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    • Brazil 2019 is a lot more gorgeous than Colombia 2019…but then again, a lot of uber gorgeous girls ended to be a clapper in the last MU edition

    • Watch out for Miss California USA 2019 … she is the one to beat in USA and perhaps also Universe

  1. puro mga 25 above ang mga sumali…most are bodering to 27 na…patandaan na labanan ngaun…at walang clear winner ngaun unlike last yaer na alam mong si cat ang MUP at ibang crowns nalang pinaglalabanan. It’s everybody’s ballgame dis time. makikita sa finals who shine anhd snatch the MUP crown

  2. If we are to aim for a b2b MU win, considering that another triumph was attained just four years back, we should not send a more-of-the-same beauty but someone with a differential advantage over the competition. Where there is no universal standard of physical beauty as it is culturally determined, the only areas to look for differential advantage are in the brains and attitude category. We all know that good looks can only take one so far; all that really matters is the personality of a person. Now, who among these candidates possess the clear, succinct, persuasive and memorable image of confidence? Note that the MU mantra is “confidently beautiful”, not “beautifully confident”. The focus is obviously on confidence, that personal belief that his/her total persona can make a difference in the lives of others. We have to admit that the differential advantage in this area lies in the brainpower and sterling scholastic and community credentials of the candidate.

    • It’s true .. provided they have beauty first
      Without it , they won’t even make first base
      And when u say intelligence , r u referring to academic achievements ? U have to remember MU 2015 2017 2018 and possibly 2016 won over much more academically successful candidates.
      And Confidence has got nothing to do with how far u have come with your education. . It is practice and training the walk and talk of pageantry .

    • FabiAn Reyes

      I agree with you that they should have “beauty first”. All of them are beautiful depending on the cultural lens used. However, this year is not a normal season for MUP if we are batting for a b2b MU win. We are pressured this time to present someone with a distinct differential advantage– clear, succinct, persuasive and memorable image of confidence.

      “Confidently beautiful” refers to one’s faith that his/her persona—his/her beauty in all its dimensions—can and will make a difference in other people’s lives. In other words, a belief that one’s holistic beauty can drive her advocacies to corporate boardrooms, congressional halls, UN assemblies, street dweller crypts, urban poor shantytowns, and rural poor shacks. This defines the enduring qualities of beauty. This I believe is what MUO has in mind in adopting the brand tagline.

      In contrast, “beautifully confident” refers to one’s acknowledgement that his/her confidence comes from being beautiful. If beauty is confined to the physical plane, confidence is short-lived. If beauty transcends the physical to the cerebral and spiritual dimensions, confidence lasts longer. In that sense, it takes now the form of “confidently beautiful”.

  3. Resham ramirez may potential sya ganda nya she reminds me a bit of rachel peters but i hope shes more better than her.
    Patch Magtanong
    Arnold Han
    Samantha lo
    Leren bautista
    Samantha Bernardo
    Vickie rushton
    Emma tiglao

    Aya abesamis
    Nicole Guererro
    Ilene de vera
    Ruffa nava

    That is for now! ✌️
    Cant wait for the screening on monday sana pagsuutin din sila ng gown for screening to get the official candidates. Wag lang sa SS.
    Anyway! Sa 2 months na preparation ng girls before the finals eh more time din sila sa. pag g gym. Sana may Video ang bawat camp ng sample pasarela ng mga girls nila. Mocked pageant.

  4. So no Wynwyn this yr or ever , why ?
    Wag nang magpatumpik tumpik pa
    We need international calibre beauties
    Hannah for MU or runner up . Pls do not waste her to other pageants !
    Sam Lo for MU or Grand
    Buot for MI or MGI . She is a pleasant beauty with a very beautiful speaking voice !

    • I have to see more of Pat or Nicole. So far , I’m not impressed . I don’t think MGI is ready to crown an ‘ethnic’ beauty.
      I like Rushton Ruffa and Agatha face-wise but their comm skills maybe limited. At least , Rushton is a celebrity . I’m sure she can deliver at Q&A.

