13 comments on “The new Mutya ng Pilipinas President

  1. Gorgeous! I hope she brings something new and exciting for the Mutya ng Pilipinas.

  2. so tlagang may hugot sa MWO c madam Cory kaya bigla nyang binitawan ang MWP… good luck madam ! May you take Mutya to a whole new level

  3. What a blessing in disguise that Cstriona “didn’t” win MW 2016…

    All the best to Cory Q.

  4. I prefer her over Stella. She listens to fans while the latter took decades. lol!

    • eh ano naman ngaun if you prefer her than stella. yan b ang subject ng article. maka-kuda lang wagas, baklang toh

  5. The only new is the President nothing will level up for the pageant only if Cory will increase the take home money of the winners but the titles will be the same Pacific International & Tourism International not as big as Miss Universe. One more thing Ms Cory is not allowing the reigning queens to a big media exposure recalled the winners of the MWP during her stint after the international competition no more news Meagan Young was on the newa courtesy of GMA 7 unlike Binibinis whole year of reign they were all exposed to various activities. Why not proposing to have a new international contest like Miss Atmosphere 2020.

  6. Why is she on the pic again ?
    Let the queen shine .
    It’s not abt her
    This reminds me of Her stint at MWP where the promotional ads only featured her .. not the queens .
    Why Cory ?

    • Dear, are you asking why she’s in the accompanying photo of an article that’s written about her? Seriously?

  7. I’m glad she is back to the limelight! Cory Quirino is such a very reliable, involved and influential person in the world of pageantry. I salute her courage for leaving Miss World Philippines after what happened to our very dear Catriona. The way I see her, she is indeed a person of good name and honor. Miss World has a bad reputation and she doesn’t want it to stain or destroy her image. Cat winning the Miss Universe 2018, justice was given to Cory Quirino mas well. I believe she can lead Mutya ng Pilipinas to greater heights and glory.

  8. Seems like good news…
    I’ve been missing Madam Corry for a while now…
    I wonder what she has in store for Mutya ng Pilipinas?

    Ogie?! I’m totaly gagged in a good way. 🙂

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