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  1. Diba dinuro-duro ni Loveliness ang mga abogado ng BPCI back in 2015 after the finals? Makakalusot pa kaya si Wynnie sa selection of candidates after that incident?

  2. I don’t really get the hype with Win-wyn Marquez. She’s pretty in her own way but I don’t see anything exceptional with her. She already got an international title, might as well settle with it and focus on her showbiz career. There are still other Filipinas, pure and half, who can represent us internationally.

  3. Wyn2, 5’5 is no different than 5’7 or 5’8
    Don’t worry about your height
    I saw u i next to the Latinas
    It made no difference .

  4. Wala pa bang next post…ayan tuloy wlang ibang mapag usapan kundi yang height ni wyn2, na contrary to her name, ay Hindi wagi,

  5. Baka ito ang maglaglag sa atin sa Tough 10. juzko.. wag naman sana… pwede siya sa another minor pageant.

  6. Wynwyn , donot believe these naysayers
    If Venus Shamcey Maxine Janine Mj and Rachel could make it , why not u. ?
    U have great stage presence . You have vast exposure to the public and media .
    We have seen you next to international beauties and u stand out .
    If u really want it , go for it !

    • Agree! Cat got the similar negative responses last year discouraging her not to
      compete, even Pia did. Winning the MUP crown won’t be based on popularity contest, SMA and the judges will determine the winner based on performance. These naysayers just don’t want their bets to have a strong competition like Cat, Pia and Wynn.

      Wynn has the whole package. She qualified height wise the first time so her height shouldn’t be a factor. Just like Pia and Cat, Wynn will win her detractors over with a mind blowing performance on the BBP stage should she decide to compete again.

      Wynn was able to conquer the Latin world, now she’s ready to conquer the universe. Go Wynn! It’s also refreshing to have someone who is both fluent in English and Tagalog.

      • What? Every pinoy pageant fans were urging Catriona to join last year and when she did show up in the last day of screenings, she was immediately assumed to be the next MUP so idk what you’re talking about.

      • Lets be honest. Win-wyn was favored by the RH org to win Filipino pageant fans. It also helped that she delivered so the special treatment wasn’t questioned. And this special treatment extended to all Arnold’s ward during first year of participation.
        So please, stop comparing her to Pia, Catriona, Shamcey, etc. Her exotic beauty and height is comparable to Ria Rabajante.

        Though I can see her winning one of the minor crowns, or runner-up.

      • Johnny , there are so many newcomers in beauty contests . No one has been given a special treatment so much that they won the contest
        Wynwyn won RH because she deserved it
        It was very obvious even during pre-pageant activities
        Muhlach lost because she deserved it . She was not in shape and her pasarela was too amateurish …. among other things .

  7. “Beauty of Face” comprises 50% of a candidate’s score in Binibining Pilipinas. If you were a judge for the pageant, what score would you give Win-win’s facial beauty? I think I’ll give her a 35 (or maybe as high as 40 if her makeup artist does magic) 😁😜✌🏽

  8. How tall actually is WynWyn? People make her out to be a dwarf! The beautiful Miss Vietnam Universe 2018 was supposedly also “vertically challenged” but managed to dazzle and sweep into the top 5.

    WynWyn’s MWP placement, RH title, her beautiful face, pageant pedigree and superior communication skills will more than make up for her shortcomings…no pun intended.

    Two thumbs up if she does decide to compete.

    Venus and Janine weren’t exactly crowd favorites prior to their successful MU placements in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

    • Much as I agree that height isn’t a limiting factor, I’d like to correct you a bit on the info. In the Miss Universe official website, H’Hen Ni is listed as 5’8″. You can clearly observe that the most petite among the top 5 (when they stood side by side) is Miss Puerto Rico, Kiera Ortega who is listed in the same site as 5’7″. Even so, that height is not considered vertically challenged. Wynwyn is about more than an inch shorter than her. It also seems, now this is empirical, that all RHA titleholders (obviously gorgeous women) were not as lucky when they competed in higher tier pageants. Examples would be last year’s RHA Nariman Battikha from Venezuela who competed in Miss Supranational on the same year ended only in top 10. Sofia del Prado of Spain (RHA 2015) competed in Miss Universe 2017 and got stuck in top 15. Romina Rocamonje of Bolivia (RHA 2014) didn’t even get to be in the first cut at MU 2015. Evalina van Putten of Curacao (RHA 2011) went to compete in MU but also didn’t get to be in the first cut. Caroline Medina of Venezuela (RHA 2010) didn’t win Miss Earth 2010. Adriana Vasini (RHA 2009) landed only 2nd runner up in Miss World 2009 (which was also the case of Francis Gago, RHA 1992 who also landed 2nd runner up in MW 1992). Massiel Taveras of the Dominican Republic (RHA 2007) wasn’t even in the semifinals of Miss Universe 2007. Sarodj Bertin of Haiti (RHA 2012) was also unfortunately ignored in MU. So that’s a bit of an interesting trivia and it just goes to show that each pageant looks for a different girl – the one that suits its brand. I’m not saying it’s a lost cause but Wynwyn needs to ponder on that really hard.