  5. Mga left overs? Yung mga super hyped na baguhan, eh di naman pala bongga. At yung mga inaabangan na girls di naman nagsubmit ng application. #AllTeaAllShade

    • Marami sa mga inabangan ang nag submmit. Si wyn at sirene lang ang pwede pero hinde nag submit which is okay lang naman. Sandra alam naman na hinde sya join this year. Aberasturi also obvious na hnde pa pwede now and patton hinde pa pwede now. So marami pa din sa inabangan ang nag submmit.

      • Buot submitted her application i think i saw photo of her. Yeah alaiza and angelita nga pala but still marami pa din nagpasa na mga expected girls. Ive read from a screenshots of convo of jojo bragais that alaiza and alita will not join this year. Feel ko next year sila pareho sasali. Team ni cat yata mag train kay alaiza base sa interview kay jojo after cat won MU

      • Buot submitted her application i think i saw photo of her. Yeah alaiza and angelita nga pala but still marami pa din nagpasa na mga expected girls. Ive read from a screenshots of convo of jojo bragais that alaiza and alita will not join this year. Feel ko next year sila pareho sasali. Team ni cat yata mag train kay alaiza base sa interview kay jojo after cat won MU

  6. I am not a fan of Aya’s beauty (ordinary sans make-up).

    But in the group photo with fellow A&Q sisters, she stood out. Not a good sign for the camp.

  7. My gosh ang mga vekla eh super judgmental eh isang picture pa lang inalabas..hihihihihi

    Hoy mga veks chillax lang kau, almost 2 months ang competition nohhhhh!!!! Even catriona never looked good after finals… Sobrang daming baby fats!

    Kung makajudge eh parang coronation night na agad…. wag masyadong gigil mga vekla…

    Enjoy the ride na lang..

    Welcum back #AYAMAZING!!!! hihihihihihihihihihihi

    • Hihihi. Buhay ka na naman para i hype si Aya.

      Wag daw judgmental, pero ji nudge na si Catriona. Vaklang two.

      • Vekla obviously you don’t get sarcasm about #ayamazing hihihihii!!!

        Buhay ba buhay ako veks. Eh kaw returning commenter ulit? Did u rise from the dead?

      • Buhay na buhay at regular pa din ako Veks.

        Alalang alala ko pa nga dati na may nakabuking sayo habang nagpapalit palit ng multiple accounts para ma hype ang vet mo. hihihihi

  8. I like Magtanong, Bernardo, Rushton, Short, Arnold and Ramirez so far (in random order) based on pics and description on some. Some on previous performance.

  9. Since I am rooting for Patch Magtanong, and if any close to her is reading this, can I have a suggestion?

    1. On her make up — please do something on her eye brows. They are too dark and not lined well. Since she has beautiful eyes, please don’t put black eyeliner that strong. Do not highlight the line in the upper portion of her “talukap” dahil nagmumukha s’yang naaantok. Put a little shine on her foundation para tumingkad ang kanyang beautiful complexion. Sa lipstick, hindi bagay sa kanya ang matte.

    2. On her hair — she looks perfect if her hair is bagsak lang na mala-Ara Arida. We have to see her Filipina feature look thru her vibrant dark hair.

    Patch’s body is perfect, so wala akong issue sa styling n’ya. She can wear anything dahil madali s’yang damitan and she looks alta.

    ‘Yun lang.

    • Guerrero or Magtanong for MUP. Nicole is very transformable. She just needs to lose a few more lbs and her curves will show.

      She reminds me of Rachel Peters but facially better.

      Magtanong is the classic Pinay beauty that I miss. With the current MU streak, I wouldn’t mind gambling on her. Smarty pants!

      Arnold/Rushton/Tiglao for MI. #enoughsaid

      Ayamazing for would be OK with MI or Supra.

      bernardo for MGI or someone that looks latina para isupalpal na kay Nawat.

      I really love Leren’s beauty. I hope she surprises us all. I have a soft spot for oriental looks like 4M 😉

    • Hi Laila! Hirap talaga kapag hindi maganda, ano? Kailangan very specific sa hair and makeup para di lalong magmukhang panget 😂🤣😂🤣 hindi mo masasabe sa mga tunay na diyosa yan. No makeup, bruha hair pa yan, maganda parin. Masasabi mo rin ba yan kay chakang patchi patchi magtanong? Flat ng face mukhang pisot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 buti na lang hindi ikaw may ari ng BBP kung hindi papunta sa kangkungan ang direction.

