14 comments on “Leren Bautista filed her Bb. Pilipinas 2019 application today

  1. Another former title winner worthy contender for the MUP crown.

    If WinWyn decides to join the BbP pageant will have two former title holders in addition to the three or four who are bonafide MU hopefuls.

    What a fertile crop it is for BbP 2019!

  2. She’s ok…..definitely a contender. I don’t mind her getting one of the minor crowns. Give the MU/MI to Arnold and (If Sutton is competing) or MALINAO……….then MI to Tiglao because she reminds me of KYLIE.

    • I don’t think a Kylie approach would still be advantageous in MI now. Ahtisa was very Kylie, and the closest one to being likened to Kylie at that, yet was one step too short to winning MI. We can’t just send a Kylie 2.0 to MI every year, especially not when Indonesia is also doing the same. MI wanted someone different which is why Vene won. Leren seems like a healthy and smart choice for MI this year, morena yet sweet-looking.

    • I don’t think Emma Tiglao is all that. Yes, she exceĺls in beauty, modeling and pageantry but can she talk? Highest placement for her would be globe and grand but that is if one of the 6-7 girls ahead of her trips on the way to the top. If Sirene Sutton, Julia Saubier or even April Mae Short redeems themselves.. Emma is far from reaching the winners circle.

  3. Globe or a semi-final spot
    She looks a lot worse
    Maybe it’s the hair

  4. The mere fact she is an international pageant winner means this lady can deliver. Supra or mgi for me. Favorite ko din si Leren

  5. Tito Norman, paki post naman si Emma Tiglao.
    I ‘ve been waiting for her comeback!

    Leren is beautiful, I hope she will win one of the crowns.

  6. I love her.. She has the height, body and grit!
    Definitely crown worthy!
    Either Grand or Globe?

  7. Parang may naiba sa itsura niya? Justine anong ginawa mo sa hair ni ms bautista?😁😁😁

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