anyway, I understand that a few commenters here do not like Patricia for reasons they only know. This is notwithstanding the fact that Patricia is effortlessly a stand out and an MU caliber beauty. If you notice in the pictures above, Patricia is giving away a lot of x-factor and camera presence. Her aura is perfect! I mean who else can best follow Cat’s footsteps? Beauty, brain, and body plus x-factor. That Patch’s x-factor is her edge over Hannah. Let’s say you line these girls up afar, then you can easily spot Patricia because of her overflowing aura. Not only that, she is showing a lot of energy and positivity.

    Hannah is undeniably beautiful, but the question is can she maintain her exciting look for others? Hers is something that can easily fade. There is a tendency that she will look bland. Hence, I am putting her on the second highest crown.

    Is the girl on a side view and sporting cute high bun Sam Bernardo? She looks gorgeous. At first I thought she was Parul Sha in pixie hair.

    I also notice that some of the girls have undergone rhinoplasty and veneer procedures. I am not against those who went thru such procedures, but making one’s look a lot unnatural is not pleasant to look at. I don’t want to name names, but your guesses are as good as mine.

    That’s all.

    • Ana, that lady sporting a high bun is Joanna Tolledo IG: @joannatolledo

      Morena beauty. That pose and her neck remind of Chalita Suansane.

      • Oh, I see. Ang ganda n’ya ha. I’ll watch out for her. Thanks, dear.

      • Thanks d the ID, Sophie! Ganda! Look at that neck! No vampire would refuse… 🙂

      • I love Joanna’s very symetrical features… if only she’s 1 or 2 inches taller. I hope her comskills are excellent, if not, then that explains why she’s always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

    • @Marvin1978

      Excuse me po, mabait po si Patch… She may look simillar to Virginia but her personality is far from her. Patch is very kind and full of wisdom beyond her years.

  17. Napakaganda ni Ilene De Vera pero ang baduy baduy ng kanyang mga hairstyle. Napaka-KF.

    • She needs some cute modern hairbuns to stand out… Or maybe she’s saving it for the finals?

      • i hope. kung ano kasi yung styling nya noong Mutya ng Pillipinas parang ganun din ginagawa nya ngayon.

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