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  1. I saw the girls in their swimsuit…ang daming hindi toned yung body…ang daming ang lalaki ng puson at mabilbil…ang sarap kc mag rice dito sa Pinas…start na ng gym time mga girls !

  2. Still going to be a challenge for the Binibining Pilipinas Class of 2019 to duplicate the same success the 2013, 2015, 2016, 2011 and 2018 batches had.

  3. Congratulations to all the BbP top 40 hopefuls class of 2019!

    Now, let the adventure begin!

    Shocked that the sexy, sultry, Agatha -with the gold mini- failed to make the cut.. 😥💙

    Sad…but who am I to judge…

  4. I don’t understand why Wynonah did not make the cut. Next to Patch, she is my bet for MUP– a brains and beauty package. I just hope this will not dampen her resolve to wear the Philippine sash someday. MWP perhaps?

    • I heard its because of contract issues. same with the others who didn’t make the cut.
      Binibini is really strict na regarding contract.

  5. i saw the video of the top 40 walking in circle. I cant hep but notice there were girls who got thru who doesn’t seem to fit the physical requirements. so i was like ‘really? these ladies over wynona buot and blaise buendia’? I don’t think it has something to do with the interview cuz these ladies can also slay that department. I can only speculate that might have something to do with prior engagements that might conflict with the org.

    In this case, Wynona is actually given that extra push by BBP she needed cuz i always felt she wasn’t hungry enough as I didn’t feel much grit from her last year.

    We know Pia and catriona had their own share of bitter loss in the past that raised their hunger for the crown exponentially every time they were denied.

    wynona should rather take this bump in the road to further motivate herself in preparing for that grand comeback next year. Scratching from the surface,for all we know, BBP saved her from this years bloodbath and reserved her for next year.

    She has that same intense eye as pia. Now all she needs to do is set it ablaze and show us next year that GRIT the moment she walks thru that door to file her application.

    • Agree! Spot on about Buot! I’m in total shock but I hope she doesn’t let this stop her from her quest to wear the Philippine sash.

  6. No Blaise Buendia? I mean her styling was terrible, but if she changes that she has potential.

  7. I saw Patricia Magtanong’s interview, not only stunning, and tall but also articulate…MUP already. The other beauties will just be fighting for MIP and minor crowns…April Short, Hannah Arnold (MIP), Aya (Supra), Guerrero (hope runner up), Lo (hope runner up), Leren Bautista (MGI), Jessica Marasigan, Emma Tiglao, Samantha Bernardo (MGI or Supra), Ruston (Globe). Gazini

  8. Grabe yung Anne Barker, Karen Ibasco version 1.0. Paano ito nakapasok? Kahit katulong ko mas may K pumasok kaysa sa kanya.

  9. SPOILER ALERT: MARIA ISABRLLA GALERIA Mga Vers watch out for this girl ! Grabe sa bone structure and tall too!

  10. Aya Abesamis- I love the whole ensemble… She looks like Pia and Ariela combined! If she keeps this up and plays all her cards right, she could win either Supra, International or maybe even Universe. What is her advocacy? We all need to know! If she wants one of the top crowns.. She cant beat Patricia’s academic achievements therefore she needs to beat Hannah Alrnold’s advocacies and charitable works if she wants to replace her in one of the top 2 spots.

    Patricia Magtanong- Without a doubt she desserves one of the Top 2 prizes… Either one would be perfect for her. I hope she keeps the trajectory going up till the finals. I can’t wait for her interviews.

    Hannah Arnold- She also desserves one of the top prizs… but she needs to surprise us with different looks.. She needs to prove that she can be a chameleon and look good with any theme, pose or ensemble.

    Nicole Guerrero- She looks way better with this new look.. I hope she tones down and get abs ASAP… I hope she could wear something high fashionin the next few days.

    • I admit na nag improve facially si Aya but let’s be real, her comm skills are like of Maxine Medina’s. And, we all know what happened when we send someone like her. We need someone na smart sumagot at may wit.

      • hahaha that’s a really honest statement
        despite her growing up abroad right?

  11. Hannah Arnold is gorge but I am so fed up with sending half-whites to Miss Universe, kaumay na. She joined at the wrong time, had she joined in 2017 she’d be the runaway winner. Even pinoy fans aren’t buying into her that much when her kind of visuals are easily loved here.

    Samantha Bernardo nadadala nya sa appeal but if you make her stand side by side with the others, she fades. Same thing I noticed about her last year.

    Emma Tiglao is super pretty but like in the case of MUP, I’m also fed up with sending ‘Kylies’ in MI. It’s not going to work anymore if we do it every year. If you ask me, I see more of Mutya in her so she might grab the second Supra crown.

    Patrichia Magtanim lacks facial value, like seriously. She put on heavy amounts of make-up and the best she could look was a watered down Ara. And don’t get me started with that obvious nose job, I don’t have anything against ps but at least make it unnoticeable if you’re joining bbp. She’s enough for MGI.

    Aya Abesamis really improved. To the point that I’m actually not minding her face that much anymore. We’ll see.

    Vickie reminds me so much of Iris Mittenaere but her height really is so polarizing. Gurl you should have joined MWP, it was yours to lose.

    Girls I need to see more of: Gazini, Denj, and Martina.

