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  1. Woah…Patricia Magtanong you are the one beat. True Pinay beauty – exotic natural beauty, symmetrical features, non traditional but very now type of beauty which is girl next door that can be edgy and glamorous.

    As for your candid no makeup photo in your IG that was posted below, it is obvious you are head and shoulders above many famous actresses/beauties/supermodels/ beauty queens the world over if compared with their no makeup candid photos prior to surgery.

    I have seen candid no makeup photos of former Bb. reps Pia, Cat and Karen Galman and you can stand toe to toe with them specially from foreigners perspective. Even celebrated former Miss Universe beauties such as Jenn Hawkins, Dayana Mendoza and Ximena Navarete candid no makeup photos before surgery does not compare to yours.

    As for your competition such as the likes of Samantha Lo and Kayesha Chua – compare their looks with and without makeup with yours and there is no competition. If their kind can hype them here, us Filipinos certainly have more right to ‘hype’ you here in our own forum. At least we don’t have to alter your candid pics.

    In addition, Hannah Arnold’s beauty is generic from an international standards perspective. She will be lost in a sea of Western beauty. Cat’s edge was her preparedness like no other and exotic Pinay features combined with western features, while Karen’s edge was her dark skinned exotic islander packaging.

    If you win MUP, it will certainly be a breath of fresh air and will cement Philippines’ reputation for sending women with a variety of looks – not cookie cutter or generically commercial looks or outdated so called ‘classic’ beauty reminiscent of the pageant patty days or even the plastic manufactured similar looking women produced by countries in Latin America, Middle East and Oriental countries.

    • LOL…ang layo naman. Patricia’s face has definition and is ‘3D’ whilst
      Karen’s face is stereotypical flat and wide mongoloid face
      With ‘rocker’ jaws prior to botox.

      Patch is delicate and feminine malay looks whilst Katen’s is
      robust and somewhat manly harsh looking oriental looks.

      Patch is a beauty whilst Karen is being called all sorts of vile names
      by all nationalities the worst comments are actually from
      other chinese and orientals. I know Chinese from Malaysia and Singapore described
      her as a mountain troll because she looks manly form their view.

      No similarity whatsoever.

    • @Laila

      Umamin ka Tita Lavinia.. Alam namin na biased ka because you are highly in favor of kapwa mong tisay w/ Eurasian features na si Hannah Arnold… Ayaw mo ba nun, tigisa silang title ni Patricia? Any title Hannah gets is a win for her… You must admit na hindi lang mga Tisay ang magaganda.. Patricia Magtanong and Aliza Malinao has very symetrical facial features.. and Body-wise: from height, legs to waist-to-hip ratio, they are a huge upgrade over Catriona Gray and Karen Galman.

      • @Laila

        Sorry Ate Lavinia… akala ko ikaw pasensya na…
        Anyway, whoever posted that is just here to stir the pot.

      • “Huge upgrade” talaga 😂. Patawa ka. Beauty pageant po sasalihan, hindi century tuna superbod. Kaloka. A beautiful face will always win against a girl with a nice body lang. Kaya nga may tinatawag na “hipon.” 💅🏼 Si Alaiza lang yung maganda. Yung Patricia parang si Aya Abesamis ang face. Walang universal appeal and very 2000-2009 clapper era ang beauty. In short, sorry to say pero hindi siya maganda. Period.

      • @Fake Laila

        E sino mas gusto mo aside from Hannah Arnold who I am also infavor of?

        Wag ka mag alala.. 6 ang crown… hindi mo kailangan mang bash ng frontrunner para makapasok manok mo. Lahat naman sila maganda.. meron at meron talagang lalamang sa ganda ng mukha… Pero ang tanong, meron bang laman ang utak?

  2. Aya Abesamis 2.0 face wise. Eto na ba ang “flagbearer” ng Aces and Queens? Walang universal appeal like Cat and Karen G. Hindi quiz bee sasalihan, beauty pageant eto. Yun lang po.

    • Wow, ang layo ni Aya Abesamis kay Patricia Magtanong… Ate Lavinia.. Sure ka ba dyan? Me galit ka ba sa A&Q?!

      • Wala naman. Hindi ko lang bet yung finoforce feed nila na girl. Kaya nga tama si Cat na mag-independent. May favoritism kasi mga camp na yan. Kawawa naman yung mga tunay na maganda tapos ginagawang reserba lang.

      • So who is the total package you are reffering to?
        Historically andami tayong maganda na national winners pero kumusta nung sinabak sa international? Ganda ni Maggie Wilson, Bianca Manalo, etc.

  3. Oh boy – here comes another favorite of mine ! Ugh – this is going to be a tough 2019 BBP batch, if and when. Hannah, Julia, and now, Pat ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL. I really doubt if aces can monopolize again the MUP like in the previous years, Alam naman natin ang maitim na balak ng Ahas

  5. Ms Magtanong & Ms Arnold are the early favorites but i’ll wait first to see the official candidates. A well-deserved upset win like Ariella Arida in 2013 is always a pleasant surprise 🙂

  6. I just visited the IG page of this girl and I think beauty wise, she is overrated.

  7. Ang tanong, ibibigay kaya sa kaniya ang MUP lalo na’t masyado siyang identified sa A&Q?

    Alam naman nating mainit ang mata ng BPCI ngayon sa Aces after ng kanilang failed attempt to snatch the MUP franchise using LCS money.