    • Get your facts straight people, H’henie is a succesful model (print ads, eds, and runways) just from that alone you’d know she’s tall. None of the top 5 of MU 2018 lacked in height and H’henie wasn’t the smallest there but PR iirc. Istg people would twist things up just to prove their points, you can’t change someone’s height just so you know, because it shows. Wynwin has a lot of star power but I saw her in person once, and I, who is pushing 5’5″ was just the same height or even a bit taller than Wynwin so yes, in the world of beauty pageants Wynwin is a dwarf.

  9. Only someone blessed with an ethereally beautiful face (like Olivia Culpo’s) can make up for a vertically challenged height. Not only does Alma Moreno’s daughter have regular looks, she’s even shorter than Olivia!! Let’s be candid here. Like Aya Abesamis, ni hindi natin paguusapan si Wynwyn if it were not for her che-lebrity parental units. NEXT!!

    • Let her do whatever she wanted her to do….but pls don’t compare her to Olivia Culpo…..or mention her along Olivia…..two girls are short for sure…..but…..Olivia has a prettier face and definitely her height did not stop her from winning the crown………I totally agreed with you about Olivia’s beauty!!!! Her overall beauty won her the crown and she did well too with her Q&A……..Wynn2 is another case……we need someone who is at least a real 5’6 stunner to even have a chance to compete against towering Latinas and fellow beautiful delegates from India/Thailand and even against Indonesia! Wynn did win a minor crown….and thats an amazing feat for her and the Philippines. But we’re talking about sending the rightful and well deserving candidate to MU and I don’t see her representing the Philippines.

      • IMO, beauty is subjective… Yes, Olivia is a classic Mediterenean beauty who got a tan…. But Teresita’s exotic pan-Asian features has a bigger market… I’m not rooting for Teresita to win BBP-Universe because we just won but I am confident that she would continue our runner-up streak. Which is why I think she should be sent to Miss Supranational if we want another crown.

  10. Go go Wynwyn
    U r destined for a much more prestigious international title
    And it’s not Supra Globe Intercon or MGI

  11. Ateng WYNWYN, awat na po! certified beauty KWEN ka na po kayo,kaya ka nakalusot sa hispano kc namangaha lang sila at iilan lanh kayong naglalaban? tingnan mo si muhlach ligwak kc kauri din nila sa ganda….6

  12. Ateng WYNWYN, awat na po! certified beauty KWEN ka na po kayo,kaya ka nakalusot sa hispano kc namangaha lang sila at iilan lanh kayong naglalaban? tingnan mo si muhlach ligwak kc kauri din nila sa ganda….

  13. She should wrap up her pageantry life as an international titleholder. Let’s face it, with her height, she wouldn’t stand a chance in alpha pageants with the exception of Miss World, but we all know how that went when she should’ve won MWP in her time but that’s all in the past now. Miss International is the highest she can get but sending someone exotic looking like her would be a big gamble and if it doesn’t pay off, the momentum we built in MI through Ahtisa would be broken. She’d get stomped by huge Goddesses in Miss Universe, and not just the latinas mind you.

    The best placement for her would be MGI or Supra but what would she need those titles for when she’s already RHA which, imo, is of the same pageant tier? Of course there’s still the question of if she can win those pageants, if she doesn’t then that would just be a huge downgrade from being an international titleholder albeit a small one.

    • I dont think anything happens namn d nmn tatangalin ang title sa knya so whats the problem. In miss universe we all know that miss vietnam is hindi naman kagandhan at ktngkaran but he almost got close to catriona if hindi lng sa interpreter nya she could be in top 3 and wyn is better than her with speaking skills. Miss international, lara won before she is 5’6. What miss international wants is speaking skills thats why bea won even she is not that beautiful as well. Again i would like to reiterate wyn has a great speaking skills.

      • I thought I was done talking in this thread but oh well I’ve got time to spare.

        You missed the whole point that I don’t think you understood anything, dearie. There’s plenty of things that could happen, one of those is Wynwin quite possibly clapping in another pageant she gets sent to in binibini or worse not getting a crown. Imbes na titleholder ka na, naging clapper ka pa or top 20/16 ka na lang sa ibang pageant. Anyway, I don’t think you’ll be able to understand what I’m trying to say so just believe what you want, the only thing I want for Wynwin is to save her dignity if she ever tries pageants again. However, there’s plenty of things that you’re wrong about Miss Vietnam. She’s not short, and definitely not as short as Wynwin. She’s at a decent height of 5’7″-5’8″ and she wasn’t the shortest in the top 5 either.

