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  1. runner up for now…pero promising…she can still evolve but now masyadong plain ang itsura…although she has the height and her credentials are amazing

  2. Pwede syang maging MUP. Konting polishing at konting transformation lang. HIndi na kailangan ng maraming requirements.

  3. In my personal opinion, these girls are the top girls for me :
    Hannah Arnold
    Patch Magtanong
    April Short
    Julia Saubier

    In the case of Julia Saubier, she has a certain je ne sais quoi. There’s something about her that tells me I cannot completely count her out. Is it her height? is it her credentials? Is it her cosmopolitan background? She may not be a classical beauty like the other 3 girls I’ve mentioned but then again, she can transform into the best version of herself in the coming weeks. I don’t know. Maybe she has that certain mystique, I guess.

  4. 17 Bea Patricia Magtanong
    18 Hannah Arnold
    20 Julia Eugenie Saubier
    22 April May Short
    25 Samantha Ashley Lo
    26 Emma Mary Tiglao

    Miss Universe – April May Short
    Miss International – Samantha Ashley Lo or Hannah Arnold

    • Galleria whom everyone is raving abt .. is now a casualty for me
      I’d like To see more of Tolledo and Magtanong to find out if they can live up to the hype .
      As for Julia , we cannot judge her based on her potentials . Not everyone is as driven and disciplined as Cat Pia … and MUP 2010-2013. Look at Michele Gumabao who failed to lose weight for the international competition .

  5. I agree, I like her too, Halfie but very filipina look..Impressive credentials and comm skills wise is 2 thumbs up, Worth for the top crown!!!

  6. She’s in my top 3 list ! I hope she doesn’t get wasted with a minor crown. I’d rather see her end up with a runner up finish then rejoin for the top crown later, much prepared with a noteworthy platform !
    This girl has a lot of potential. I love her 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. She’s the Gumabao of this batch . Styling and some toning will transform her .

  8. She’s one of my top 3 for the tittle of MU, or she will be place for the other crowns.

    1. Hanah Arnold

    2. Patricia Magtanong

    3. Julia Subier

  9. To those who register well on pics but are unable to justify it in motion because they are not really that gorgeous or they have issues with comm skills , my advice is hide from YouTube interviewers until the finals night
    You would want to keep that good first impression until u get called into the semi-final round .

  10. I like this girl. I agree with SCORG. This beauty can make waves at MW. Diamond in the rough.

  11. I love everything about her…
    Only thing missing is leveling up the glamour!
    She needs to embody a more femine vibe that would attract all kinds of market… And on top of that, I hope she would be bold enough to tackle (in the most diplomatic way) a controversial issue that is timely and relevant for our country and hopefully be part of her advocacy. Should she get a minor crown this year or shouldshe be resserve her as a runner-up so she could have a more glamourous comeback?

  12. Her credentials make her a shoo-in for any of the BbP crowns. However, I see this beauty-brains-brawns package better fitting the MW mold. She would be a perfect foil to the Head-to-Head Challenge, Sports Challenge, and other segments of MW.

    • I agree with you Scorg ! I’d rather see her join MWP rather than her winning a minor BBP crown !

    • Kaya s’ya pinag-Binibini nI Tita Melanie Marquez n’ya para hindi sila maglalaban ni Michelle Dee. Anyway, if she competes next year with enough preparation, she can clinch one of the BbP crowns. We’ll, let’s see if stars will favorably align for her in June. If I will be wrong, then I I will be wrong.

      That’s all.

      • Tita Lavinia, is that you?
        Hmmm.. I notice u both assumed that Julia and Melanie are blood related. Hmmmm???

      • C2F, no I am not Laila a.k.a. Tita Lavinia. I saw in a social media interview na sinamahan ni Melanie ang pamangkin n’yang si girlie na over achiever sa BPCI to file an application. And there she said na si Michelle Dee na anak nya ay sa Miss World naman sasali.

        I have been Ana Winter here since four years ago. And, remember, nagkaroon pa tayo ng bonggang argument dati. I also had some interactions with Laila a.k.a Tita Lavinia.

        Now we go with the same taste rooting for Patch and Hannah. I like Patch, and she is a perfect rep to pull a back-to-back for the Philippines!

        That’s all.

    • Umaasa pa ba ang pageant fans na muling mananalo ng Miss World crown ang pilipinas? Sarado na ang pinto ng MWO para sa PH.

  13. This intellectual girl is so current and adventurous, would love to hangout with her -crown worthy for me❤️

  14. Similar trajectory and vibe as Lemonon, and another citizen of the world like Parul Shah. BPCI, make her a Runner-up so you can keep her around and use her for your brand marketing campaigns.

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