    • Hmmm… I thought about that too…
      Worst case scenario is that she’ll be sent to Miss Grand… She desserves way more than that pageant.

      • May betsina na daw si Angkol. Sundin lang ni Madam ang request ni Angkol at ibibigay na niya ang Granada crown this year.

  8. ewan ko ba unless bet ito ni MSA mahihirapan ito masungkit ang MUP title.

  9. She looks trannish in that photo. I’ve seen her face and no amount of make-up can elevate her average looks, and she’s not even the modelesque type of beauty.

    She’s the same type of binibini as Nicole Cordoves, intelligent and educated but lacking in the facial department. She won’t be a clapper for sure since Madam likes girls like her so MGI or Globe.

  10. Confidently beautiful! Beautifully confident! Here comes someone who can present MU advocacies to boardrooms of corporate sponsors, institutional partners, and university lecture halls, and yes—even the Oval Office! Here comes someone who can bring cheer and hope to the habitats of street children, wards of wounded soldiers, hospital beds of terminally ill patients, and to the murkiest places where ugliness thrives. Here comes someone who can engage anyone in scholarly discourse about economics, politics, and socio-cultural issues as well as pep talks about everyday life and showbiz. And she is a statuesque fashion model! A brain and beauty package in a Southeast Asian beauty archetype!

  11. Paging Mr. Norman or other readers. Can you feature a binibining pilipinas applicant by the name of Denise Oromo or Omorog or something. I saw a group picture of 5 candidates with Tiglao, Gazini and 3 other ladies. The one who stood out is this girl. She looks mixed latina and filipina.
    I wonder if it is just this one photo or if she is a real stunner.

  12. Facially beautiful, charming, tall, perfect complexion, oozing sex appeal, powerful mind, eloquent, and scholastically excellent. I mean who can edge her out?

    The only thing left in the vacuum is her beauty pageant training. I hope that she learned well from AnQ. Otherwise, Philippines’ back-to-back is already on the offswing.

    That’s all.

  13. So many deserving girls this batch . It’ll be a tough fight . Very interesting . I can think of at least 5 girls who can be MU material . Patch is one of them . Sad that many of them will be wasted on minor crowns .

  14. Ing tiwis! Ikaw ba judge? Baklang malantod na amoy lupa at kalbo na malaki ang than na twooohhh!!!

  15. I don’t think being a lawyer or a doctor provides any advantage at all. Someone pretty in shape and articulate is all u need to be MU.
    I prefer streetsmarts like Pia and Cat to booksmarts like Shamcey or Janine.

    So I’m leaning towards Hanna for the MU crown .
    If Wyn2 joins the fray , she will be my MU and Hannah first runner up .

    • “Someone pretty in shape and articulate is all u need to be MU.” – Patricia Magtanong is way more than that.. LOL 😀

  16. She could easily snatch one of the major crowns if she decides to join BBP. Undeniably, she’s really beautiful…front runner !

  17. Everyone was already rooting for her ever since she graduated as cum laude of BS Economics at UP and yet she had to get a law degree before joinning BBP. As an economist, she has to educate everyone about medicinal Marijuana. She will win!

  18. My 2 bets for this year Hannah Arnold and Pat. Both gorgeous. Si Hannah doll face pwede sa MI and mu. Pat is more mu

  19. Halos lahat yata ng gustong sumali sa Bb. Pilipinas 2019 ay nagtapos sa kolehiyo. Hindi certificate kundi diploma. Labanan yata ng maganda at magaling ngayong patimpalak. Maigi at ipakita naman natin sa mundo na ang mga kalahok hindi lang maganda at may utak din.

    • Ing tiwis! Baklang twooh na malantod at amoy lupa na nanlilimahid ang kips na malaki ang than with kalbong ulo!

    • The ones to watch out for Now:Patricia Magtanong, Nicole Guerrero, Julia Sabuier, Hannah Arnold, April Short, Leren Bautista, Jessica Marasigan, Emma tiglao and Gazini Granados…all crown worthy❤️👑

  20. Eto ang bet ko for MUP – brainy beautiful and can be a bombshell on stage if trained very well in pasarela and personality. Pinay na Pinay pa pati last name walang hint ng dugong banyaga kaya yung mga nagrereklamo dyan against sa mga halfies, you have someone to cheer on and her name is Patricia Magtanong.

  21. If you include her Filipino lineage, national residency, academic achievements, modeling experience, etc.. she has an upperhand over the 3 other front-runners(Hannah, Nicole & Julia) hence she is the one to beat. She excels in all aspects of pageantry… And best of all she is kind. She’s like a more modelesque, highly improved Ariela Arida w/ excellent comskills. IMO, she’ll get either BBP-Universe or International. Wala na.. finished na!

      • She’s a cum laude in Economics… Finishing in the best law school in the country is already highly commendable.. And besides, Binibining Pilipinas is a beauty pageant, not a law debate competition.

      • @CatrionaFan: Bakit naman? Naging kaklase mo ba siya? The mere fact that she graduated from THE University of the Philippines is an achievement.

      • Te, kahit regular na estudyante ka lang ng UP law, ibang level na po yun ng kagalingan.

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