  10. Hannah Arnold: MI/MU/1st RUp
    Patricia Magtanong: MU/MI
    Samantha Bernardo: MI/Supra/Grand
    Samantha Lo: Intercon/Supra/Grand
    Leren Mae Bautista: Grand/Global
    Vicky Rushton: Grand/Global/Supra
    Aya Abesamis: Grand/Intercon/Supra
    Julia Saubier: Grand/Intercon/Supra
    Eileen De Vera: Grand/Global
    Nicole Guerrero: Intercon/Global
    Jessica Marasigan: Grand?/Global?
    Kristi Banks: Intercon/Global
    April Mae Short: Intercon/Global
    Ema Tiglao: Global
    Agatha Romero: Global

  11. Major DOWNGRADE sa beauty ni Cat yung mga “flagbearer” ng aces and queens. I mean, if gusto nila top 10 highest placement or unplaced, crown a girl that can’t hold a candle to the latina and european beauties. Pati nga mga Miss USA girls sobra sa ganda and upgrade talaga. Be objective and wag niyo isipin gullible kame and we will just drink whatever kool aid yang gusto niyo painom samen tapos support namen yang pinupush niyo na girls after niyo bastusin si Cat last year? Hell to the no. Dati todo support ko sa Aces and Queens pero sumobra na sa laki ng ulo. And bakit yung prototype nila na girl is very SM saleslady/ early 2000s manila party girl Viva Hot Babes yuck? Only way na magplace yan sa top 5 is because Jonas has connections with the MUO. Di ba nga siya publicist dito sa Philippines? Hindi kame bobo and uto-uto. Tigilan niyo kame diyan sa “fake advertisement” na panghhype niyo. Kasuka lang! I hope an independent girl will win again this year. Tigil na yang monopoly ng camp na yan.

    • mehhhh. remember where Catriona started. If not for A&Q, she would not be even be a beauty queen. So before you make these baseless rant against A&Q, please pay respect to the group who actually brought Catriona to pageantry…

      She is in the same prototype as the A&Q hihihihi

    • Ease up on the coffee Laila. You’re over caffeinated hija. Sweet to calamansi juice kaya?

  12. i will pick agatha romero over that puchi puchi questionaire girl . yes aya is standing out nicely…

    • Agreed, Bill! We don’t need an “uber intelligent” girl (well, yan ang binbrand ng aces and queens kay patchi patchi girl), need naten is streetsmart girl like Cat na may universal appeal. Reminds me of Arienne Calingo tong patricia magtanong nato, sobra ipagyabang “credentials” eh that can only get one so far. Hindi naman quiz bee or debate ang sasalihan, beauty pageant. Emphasis sa “BEAUTY” na wala yang pinupush na girl ng aces and queens. Sa huli, the prettiest girl who can give a nice or okay answer ang winner. Look what happened sa 2012. I love Janine pero superior ang beauty ni Olivia. Same sa 2016 kay Iris and Miss Haiti. Yung girls like Sirene and Alaiza hindi nila pinasali para ifocus yang mga di magagandang girls na faves nila. Kaya tama si Cat mag independent, they didn’t want her to join last year dahil si Aya pinupush nila. Ayaw ko yang ginagawa ng aces and queens.

      • I rarely leave comments here as I enjoy reading than leaving one. I just don’t get the hate towards Patch Magtanong like seriously? para lang ma push yung bet nyo need nyo pa i bash yung tao? so anong pinag kaiba mo sa kine claim mo about aces na fino force feed ung bet nila? as far as i am concern hindi nila need i force feed sa tao si patch dahil even before patch submitted her application pinipilit na sya sumali but she opted to finish her degree before joining. Hannah is pretty and so is Patch and so is everyone else so stop the hate. Check the page of Binibini and read the comments there Patch is leading the pack while hannah came second, now see for yourself.

  13. Chillax lang ako mga boklo. Next year ako na may-ari ng Miss Universe Philippines. For now, chupa chupa muna ako ng mga titi and nakaw nakaw ng pera ng Pilipinas with my bestie kat de castro.

