6 comments on “#Binibini29 Cassandra Chan through dance

  1. If everyone is saying that she looks like a taller all natural Miss Earth Karen Ibasco or Miss Supranational Jenny Kim then she must indeed be desserving of her spot as one of the 40 candidates.. She does come from a good academic and cultural background and I assume that she also has the great comskills. She has a good story to tell.. With some polish, she may excell far more than those alleged stronger girls who got the chop.

  2. Did she really past the official screening? I mean she was favored over Wynonah Buot or Edjelyn Gamboa? How? Can anybody help me to comprehend this please….

    • While Wynonah Buot’s exclusion is disappointing, I’m sure it is not because of Cassandra’s inclusion. Like Wynonah, she is also a graduate with honors at UP. I’m positive she got in on her own merits– beauty-brains-brawn package! I wish Cassandra the best on this journey, as I am looking forward to Wynonah’s next pageantry bid.

  3. i have high expectations that she will slay the catwalk. i need to hear her talk. im sure magaling to…

    • Yyyiiiiizzzzz…!! Slay the catwalk. 🙂

      Precisely due to her terpsichorean (dancing) prowess, she should easily execute death-defying turns with aplomb and utter nonchalance. Think Sarah Rose Summers, whose strong muscular legs prevent her from falling forward at the end of her TIGHT twist at Miss USA 2018.

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