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  1. Ok checked her IG.. I’m now an instant fan… I love her posts… it’s so real with a hint of glam.. She should really cut down on the stripper heels but overall I think she is amazing… I’d love for her to post pics about her tribes and her in full tribal attire… It would be nice to post stories about her visiting her relatives in remote areas of Mindanao. Now that is some good marketing… I hope she keeps on engaging with interviewers as practice for the finals. Goodluck!

  2. Guys, and C2F in particular, I think ‘yung perception natin na “brown beauties” ang preferred ng Supra org LAGI is probably not so watertight. Look at Valeria Vasquez and Magdalena Bienkowscka. And both Eden and Chanel placed din naman, kahit paano. And Intan Aletrino is halfie.

    MAGANDA ang Pinay Beauty, but if we send the SAME look over and over again, we risk becoming what Fabian said – China and Ecuador, who keep sending the same look every year (‘di ko lang matandaan kung alin’g pageant ‘yung tinutukoy niya, tho).

    Genobisa reminds me of that Badjao girl na na-feature din dito sa blo dati. Kung tagilid rin lang din ang chances niya manalo given popular bets like Magtanong, Arnold, and Aya, i-sign up na lang siya kaagad ng isang prestigious modelling agency, at idamay na rin sina Galeria at Tolledo (but of the three, I get the impression na si Galeria ang pinaka-bet ng fans). ‘Ika nga ni Fabian, in the States, anybody not white is ethnic, and I can imagine the three in an SI shoot with…. Kelsey Merrit! 🙂

    • We have been sending a diverse looking set of girls with equally diverse backgrounds to Miss Supra…

      Elaine Kay Moll – 3rd RUp
      Mutya Datul- Winner
      Rogelie Catacutan- Top 25
      Joannq Eden- Top 25
      Channel Olive Thomas- Top 10
      Jheza Huelar- Top 100

      If Jane has good comskills, I don’t see any reason not to send her to Miss Supranational.

  3. The MUO and the judges could care less if she was an orphan and an ethnic minority . To them , anyone who is not white is ethnic.
    Again , all they want is someone who is pretty in shape and articulate.

    • and MUO wouldn’t really care if she wore an ethnic gown or a nat costume
      made of anahaw leaves: as long as she is gorgeous and articulate… and can make a difference as their MUO spokeperson and money-earner. Iyon lang!!!

  4. Interesting Backstory. It’s a combo of Miss Japan (homeless) and Miss Brazil’s (indigenous) back story from the Miss Universe 2018.

  5. Need to see her in motion before I can give a concrete opinion but so far I like what I’m seeing.

  6. Her back-story is good material for a compelling personal brand. An ethnic minority extraction, orphaned at an early age, practically grew up in the streets and dark open spaces where her adoptive grandparents’ traveling amusement facility take her, yet growing up beautifully with solid moral values and strong will to bring hope to her fellow lumads! I hope her handlers can develop a persuasive brand essence around this unique persona.

  7. Pageantry always has a soft spot for interesting back stories. These are the stuff that reinforce confidence about the future, that showcase that hopes and aspirations are indeed achievable. If the interesting back story is woven into an image of strength, aided by some related advocacies, the contender assumes an attribute that favorably sets her apart from the rest. I wish Jane Darren the best of luck in her pageantry journey.

  8. I already like how she presents, and the background just gave her another layer of beauty. On looks and background alone, a strong contender for MUP. I hope she has the comm chops to go all the way.

  9. Interesting life story. I hope that she can capitalize on this as her platform and eventually win. She seem to be a tall girl so she can ditch the bragais heels away.

  10. Wow, that is a great story to tell…
    No wonder some of the supposedly stronger girls got the chop… They don’t have this kind of background that could increase ratings….

    Her face reminds me of a more exotic Vanessa Hudgens. She definitely has the body of a winner….
    And if she could talk… She could possibly be the dark horse of this competition and win BBP-Supra.

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