24 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: Julia Saubier

  1. This girl reminds me of Bianca Guidotti..impressive credentials, pero clapper.

  2. Mga bakla, wag nyo MUBA ikumpara ang mukha ni Ms Arnolds( doppelganger of yvethe santiago) na fully glammed up sa mukha ni Ms saubier na bare at pawis na pawis. Its like comparing apples and oranges. Maghintay sa progression ng activities. Kahit si Ms Arnolds may i improve pa sa posture nya. Both are still technically raw and have so much to improve pa. May strategy yan. Kunyari blooming flowers ek ek. They pace their introduction to the public slowly esp sa mga newbies and make their way up especially nhayon na walang clear stand out kasi lahat magaganda.

  3. This lady is up there with Patricia Magtanong. Quiz bee ang labanan between these two. Pautakan na. What i like about these ladies are their Asian/Filipina features. Its about time we school a lot of these pseudo pageant fanatics about the diversity of Filipina beauty. Iisa lang naman ang common denominator ng ating mga pambato, MATABA ANG UTAK! If either of these two ladies wins, we will be ahead of the pack na naman. SOME envious ‘neighbors’ are always on the yearly lookout and try replicating our formula of success. Kaso they hardly keep up cuz every year, Philippines keep on changing the game! Hahaha

    If this lady slays her makeover and catwalk which I believe she will kasi napaka competitive nya, it will be the end of most ladies dream in representing the country to MU stage. If i have a million pesos to bet, i’ll bet half on this lady and another half to Patricia Magtanong.

  4. If polished to the likes of Catriona and Pia, plus a highly commendable intellectual faculty, a back to back win for motherland is highly possible! She is truly a gem and a force to be reckoned with. Go girl takbo na sa mga mamang para mahubog ang ganda sa pagrampa!

  5. Mga vekla, I just realized that our halfies usually have Pinay mother. I don’t think we had a delegate who’s halfie and the father is Pinoy.

    I guess we can conclude the Pinay beauty is universal indeed that foreigners love.

  6. Impressive! If she wins, napakaganda ng nakikita kong transformation na maari nyang ma-achieve.

  7. Janet Noguchi 2.0

    Tall, intelligent, talented, eloquent, confident…


  8. bongga ng crediantials ni ateng…pinangalandakan talaga nyang WITH SUBSTANCE sya

  9. Wow – another beauty to watch out for ! Very impressive resume indeed !
    Would love to see more of this Binibini hopeful 🙂

  10. Excellent credentials. A raw beauty that can be trained and polished for pageantry the way Shamcey was transformed. A very good rep to either MU or MW.

  11. i like the video she seemed pretty enough not sure if she will standout but her bio and height does suggest her advantage over the other girls. lets see…lets see…

  12. Kahanga hanga ang pinag-aralan ni Ms. Saubier pero ilan ba sa mga nanalo sa patimpalak ang may ganitong credentials. Mabuti pa si Miss Margarita Moran naisipan niya ang bumalik at mag-aral pagkatapos ng kanyang tungkulin sa Miss Universe. She finish a Business Degree in Maryknolls College and Boston Universe. She took a Masters Degree in University of London

  13. Wow she has a very substantial credentials but..does she possess the look a beauty queen must have? By just looking at the photo and short video clip here, no one can say she is at par with Hannah Arnold’s face. Come coronation night, maybe she would shine not only intellectually but physically. We’ll see!

  14. What an impressive set of credentials!.. Truelly she has beauty, brains, brawn and grit!… I guess the only thing she needs to prove now is can she be a supermodel?…I find Patricia Magtanong and Hannah Arnold a tiny bit superior physicaly due to her lack of prominent double eyelids, slightly less ideal waist to hip ratio and the other 2 may possibly have an upperhand over her when it comes to modeling… but that’s because I hav’nt seen this new girl fully glammed up yet. But regardless of all that… She is now in my TOP 3 and has exceeded the other 2 in Sports and a tiny bit in academics… I hope she’s well trainned when it comes to modeling, dancing and pasarella. I can’t wait to hear her thoughts… if she is well prepaired in all aspects of pageantry and also has the heart to serve, she also has a great chance of winning the top prize.

    My current TOP 12 is:

    Hannah Arnold: MI/MU/1st RUp
    Patricia Magtanong: MU/MI
    Julia Saubier: MU/MI/Supra
    Nicole Guerrero: Intercon/Supra/Grand/MI
    Samantha Bernardo: Intercon/Supra/Grand
    Samantha Lo: Intercon/Supra/Grand
    Alaiza Malinao: Grand/Global/Intercon
    Leren Mae Bautista: Grand/Global
    Sirene Sutton: Grand/Global/Supra
    Vicky Rushton: Global/Supra
    Jessica Marasigan: Grand?/Global?
    Eileen De Vera: Grand/Global

  15. To watch for so far among the earky enlistees. Very impressive biodaya I must add. I have no doubt she can walk the talk and talk the walk – wherever one looks at it. I hope she fulfilled the residency requirements to qualify as an official candidate. We all know how BPCI and it’s retinue of lawyers love to dissect this requirement among so called Balikbayan beauties.

  16. IMg will love this girl, impressive bio. she has the height and brains, train her please❤️👑

  17. Again, much love to fair skinned Filipina mestiza beauties, but their has to be some quality “brown-Island” beauties worthy to compete for a BbP crown…the country is filled with them. Should not be hard to find! 😉

    Nonetheless, this filipina-French lovely is indeed a beauty with an impressive resume.
    All the best…

    • That would be Patricia Magtanong, Nicole Guerrero, Alyza Malinao and Leren Mae Bautista.

      • don’t forger Charmaine Elima (very exotic pinay beauty) or that Ruffa Nava girl????

      • Is Charmaine joinning?

        Ema Tiglao and Ruffa Nava have a long natural-born Filipino lineage on all sides of the family but going under the knife and their lack of comskills makes them more of a filler than a top contender… As for the all-natural morena Charmaine Elima.. She is physically beautiful but her naturaly timid personality may take a long time to improve that she may no longer be eligible by the time she is ready.

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