    Collectively, this is a pretty strong batch but I don’t see anyone MUP-worthy yet unlike the other years.

    Very disappointed about Wynonah and Edjelyn not getting in. Especially Edjelyn, she’s not a popular candidate but the 2 editions in which she joined were two of the strongest batches in bbp history and she made it to top 15 in both. Sayang, I see some potential pa naman din.

    • Kimberle pala is also beautiful but her height is uggghhhh dapat lumaklak ka na ng gloxi last year 😦 she could have been the Isabelle Daza that we couldn’t send at MUP.

    • I agree on most of your points. Yes, Hannah’s timing is quite off. after pia, rachel and cat, it is understandable that most pageant followers yearn for someone more filipino looking, dusky, and oriental..but then except for Aya, wla naman nag apply or nag qualify that fits that template with potential universal appeal..so its unfair naman to rob Hannah of that opportunity to gt the coveted crown simply because of her parentage from the fathers side..besides, its 2019..if we come to think of it, kelsey merrit has gone far in modelling than janine tugonon, that just shows what beauty the market wants and patronizes..

      • If you go down the route of “robbing someone of opportunities because of their ethnicity” then you could also apply that logic to pure filipinas in the pageant but I guess you’re right when you say that she’s the only MU-worthy in the batch. Doesn t make me less ‘umay’ though.

        Alaiza Malinao should have joined this year :(.

    • Teh,
      Patricia Magtanong Never had a Nose job.
      You might be confusing her with Samantha Bernardo or Emma Tiglao.

  12. so hindi porket repeater ka kasali kana ulit…daming repeaters na pumasa last year or the year before that na biglang hindi pumasa sa screening ngaun…this year you’re in but next year you’re not…kaloka

  13. All my bets have made it.

    MU: Magtanong, Arnold, or De Vera
    MI: Arnold or Tiglao
    MS: Abesamis or Tormes
    MGI: Bernardo
    MIC: Short or Tiglao
    MG: Abesamis, Tormes, or De Vera

    Honestly, wala ako maisip na pang MUP na makakasungkit ng crown. Sa International pa siguro makasungkit tayo. I really like Arnold pero too timid for MU, hence, mas bagay siya sa International.

    Tiglao is a revelation to me. Pag tinitingnan ko sya halong Kylie at Maxine ang nakikita ko.

    Exciting naman ang transformation ni Magtanong. So far yung look niya today ang pinaka maganda.

    Tama yung assessment re Abesamis na ilagay sa Supranational. Mabenta sa European ang features niya. I think okay din sya sa Globe since feel ko bet sya ng Globe since last year.

    Bernardo is no doubt for MGI in terms of performance. Pang kabog sa mga latina at pansampal kay Angkol.

    Si Short naman super pretty pero ang willowy niya pa maglakad. Face wise perfect na yun sa Intercontinental.

    I would have De Vera as my MUP bet pero lately nakukulangan ako sa performance niya. Styling wise parang tranny din. Sana maayos niya pa.

    Tormes peformed really well last year pero may kulang lang na X factor. This year feel ko mailalabas na niya yun pero sadly for Globe or Supranational lang ang naiisip ko for her.

    Sa mga ladies na di nakapasok (Banks, Chua, Gamboa, Buot), I actually felt nothing. Di ko sila bet kasi. Well si Gamboa sana ksi maganda sa photos and mgperform pero lagi sablay sa q and a. May ibang pageant pa naman if ever. Why not try out for Miss Philippines Earth or sa Mutya ng Pilipinas.

    These are my thoughts.

    BTW last year naka 3/6 ako na crown prediction (care off Michelle Gumabao, Ahtisa Manalo, and Catriona Gray). Haha!

  14. That’s life, not all ex-Bb candidates made it to the final 40. There are more deserving new faces!
    Sayang si Wynonah at Agatha.

  15. Bat kaya di naisali si Banks? I can see why Buot and Kayesha not part of official list,.as well as edjelyn and nava..the 2 have prominent nose jobs while the other 2 need nose job

    • Miss Banks hindi daw umabot ng 5’4…much much shorter prang Ann Curtis din dati. Rufa nava looks underweight and dehydrated..anyare kay ate nga?

    • I think Samantha Bernardo’s nose job is much more noticeable than Edjelyn’s and Ruffa’s actually. I think Wynonah also had a nose job recently, no?

      My concern with Ruffa Nava is that she is too skinny.

  16. No Agatha Romero? Ang ganda pa naman ng jumpsuit n’ya. What went wrong to Ruffa Nava and Wynona Buot?

    Aya Abesamis is still the most exotic Filipina beauty. If we can send her in Miss Supranational, pagkakaguluhan ang beauty n’ya sa Europe. Her natural tan is perfect. Samantha Bernardo is Miss Globe fit. April May Short can be sent to Miss Intercontinental. MGI fit si Hannah Arnold o kaya sa International din. Mag-agawan or magpalitan sila ni Vicky Rushton. Patch Magtanong is the MUP.

  17. When will be the coronation night? Since MUO had given the franchise to BPCI they need to have a beautiful and level up crowns for the new sets of 2019 title holders.

  18. Daming ligwak na pasok sa banga sana. Kayesha Chua, Cassie Banks, Wyonah Buot, Edjelyn Gamboa, Ruffa Nava..

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