20 comments on “normannorman.com’s Crème de la crème | Premier Classement for Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. My Choices for BBP 2019:

    Universe: Magtanong, Patricia
    International: Toledo, Joanna Rose
    Supranational: Abesamis, Aya
    Intercontinental: Ganados, Gazini
    Globe: Galleria, Maria Isabelle
    Grand: Diaz, Martina Faustina

  2. I’m hoping Patricia Magtanong recaptures her “Island-beauty” essence as the pageant season develops.

    I’m not a fan the straight-long-hair-part-in-the-middle hairstyle with a pale face. Looks too much of 70’s Cher or Morticia Addams from the Addams family movies.

    Sorry Patch…I’m still rootin’ for you!

  3. Gosh! Where is Isabela Galeria and Joanna Tolledo
    Those girls are gorgeous

  4. No offense but #19’s armpit is very distracting. Either she needs a closer shave or there is a glitch in the photo. sorry.

    She is lovely, however..

  5. I would rather have Maria Isabela rather than Julia, Gazini over Leren, Jessica over Ilene and Martina over Jessarie.

  6. From your list Sir, only: Aya, Leren, Patch, Hannah, Emma, April May, and May be Julia👑🇵🇭

  7. Safe but uninspired choices. Galeria should be up there . As it stands AYA if she really is 5’7 stands a strong chance . Patch has great proportions. Hanna just looks too white for me . I guess I’m just bored of halfies

    • Nagustuhan ko rin siya, initially. Bespren ni Jamaica Ambal. ‘Di ba parang duling siya?

  8. Where is Galeria… Most of these girls are seasoned veterans so they definitely have an advantage.

  9. am NoT sure of ILENE…heard some negative thiings about her personally tthru a friend who has a daughter who knows her

  10. If Hannah wins MUP, she’l be the third consecutive, half-aussie, bicolana who will represent the PH at MU. I’m not sure how to feel about that. But if she’s our best choice, why not.

    • Rachel Peters is Fil-British, not Fil-Aussie. But she’s half Bicolana.

    • Who cares about mixed bloods? Venezuela and USA have been sending halfies since way back kopong kopong. We should be proud that we are embracing the diversity of Ph by sending half breeds.

  11. from this listing, tanggalin ko si Omorog ,Ilene de Vera, and Sam..that leaves 9 girls to advance to the next round..char..

  12. wow , need to increase to top 18 or 20 — J Marasigan , S Lo , Ganados , Flores , Guerrero , Lacap

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