  14. She will be a great f/u to Cat

    She is smart pretty well-spoken in shape ambitious and very humble. If she joins , she will be my MUP.

  15. Hmmmm the Puteris this year are all very very pretty.
    Excited to see the BBs

  16. If she joins this yr , I want her to win MUP and Hannah firstcrunner up
    Then Buot will be my MIP

  17. If only she is at least 2 inches taller, she can be perfect for MUP. Pero if she wins any of the bbp crowns, she will be a great representative kahit MUP pa yan. Lalaban at lalaban sya. Go Wynwyn!!!

    • OMg , I d rather not join Binibini if that was my target
      Too much to risk .. for MGI?
      She is my MUP this yr

    • She delivered a flawless performance the last time she joined. But no crown.
      Based on Norman’s watch list (and one confirmed applicant), there are lot of stunners this year.
      She is pretty, but not exceptional.

  18. Wynwin’s beauty is of a league of its own. If she were able to beat all those fierce latinas in RH, I believe she can in whatever pageant she may be fielded after all, the latinas are always the ones we are competing against.
    Besides, she is Pia’s bet to win MUP.
    I like her, Alaiza Malinao and Hannah Arnold for now.
    I dont understand the hype about that Guerrero girl though. I find her blunt and dead.

  19. She, like Pia, knows how to work her face and smize in front of the camera.
    Yun nga lang, bansot.
    Pero kung pangarap niyang sumali, so be it. Sino ba naman tayo para pagilan siyang abutin ang dreams niya.
    She needs a good styling team though.

  20. Say what you want…
    Wynn Wyn has the MUP goods and the experience to represent!

  21. a heavy lift to have a back to back MU but boy oh boy , she will fiercely compete if given a chance and can land in the top 3 and can become our very first 2nd ru Miss Philippines in all of MU history … !

    • I agree, that’s why I feel like we should send either Patricia Magtanong or Hannah Arnold at MU cause they could win at least 1st RUp.

      • being 1st ru like Janine and Miriam is heartbreaking… 2nd ru is much better if you are going to lose

      • It would be more heart breaking for the candidate, not the fans and spectators.

  22. I think she has the best chance of winning Miss Supranational more than any other girl. Her exotic Filipina features would surely be a standout hit in Europe, her dancing skills could slay everyone during the production numbers, her ancient Indian lineage would definitely be a plus and without a doubt, she could win “Miss SupraPersonality”.

    If she’s just one of the frontrunners and not the girl to beat then this year might be the best batch of Binibini ever… Reminds me of BBP2011 where almost all the girls slayed the Q&A. This would be the 1st time, all the very diverse looking set of girls in the Top 20 desserves a crown, problem is there are only 6 crowns.

    My current TOP 12 is:

    Hannah Arnold: MI/MU/1st RUp
    Patricia Magtanong: MU/MI
    Teresita Lacsamana Marquez*: Supra/MI/MU
    Nicole Guerrero: Intercon/Supra/Grand/MI
    Steffi Aberasturi*: Supra/Grand/MI/Intercon
    Samantha Bernardo: Intercon/Supra/Grand
    Samantha Lo: Intercon/Supra/Grand
    Leren Mae Bautista: Supra/Grand/Global
    Alaiza Malinao: Grand/Global/Intercon
    Sirene Sutton: Grand/Global/Supra
    Eileen De Vera: Grand/Global
    Apriel Smith*: Grand/Global

    (*)- girls not confirmed of joinning yet.

      • @C2F haven’t read anything regarding Steffi yet. but since she’s the reigning Bb.Cebu I guess the smarter choice for her would be to finish her reign and any contracts in the Cebu org then join next year, much like Kathleen Paton’s strategy because she’s the reigning Miss Manila

  23. heavy lift to have a back to back MU but boy oh boy, she will fiercely compete if given the chance and can land in top 3 and can become our very first Miss Philippines 2nd ru in MU history !!!

  24. Wala pong makakapigil sa kanya kung gusto niya ulit sumali sa patimpalak. Katunayan nga kung gusto nga nila tapusin na ang patimpalak at siya ang hihirangin na Miss Universe Philippines 2019. Sa kanyang natatanging taglay na kagandahan at sobrang katangkaran 5′ 4 1/2″ malamang siya na ang susunod sa yapak ni Catriona kung hindi kokontra ang tadhana.

    • Olivia won because of her sash. Haven’t you noticed, during the Trump era, shortest winners are from the USA – Olivia(5’5) and Brooke(5’6). Whereas, most winners are at least 5’10.

  25. She’s pretty without those fakes lashes…..just fresh looking natural beauty!

      • No……🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
        It makes some girls look very crossed eye

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