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  1. i am disapppointed sa styling ni nicole pero bet ko parin siya as MUP at si Patch. Nakikita ko si Yvette Santiago kay Arnold. MI siya for me.

    • korek…nadismay ako sa styling nya…ang taba pa nya tingnan…I expected more

  2. My current choices for the top 2 crowns:

    MUP: Ayamazing, Patricia, Nicole, or Leren
    MI: Rushton, Arnold

  3. Titles that i think we should de kalibre representatives. MU. MI. MGI. MG and supra. I think sa intercon need to giveway muna sa ibang asian. Kung d lang by continents yan ok lang de kalibre pa din ipadala. D ko talaga bet format ng intercon from top 20 to 5 by continents agad. Sana nag top 10 muna before to 5. So top 10 sa intercon this year is okay.

    • In this group, for me:
      Aya Abesamis
      Samantha Bernardo
      Wynonah Buot
      Agatha Romero
      Vickie Rushton

  4. Titles that i think we should de kalibre representatives. MU. MI. MGI. MG and supra. I think sa intercon need to giveway muna sa ibang asian. Kung d lang by continents yan ok lang de kalibre pa din ipadala. D ko talaga bet format ng intercon from top 20 to 5 by continents agad. Sana nag top 10 muna before to 5. So top 10 sa intercon this year is okay.

  5. My prediction:

    Hannah Arnold for MU
    Patricia Magtanong for MI
    Aya Abesamis for Supra
    Vicky Rushton for Intercon
    Samantha Bernardo for MGI
    Leren Bautista for Globe

    1st RUp- Samantha Lo
    2nd RUp- Nicole Guerrero

    Julia Saubier
    April Mae Short
    Agatha Romero
    Kristi banks
    Wynonah Buot
    Sigrid Grace Flores
    Denj Magno

    Top 20:
    Kayesha Chua
    Ruffa Nava
    Gazini Ganados
    Resham Ramirez Saud
    Rosemary Murphy

    • C2F, we have the same top 3, only I have Patricia as Miss U and Hanna MI. And I like you have Nicole and Samantha as runners up, I want them to try MWP as well. I have the feeling Patricia will deliver come pageant night…

      • @Chadwick

        The reason why I placed Patch as MI is because she has a greater chance of winning the MI crown.

  6. Hannah for MU
    Magtanung for MI
    Aya for Supra
    Guerrero for Intercon
    Gazini for MGI
    Banks for Globe

  7. If it’s just based on Physical beauty I can name 30-60 girls in the current pageant scene who has all the shallow external features of an international pageant winner.. But if we’re looking for the total package who could represent our country and be a spokesperson who could move mountains and create real social change… I can only think of 5…

    …And 3 of them is Hannah Arnold, Patricia Magtanong and Samantha Bernardo.

    • I agree on most of your observation C2F except for Samantha. I may have to put another lady like Julia Saubier. Julia is still in the process of transformation and has remarkable interview skills. Even if Samantha gained tremendous following from her impressive performance last year ,yet, I am still not convinced by her level of spontaneity. Also, her ‘enhancements’ have become quite obvious which doesn’t suit well with the tagline of MU.

      Hope Aya by now tossed her nerves aside along with her conyo adlibs. She could be up there with Pat Magtanong and Hannah Arnolds as well.

  8. I need to see more of Patch and Nicole .
    I think either one of them can be MGIP

  9. i guess NOT all returnees can return…THIS BATCH IS REALLY GOOD…

  10. Anjame Magbitang has far more superior physical beauty than most of the candidates who filed for 2019.

    Im also wishing that Anji Balatbat joining this year to secure Top 5 in MU.

    I can’t wait to see her in 2020.

  11. Hannah for MUP
    Buot for MIP . I do not like her styling this yr … just based on pic above

  12. The one’s I like so far:
    Patricia Matanong
    Nicole Guerrero- also try MWP
    Samantha Lo- try MWP
    Aya Abesamis -crown worthy this time
    April Short
    Gazing Granados
    Emma Tiglao
    Jessica Marasigan- that face
    Vickie Rushton- try MWP
    Samantha Bernardo – am afraid for another runner up finish
    Julia Saubier – wAiting for photos
    So far not a strong year must see transformations in coming days.

  13. Samantha Bernardo is truly sexy and sultry looking. Gotta love her! 👍😊
    Her perfectly sculpted “milk containers” are enough to win TWO BbGlobe crowns.

    Get em’ Samantha.

  14. Rosantonette Mendoza is also returning right ? I must say that this year is very exciting because there is no crystal clear frontrunner and expected winner ( like last year ). It is anybody’s game in 2019

  15. I’m more and more convinced that Aya facewise is a good MU bet. Hers is a face that will stand out and is memorable . She is one of my top bets . GO AYA!

