5 comments on “Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach for Mega Magazine

  1. Confidently beautiful talaga si P. I hope she makes enough locally to tackle Hollywood for a few years. If Priyanka Chopra can do it, so can Miss Wurtzbach.. just need to make the right connections.

  2. Ganda yan si Pia. Lab ko yan. 🙂 Queen of the Masses? Bago yan ah…

    Sana matuloy ang pagiging Bond Girl mo. I will pray for it.

    Always take care of yourself. You are iconic!

    Much luuuv!

  3. It’s day2, and i wonder if anyone else handed in her binibini application..per hanna’s IG post, she was the lone applicant yesterday..

  4. I love all the shots.. The best one is indeed the cover… except the highcut chucks and the awkward positioning of the feet kinda ruined it.. but waist up Pia is gold!

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