37 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: Hannah Arnold

  1. Sus purkit half Australian nagkandarapa na mga pinoy jusko naman. She’s just slight above average at best, nothing extraordinary.

  2. Pia na pia talaga sya but not 100% but she has some spirit of pia w. I dnt think muo will crown a 2.0 miss universe candidate if hannah won bbp universe. She’s more beautiful in photos hoping for the same way in person. Over made ang make up nya sa interview but its not her bullet naman sa bbp. Theres more better fo sure. So for now. Yeah a great contender for mup and mip. Kung lahat ng rumored girls ay sasali at maging official candidates. Gandara ng labanan. Lalo na kung lahat sila ay maging successful sa performances and Q&A maloloka ka kung sino ilalagay mo sa MU.
    I am not sure kung exotic or sunny beautiful face ang dapat natin ipadala this year. Bu whatever it is. She should be beautiful and confident enough. Great performer with better or at least good in Q&A. Its okay if halfies na naman. I hope may halflatina na sumali. Meron na ba nagjoin sa bbp before na half latina?

      • True @Lireo, basta clear ang train of thoughts at sensible ang ideas i think it’s perfectly fine for a Filipina candidate to ger a translator/interpreter.

  3. Among the girls who already confirmed their intentions of joining this year, i feel like Hannah is the one to beat as of the moment. Her bio definitely screams Miss Universe. Although idk, I have a feeling that she’s gonna be our 7th Miss International

  4. She will be a good MIP too but I won’t waste her to that boring competition
    She is still my MUP

  5. Super impressive . Her demure sweet personality is refreshing . I still want to see more of her and Nicole Guerrero before making any judgement. But really she is a wow

  6. Her educated passion for the forensics is truly an eye opener.

    However, and no disrespect to Hannah, there are still other candidates waiting to come out of the woodwork.

    All the best and again Hannah is pretty impressive.

  7. I love her down-to-earth attitude and lady like poise. Hope she had a fighting spirit like Pia’s and Cat’s. Physically, MU or MI. What a gorgeous combo of Pia and Cat but she can look more Filipina like Pia with the right make-up.

    Is she a model?

    Go Hannah! God bless your BBP journey! Love your styling in this interview. Everything on-point.

  8. she does look like a lethal combo of cat and pia!! she has what it takes but will MU accept girls who are clonish with previous winners, top 5 for MU for now. i need to see all the other girls competing. safe to say its going to be a very interesting BBP2019

    • Clone-ish she is not .
      Her personality is completely different . While some semblance can be noted , I don’t think foreign watchers will see it that way.
      It’s like asking why Nigeria China and El Salvador are sending the same type of beauties .
      What abt Shamcey Ara Rachel and MJ?
      Then Maxine and Janine ?

  9. Hanna Arnold for MUP and Steffi Aberasturi for MIP 2019.

    They will swap placement with 2018 queens, I think.

    • @ Johnny : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Isn’t Aberasturi the reigning Binibining Cebu? Can she get out of her contract already? I agree with your placing her in International. But what is the earliest she would be available – 2020? If so, then sabay na sila nina (Apriel) Smith and (Sandra) Lemonon?

    • Is Steffi Aberasturi available?… Would SMA allow a girl with carshow modelling experience to win one of the top 2 prize? IMO, she’d be perfect for Miss Supranational.

  10. I love the girl.. I think she’s the one to beat but I am still not confident of her possible placement…. Patricia Magtanong and Nicole Guerrero who are equally tall, gorgeous and with excellent credentials could possibly pull the rug under her anytime soon. 🙂 I wonder what the other 2 girls are cooking up?! This year’s batch is way better than 2016… Any1 of the 3 could possibly be our next Miss International, Miss World, Miss Universe-1st RUp or maybe even our 5th Miss Universe. I can’t believe the trajectory of the Philippine Golden Age of pageantry is still on the rise… I don’t even see our peak far in the horizon in the next few years. Binibining Pilipinas 2019 could be a bigger bloodbath than last year’s edition..

    • I agree with your assessment C2F. I have a feeling this will be a strong batch of BB edition.

    • Last years edition turned out to be a dud.

      Catriona and Ahtisa’s performaces were head and shoulders above everyone else.
      But of course, Catriona was still the clear winner.

    • I’m sorry but Patricia Magtanong and Nicole Guerrero are make up beauties . Without make up , they look ordinary
      I hope they join next yr instead .
      Prob after another MU win or something close to that , I will be ready for either one of them to rep our country to the MU.

      • Newsflash – if you’re saying they look ordinary now without make up, they will also look ordinary next year without make up.
        Fortunately, you don’t see anyone on stage without make up.

    • She is way too big for MGI
      Rushton or Alita is my choice for this pageant

  11. Shes my MUP
    She still sounds lightweight in the speaking dept . But with her English fluency , it will be an easy fix.

  12. I am having fatigue with girls who are born in the states than here in the Philippines.
    I feel like it’s more of an injustice to Filipinos to be represented by someone who doesn’t talk Filipino.

    She sounds more Australian and Filipino. I think there are other beautiful girls who can just communicate as well as her despite the Pinoy accent.

    Beautiful though. What camp is she in?

  13. She does resemble Pia and a bit of Yvethe Santiago.
    And she’s articulate. Is she with a beauty camp, anyone knows ? She seems very sweet and down to earth 💕💫💙2 thumbs up for me 👍👍I’ll be following her Binibini journey for sure !

  14. Impressive credentials ! With a towering height of 5’11”, will PH aim for a back to back @ MU ?
    Just a thought 🙂 Would love to see and hear more of Hannah in the weeks to come 🙂
    I like her.

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