    • I don’t think Madamba will anoint someone from Ahas and Kween. Globe perhaps or runner up finish for her

  16. Samantha Bernardo is head and shoulder above her 2018 batchmates, Wynonah is a far second followed by Vicky. Nagdowngrade si Kayesha, anyare sayo gurl? Aya, like I said before improved, this time she’s .5 prettier than her Thai counterpart Patraporn Wang. Agatha seems like she’d do better in ME.

  17. What pressure! Simply disappointing if a 2018 “returnee” does “not” make the top 40 cut in 2019.

    Hopefully all these ladies will all make the cut in addition to returnees pre-2018 as well. B2B aspirations will make BbP 2019 that much more exciting.

    Venezuela (08-09) achieved B2B crowns while Colombia (14-15) and S.Africa (17-18) were ever so close.

    Maxine Medina’s campaign in 2016 should be a golden example to send someone with not only extraordinary beauty but with brains as well.

    Maxine needs to come out of the woodwork and encourage these 2019 hopefuls with words of wisdom…no pun intended. 😉

  18. I believe that if we are to send somebody to MU who will gun for a formidable b2b win on top of a fresh win 4years ago, she has to be someone with a distinct differential advantage over the competition—a clear, succinct, persuasive and memorable image of confidence. She has to be absolutely confidently beautiful, not just beautifully confident.

    “Confidently beautiful” refers to one’s conviction that her persona—her beauty in all its dimensions—can and will make a difference in other people’s lives. Such a person believes that her holistic beauty can drive her advocacies to corporate boardrooms, congressional halls, UN assemblies, street dweller crypts, urban poor shantytowns, and rural poor shacks. This determination defines the enduring qualities of beauty. This I believe is what MUO has in mind in adopting the brand tagline.

    In contrast, “beautifully confident” refers to one’s acknowledgement that his/her confidence comes from being beautiful. If beauty is confined to the physical plane, confidence is short-lived. If beauty transcends the physical to the cerebral and spiritual dimensions, confidence lasts longer. In that sense, it takes now the form of “confidently beautiful”.

    At this period when we are gunning for the ambitious b2b, I believe that the distinct point of differentiation for our candidates—returnees or newbies—is the cerebral edge. Every candidate is super beautiful. In a world where there is no universal standard of beauty, being a culturally-defined concept, everyone deserves to win. However, I believe that the one single factor that will give the winning edge is scholastic achievement and leadership experience.

    • Paulit ulit beh? Anyway, this isn’t Miss Most Educated. Like Aling fabyana keeps saying, streetsmart girls >>>>>>>>>>>> educated girls. Education is only a plus factor not the deciding factor. Pageant po ang sasalihan hindi sila magbabar exam don kaloka ka.

      • Can’t you pick one who has all those qualities-gorgeous, educated and streetsmart?

    • Interesting play on words…I agree.

      Confidentially beautiful truly defines Pia and Catriona.

      A prime example of “beautifully-confident” was BbWorld 2008 Janina San Miguel…bless her heart.

      Times have definitely changed!

    • Vicki is last year’s 1st runner up but her presence was scarce in all the BB Pilipinas events. I may be wrong but I don’t think I’ve seen her in any of the send offs with the other BB queens.

      Tapos ngayon babalik to try her luck again? I would say no.

  19. I hope that these returnees has the ultimate objective to win the crown and not because they are just inspired because of Catriona’s victory. What I’m saying is that the desire should be innate.

    I still don’t have a bet although lumulutang sa listahan si Aya Abesamis and Patch Magtanong. The only setback is sana Aya should have joined when she was still young.

    As for Patch, I still haven’t seen her in motion though she’s a breath of fresh air (i.e, non pageant repeater, very Filipina beauty even her last name and good credentials if that counts). Although meron na rin tayong naipadala na ganyang prototype (i.e, UP achiever with beauty and brains),

    pre-A&Q era

    Sarah Jane Paez (1989)- unplaced
    Nina Ricci Alagao (2000) – unplaced

    A&Q era

    Shamcey Supsup – 3rd runner up
    Ariealla Arida – 3rd runner up

    Yung “journey to the crown” na ginawa ni Catriona is mahirap talaga i-replicate although hindi rin lang naman yon ang route or journey that is available and I hope this girls has their own way of accomplishing things na talagang big surprise come finals night!

    Anyway, 2months nanaman segurado etong pre-pageant activities ng Binibini and marami pang puede mangyari so I’ll just seat back and watch from a distant and evaluate! Char!

  20. Based on the pictures above, I think that Vickie (easily the most beautiful face of the bunch), Samantha, and Agatha will have a walk in the park. 😁

      • In my opinion, kaunti kang ang facially beautiful. Anjame Magbitang is far more superior in physical beauty than most candidates who filed this year.

        I can’t wait to see her clinched the MUP 2020.

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