2 comments on “Hillarie Parungao now. Hillarie Parungao-Donato soon!

  1. Blogger, si hubby-to-be ba, related kay Nielson Donato, ‘yung HAWT veterinarian? 🙂


    Congrats to the both at auguri!

    Parungao is one of the three prettiest faces of the last ten years of Filipinas pageantry, together with 4M and Datul. And she bears some semblance to… Mareeya P. Ehren. Speaking of which….

    PAGING INDEPENDENT TEAM OF HANNAH A.! HUWAG niyo po i-pressure si Hannah na maging fierce at jologs (streetsmart) kung hindi naman talaga ganu’n ang personality niya simply because you expect her to be another Pia or Cat. It is not Hannah’s fault that she is who she is – perceived to be elitist, as per interview on YouTube with Tita L.

    Look at what that pressure did to poor Mareeya! May pagka-elitista rin kasi si Ms. Poonlertlarp (finished your Master’s, sabi ni Steve Harvey). ‘Yun, ligwak sa “social movement” (Question Round) at cry-lalu afterwards sa countrymen for failing to bag Thailand its third MU crown.


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