22 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: Danielle Isabelle Dolk

  1. maganda naman sya pero 18 lang sya so just enjoy the experience and come back better prepared with teeth fixed hopefully.

  2. First, I would say no…………just seeing those ELEVATOR shoes (it’s already a sign that she’s in the 5’4 -5’6 group (me being mean of course)……..I’m encouraging all the inspiring individuals to pursue their dreams and I would say go for it. But for her to be a real threat in the coveted pageant she needs to completely bring her ‘A’ game during the prelims and throughout the competition, otherwise she’ll be just one of the clappers.

  3. If only her teeth could be fixed. It looks like they have a life of their own. Parang gustong kumawala sa bibig nya at mamuhay ng malaya. Other than that i think shes pretty.

  4. Join for the experience then comeback after 4 years, lot of potential ❤️

  5. For experience muna, huwag magmadali. Meron ka pang 6 years iha. Enjoy muna.

  6. Two years from now….She should just train for now… She is only 18..lots of chances to join

  7. Sige lang, ala namang mawawala. Just burn those shoes please. In fact, those should be banned entirely from the stage. It’s screams Look at me I’m short.

  8. Body – EKIS
    Face – May potential
    Styling – EKIS
    Brain – Yet to see
    Height – Yet to see

  9. Oh my. Pero di bale kailangan din natin ng fillers. Mahirap naman kung crown worthy lahat. Go lang ng go Ineng. The more the merrier 🙂

  10. My gulay
    The teeth alone
    I may be wrong but .. Good Luck to her

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