    P.S. this is real fur. Wala ako pakialam sa opinion ng PETA. Mayaman ako, kaya ko bilhin ang buong manila zoo.Tseh! Hihihihi


  14. Chillax lang ako mga boklo. Next year ako na may-ari ng Miss Universe Philippines. For now, chupa chupa muna ako ng mga titi and nakaw nakaw ng pera ng Pilipinas with my bestie kat de castro.

    P.S. this is real fur. Wala ako pakialam sa opinion ng PETA. Mayaman ako, kaya ko bilhin ang buong manila zoo. Tseh! Hihihihi

  15. So, I guess there is no more WynWyn Marquez … (sigh)

    The candidate # 76 is totally quite promising

  16. wala si Sirene Sutton n si Build Build Build…some of the ladies here are already 27….

  17. In fairness kay Aya ha, gumanda. From Miss Globe, pwede na siya pang MGI, padala na sa Venezuela yan. Dun daw gaganapin pageant. Yung patrocia magtanong ang chaka! Siya na ang Aya Abesamis award ng batch na to. Overhyped and todo force feed ng ashes and kweens chaka naman. Halatang she was styled to look “alta” para macover yung yayahin and poorita face niya. Pangit ng hukay niya sa mukha and parang pinitpit yung ulo niya. Mukha siyang phineas and ferb na may pagka Jonas Gaffud ng slight. 😂 Nasan na yung mga magaganda?! Nagexpect tayo pero yan lang?! Madami nagimprove from last year pero yung mga overhyped didn’t live up to the hype.

      • Dimples, hukay, tuldok, kahit ano pa tawag mo diyan. Chaka! Mukhang pinitpit yung shape ng ulo niya and mukha siyang endangered species tarsier. Next!

    • I love Anjame…BUT we should give her MORE time to polish her comm skills….she is ONLY 20.

  18. All lovely.

    1) Sigrid “appears” to have facial hair above her lip.
    2) Agatha Romero’s tight gold outfit is an eye opener. Just don’t drop anything and attempt to bend over to pick it up, sweetie. 😀

    Let the games begin!

  19. Is Nicole really as tall as she claims to be? Honestly they are all disappointing compared to Hannah . Aya has improved but she still looks like an alien . Pwedeng miss mars universe . I do like her beauty in all seriousness . It’s different and striking .

  20. Is Nicole really as tall as she claims to be? Honestly they are all disappointing compared to Hannah . Aya has improved but she still looks like an alien . Pwedeng miss mars universe . I do like her beauty in all seriousness . It’s different and striking .

  21. Lol none of the overhyped girls lived up to the expectations. Patrichia Magtanong was overly made up and still looked ordinary, Aya I have to say improved but she’s still chakaish (sorry I tried so hard to find and articulate a word for her and not sound rude but it is what it is, liked how she didn’t opt for surgical enhancements though), Nicole G looks so much different from her photos a big indicator that she’s a photoshop queen, was disappointed at Samantha Lo honestly.

    The only ones I liked today were Sam Bernardo, Vickie (her height though), and Kimberle.

    • Agatha looks good as well but I don’t her looking like that, did she get some things done on her face?

  22. aYA LOOKS lovely here……She looks much better this time around. It really has something to do with the hair styling/make up and the over all look. She looks very refreshed. I’m not a big fan of her, but she definitely stood out…..WHAT HAPPENED TO NICOLE GUERERRO???? OMG, just saying (the expectation is high) she did not deliver. I’m still rooting…………..VICKIE RUSHTON (looks godly!!!)

  23. Patch Magtanong hands down. She doesn’t have the proper up do in the picture above, but the people in the BPCI office were all stunned by Patch in motion. I also saw some pictures of her in that ensemble, and I tell you guys, she looks gorgeous and doesn’t have bad angles. She is giving me the Yedda-Marie-Mendoza-crossing-Patricia-Rodriguez vibe. Sana lang may pasabog din ang team nya ng kanyang filing sa BPCI.

    I am so excited in this year’s BbP edition!!!

    That’s all.

    • Plain. Saw her in person. Not really tall. As to her being in UP Law, friends she is no Ana Licaros sa utak. One is a Salutatorian. The other is so so.

