10 comments on “Alaiza Malinao and why she skipped on Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. Kung ako sa kanya… She should be campaigning for the legalization of Medicinal Marijuana as her advocacy.. Gamot sa anxiety yun… Baka yun ang calling nya.. She should get in contact with the Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society… Gandang advocacy sa Miss Earth or Miss World! Umatend lang sya ng rally dito.. sigurado ang dami nyang magiging fans.

    • Agree! Take off from where Cat’s answer in the MU 2018 Question Round got off.

    • I agree!.. Yun na lang talaga ang sangkap na kulang sa kanya… She really needs to level up her advocacy… Everything else is perfect. If ever she does, she’ll be my BBP-Universe 2020.

  2. sa akin, di sya kawalan.

    wag na kamo sya sumali.

    it’s best for her to try other things more solid .tutal, un naman ang bungad nya..kesa magsayang na naman sya ng 2 years..and arter that, shes still nowhere.

  3. Quintessential island gurl!

    MPE can be an option; siguradong SLAY niya ‘yun at SAFE move considering lagi tayo’ng may placement sa ME (with the possible exception of “rambutan”). Besides, dikit naman ‘yata sina Bragais sa KF (ergo, also extending to ME organization).

    Now kung BBP 2020, then ‘eto ang nakikita ko’ng posible : MUP – Malinao, BBP – International – Aberasturri, BBP – Supranational – Sutton, BBP – Intercontinental – sinuman ‘yung 1st RU ngayo’ng taon, BBP – Grand International – Paton, at BBP – Globe – Smith.

  4. I think she’d be a spectacular Miss Universe Philippines! She has the face, physique and stage experience .

    • I love her beautiful morena looks. This is what defines morena for me—gorgeous tan skin (sorry to the Patch supporters but Patch’s fair mestiza skin now compared to her tan morena skin before worries me about the message it sends—that to be considered beautiful & crown-worthy, one must lighten up). I like that Alaiza is tan & fiercely & proudly so. She reminds me of Camila Alves & I think she would look spectacular on the Universe stage. Unfortunately, she hasn’t shown us the discipline, determination, hunger & drive to win at pageantry yet. The commitment just isn’t there for now. Hopefully the fire will light up before it’s too late & she’ll end up like Joey Mead who waited till the last minute to try pageantry & ended up being disqualified for being overage.

      • Patch is no fairer than Shamcey…
        Skin color as the basis of winning is so passe…
        There are a lot of bigger issues in the world who needs empowered girls like Patricia Magtanong, Hannah Arnold, Julia Saubier, Jane Genobisa, etc who could inspire people with the things that they do that could change society and not just by the color of their skin or the shallow physical beauty they posses.

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