16 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: Alannis Reign Binoya

  1. Saw her photos during her application and call back and shes not that bad at all naman pala. She has this charm on her. May potential ang batang ito.

    • pRETTY BUT like you said, not a stand-out beauty. She seems struggling with her smile (like she’s restricting herself from smiling)???? Hmmmmm, I don’t mind seeing her compete. Just getting this awkward vibes from her that’s all.

  2. Advice ko kay ateng..wag sya humarap sa camera…steady lang sya sa pag sideview…she looks better that way

  3. Has a potential. Packaging siguro. I would want to highlight the oriental uniqueness of this woman. How tall is she? I hope she can talk well

  4. Lots of beautiful ladies joining this year!!! It would be a tough competition.

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