16 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: Nicole Guerrero

  1. Supra at best, bbp clapper at worst.

    Sighhhhh when will a morena of Isabelle Daza’s caliber join, I wonder?

  2. i dont know …she looks average the kind that win minor pageants her beauty is just OK.

  3. For nowmy bet for MUP – Nicole G, Hannah A, and Patricia M (not sure if she’s joining). These 3 has the 3B’s, beauty, brains, and body…

  4. She looks pretty from other pictures. The middle (smaller picture)….I don’t know what happened to her face I hope she change her styling or posing????

    • She registers well sa camera pag up close pic..pag normal range, she doesnt look pretty

  5. Alaiza Milanao…now Nicole Guerrero…

    Nothing against fair skinned mestizas but one always has to remember, “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice!”

    Once one sees beautiful brown, it’s very hard to turn down!

    Yes yes yes!

  6. Wowie! Another MUP caliber beauty! Dark, dusky, and dangerously beautiful!

    What BbP 2019 it will be!

  7. She is giving me the “Anna Bayle” aura. Dusky and fierce at the same time.

  8. Fit for Ms..World. tall, dusky, oriental yet can be sophisticated, in the likes of MW2012 Yu Wenxia. Also, with American connection like Megan Young..Magugustuhan tu ni madam julia. And if we are to rewind 2 decades back, she can duplicate Karla Bautista’s astounding top 5 finish.. (literally, we can feel Karla’s heart beats on the tv screens at that moment)

  9. Sa tingin ko oras naman na upang lumahok ang mga katutubo sa Pilipinas para sumali sa mga patimpalak. Balita ko nga marami ang matatangkad sa tribo nila.

  10. She needs better pictures. I have seen her videos on line and she so well spoken . Her face is very versatile. With the right make up she is stunning.

  11. These pics don’t do her justice. She is definitely the biggest dark horse in this competition. I have a feeling we would all be surprised w/ the results.

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