6 comments on “Aya Abesamis and Nicole Guerrero

  1. I love Aya Abesamis’ hair and make-up.. But the outfit?! Meh!!

    I love Nicole Guerrero’s outfit but not on her… She looks overweight… and she is dwarfed standing beside girls of the same height due to her low heels? Is it intentional or is it plain bad styling? Is it a strategy?

    • C2f I agree on Nicole’s styling and make up, still pretty tho. But Aya is looking gorgeous, hope she performs better this time, that’s all she needs…

  2. Yess!!! It’s Aya for me. She should have been one of the queens last year. Glad she joined again! Good luck to her….

  3. Aya Abesamis for me, maybe Supra. Ewan ko ba hindi naman ako nagagandahan kay Nicole.

    Patricia Magtanong for MUP ’19

  4. I love morena beauties but of course I like Aya mote. She looks humble and real.
    She gives off the sosyal and classy vibe without even trying. Much mote like Rachel Peters. I love those kinds of girls.
    Not the “FAKE TO IMPRESS” kinds.

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