      • Wow. Ang galing mo ha. The mere fact that Patch graduated in UP Law. May utak si girl and I am sure marunong kumuda at maging spokesperson. Wag mo naman sabihin na lesser siya. Maka judge ka ha. Eh ikaw pumasa ka bang LAE?

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a few of you sees her a plain Jane, but many of us non-AnQ affiliated pageant fans (Pake ko sa camp camp na ‘yan. I am after the most deserving Filipina to represent us in MU.) appreciate her stunning beauty, then you must be bias.

        Kitang-kita naman that Patch has symmetrically beautiful face and to-die-for swan-like neck. Gosh!

        Furthermore, we are not aiming for a Latin Honor harvester in the pageant. We only want somebody who can deliver her thoughts and show confidence on stage.

        ‘Yun lang.

      • She is NOT beautiful, Ana Wintork. Period. Symmetrical ka diyan, kubi yung kaliwang cheeks niya and hindi maganda shape ng forehead, eyes and nose niya. Weak yung facial muscles pa. Wag kang ano diyan! 😂 La rin kame pake sa camp war kaya nga gusto namen ibang aces and queens girls vs diyan sa pinagpipilitan na mukhang bruhilda. Hihihihi

      • Weak nga yung facial muscles niya and hindi pantay yung kabilang cheeks. Tapos pangit ng shape ng forehead, nose and eyes. Wala siyang cheekbones and jawline. Symmetrical pinagsasabe mo diyan. Katawa lang. 😂

  24. I think Samantha Bernardo nailed it! The whole ensemble to me is flawless… and the hair and make-up.. perfection!!! I wonder how she’ll top her 1st look?

    I love Samantha Lo… She looks so sophisticated… She also has a pretty face… I’m just distracted by that snagle tooth.

    Im disapointed with Nicole… She looks overweight..
    I wonder if she could magicaly lean up before the finals.

    I love Aya’s hair and make-up… but the outfit?.. Meh…

    As for Patricia… I’m not worried…
    It’s all part of the game. 🙂

  25. I am placing my bet on Samantha Lo. She looks very sophisticated, reminds me of Geraldine Asis, MUP 1987.

    My bet for BbPilipinas International is her fellow cebuana, Ilene De Vera.

    • This is going to be a competitive batch!! Why are they all joining this year!!!

      • I think because there’s more buzz and there’ll be more publicity for the MUP winner with the notion of a possible b2b MU for the Philippines. The pageant world’s eyes are on the MUP competition to see if there’s going to be a candidate who would be able to win the b2b crown for the Philippines.

  26. Agatha Romero is giving a Rozanna Purcell vibe.

    Patch is too made up. A tall Pops Fernandez.

    Nicole G is overrated.

    Aya is overaged.

    • Max age as of last year’s edition was 27 (Loren Artajos). Pasok pa po si Aya. She’s noy my bet for Supra

    • “Applicant should be from 17 to 26 years of age at the time of the pageant.”

      27 na sya di ba?
      Na disqualify si Stephanie nung 2017 dahil sa age issues. (27 na sya nun)

      • Miss U raised the max age to 28. MI raised it too I think but don’t know which age.

      • Yan din po na raise ni Stephanie. Pero mas sinunod ng BPCI ang nakalagay sa policy nila.

      • pero 2017 issue pa si Stephany Stefanowitz. 2018 si Loren. If nakapagcompete si Loren last year na 27 years old na sya it must have meant that BPCI already adjusted their age requirement. Also, in Stephany’s own words, “For me, I was just hoping that they didn’t accept my application in the first place & not put me in top 55 if I was not eligible for any of the crowns.” Isn’t that enough indication that she got booted out of the Top 40 because of other reasons and not because of age? At saka, di ba inaanak ni Madam si Aya, it’s impossible for her not to know kung pasok pa ba sya age-wise.

        source of the quote: https://normannorman.com/2017/03/02/stephany-stefanowitz-to-be-or-not-to-be-a-binibini/

    • So far my faves are Aya, Nicole, Patch, Samantha Lo, Hannah, April Short, Jessica Marasigan, wAiting for Julia’s photo❤️

  27. Buot and Wyn2 , where r u ?
    Aya and Sam Lo , wow !!!!
    Finally , I have seen Nicole and Pat . To C2f who has been hyping up these 2, oh no!

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