10 comments on ““It didn’t rain on her Homecoming Parades”

  1. I’m having catriona fatigue…. Catriona is overexposed already. Let’s talk about 2019 BBP, uhmmmmk!????

  2. I find it really annoying that Everyone is pushinh Wynwyn Marquez to rejoin because she’s “100%” Filipina… When in fact she actualy has Spanish(great-grandfather), Indian and Chinese ancestry, it just happens that she looks more homegenous Filipino physicaly. Technicaly someone very caucasian looking like Daisha Jimenez is more Filipino because she has lineage that is based in the Philippines for hundreds of years. it just happens that she has European ancestry from all sides of her great grand parents.

  3. @Jane

    It did seem as if Cat’s ex milked “the break-up” to its fullest just to add a couple more seconds to his fifteen minutes.

    True that Jane!
    Nonetheless, all the best to Mr. Clint but move on dude! 😎

    Cheers to Cat’s journey. 🍾🦊🍸

    • wow the guy did not even talk about the breakup until Cat said it on national tv!! milking really!!! And now that he can talk you calling it milking!! boooo

    • The guy never talked about the breakup until Cat said something on national TV. How can you call that milking. Now that he is free to say something about it you calling it milking. That’s just sad!! And boo to you!

  4. Can we just move on with this ‘love life’ thing? The ex boylet is getting a free pass on stardom enjoying his previous association with her. True love?..get somebody established, matured, responsible for you and your future kids..and all covered up as well.

    • from current boyfie to ex boyfie na title ni Clint…sayang kc nagkakaair time na sya being tagged as the bf of MU queen Cat tapos biglang break na agad..nag guest pa sya sa eat bulaga as one of the current partners of beauty queens with Marco and Marc…buti nalang at nauna yung guesting before Catriona publicly admittng na wala na sila…so nung guesting ni Clint, wala na sila nun..

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