12 comments on “Miss Universe Catriona Gray and Miss International Kylie Verzosa for San Mig Light

  1. Not really nice-y that they made Verzosa play second fiddle to Gray, imo.

    Disappointing the lack of creativity from (horrors, of all firms!) SMC. VS, obviously. 😦

    • I agree, I don’t mind Catriona’s more glamourous presentation and big wings BUT Kylie should at least have been given a better looking & slightly bigger wings than what she’s assigned to wear.

  2. I have never seen so many beautiful ladies that have been rumoured to be joining BBP!!! Can we reserve some of them next year or for the next 3 years, It’s quite impossible but not out of the question to win a back to back!!

  3. So far Hannah Arnold is the girl to beat as the succesor of Catriona… She has the combined face of Pia Wurtzbach, Celeste Cortesi and Leah Salonga. Towering at 5’11(Yes, I’ve seen her in person), she has the bone structure of Venus Raj. A graduate of Forensic Science, a fashion & commercial model, an active humantarian, and her maternal lineage is most likely descended from the chieftains of Sri Vijaya.

    Between her and Patricia Magtanong, she has the upperhand of having an Australian Passport which would be perfect for MU and MW. She could win either BBP-Universe while Patricia gets International… If she only places as 1st RUp in MU or MI, she could join MWP the following year and win Miss World.

    • Ganda si ija, and good proportions too. Definitely contender… just need more personality as she comes across shy, but that can be coached. Also, she’ll do well with natural makeup, kaya nya without all the paint.

      • Her personality can be easily fixed .. Remember, Pia used to be way more timid than her.

    • @ Closer2Fame : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Active humanitarian, willowy, and halfie – give her to Angkol! 🙂

      (Hala, Mr. Tinio, grabeh… Pati ‘yung username ko sa “kabila”, nilagay niyo na rin dito…)

      • @Andrew

        Sorry, ayaw ko magsayang ng kahit sinong girl para lang ibigay kay Angkol… Please spare them from the humiliation.

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