4 comments on “Sunday Sharing Special: The Secret behind the #LavaWalk of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

  1. Looks like she’s having adobo with garlic fried rice ($7.95 or around PhP415) at Flip Sigi in New York run by a hot Filipino-Hawaiian chef named by People as one of 2018’s sexiest chefs.

  2. Involved na naman si baklang Pawee sa scandal ng Mr International. juice ko.. bakit kasi nakikialam…. lobbying ba? from Miss Asia Pacific World to Miss Intercontinental ngayon naman Mr International.

  3. Spring is officially begun in the Northern Hemisphere! Fruity and floral sartorial freshness on Gray, here. Daffodils have emerged in Madeira. Taiwan’s sakura were featured at the on-going TIOS 2019. And here in Manila, FRAGRANT sanggumay and narra have finally awakened to the WARMER days.

    Whatever that is she is eating, looks yummy. 🙂

    My one cents kung talagang mangangahas kayo’ng mangarap ng B2B sa MU : BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ALL WHO HAVE COME BEFORE – Diaz , Moran, Wurtzbach, and Gray! Win on your own merits. Be your own animal. Their paradigms are done. Define a NEW one. YOURS.

    NO COPYING. NO CLONING. NO COMPARING. Vive la difference!

  4. I thought Cat’s win would discourage possible international top contenders from joinning this year but instead it did the opposite… A lot of them is hoping for a back2back win which is not only rare but way more impossible since we just won twice within 4 years prior. But I guess these girls are more determined to fulfill the improbable. They have big shoes to fill but more and more big footed girls are coming out… As early as now, we already have 3 girls of Miss Universe caliber.. what more in the next few months… Winning Miss Universe this year is close to impossible but finding a Filipina with the same caliber as cat is already a reality. I can’t wait for BBP and MU 2019!!! It’s going to be a whole new level in the history or pageant contestants!

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