20 comments on “Binibini Watch List 2019: April May Short

  1. If she’s truly 5’11” then that is very good news. She will not have to wear those ugly chunky platform pageant shoes 🤞

  2. Kamukha ni Bianca Guidotti dun sa photoshopped na picture. Masyadong “PBB teens” yung mukha niya, pwede sa MI.

  3. Tito norms ms short is one gorgeous lady but I have another girl crush. Arnold Han the ig..

  4. 5’11” means (perhaps) she is actually (just) 5’9″? Kasi, the unspeakable addition of two inches as “height with shoes”. Parang nu”ng sinabi dati na 5’9″ si Rachel Peters. 5’7″ lang pala, actually.

    Eniwey, that height might not do her any favors at a European derby such as Globe or Supranational. After all, the “puti”, being already tall, are not too impressed with (physical) loftiness.

    Because I am getting Michelle de Lau vibes from her, offer her to the PonJap – Tokyo Dome, please.

    • Hi Andrew, not a kf fan but Rachel is true 5’8. Coz I met her in person and she was even wearing flats.

      • @ bonsai hater : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        See? Hindi nga 5’9″. Pantay lang ‘yata sila ni Gob. Migz V. 🙂

        I did not make up the 5’7″. Dito ko rin sa blog ni Mr. Tinio nabasa sometime (long) ago.

      • @andrew. 5’8 w her proportions is acceptable w any standards. But I get what you observed. Usually the girls are listed 2 inches higher than the real height. Ex pia 5’6.5 then 5’8 she is ms. U naman. Shamcey is below 5’7as per fabian

    • So with that being said….Pia watzhhhh is only really a true 5’6!!!! Hehehe 🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗🤗

  5. She will Be a Great f/u to Cat… like South Africa 2018 to Demi

  6. shes pretty not outstanding but good. she seems young maybe a few more years from now ?

  7. April May in June!!! Where is July?

    Kidding aside, this girl might be a dark horse, how old is she? I like her height, body and beauty.

  8. WOW! She is absolutely beautiful. She will be the next Miss Grand International 2019.

    • Does Philippines still sending a delegate in Miss Grand? we all know that Mr Nawat is in love with latinas, should Philippines send a ‘Latina beauty’ Filipina???

  9. Nice built, long limbs, and pretty face!
    I hope she can talk with sense… I’m not a fan of her English name but she might be one of the dark horses of this year’s Binibini.

    • @ Closer2Fame : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      How about Wellgreat (18 yo) and Cull (19 yo), representing Bangka Bellitung and DKI Djakarta 1 this year? Better than “Short”? 🙂

      Ritasya W. and Frederika C. will be part of my Initial 5-Pick for PI 2019, with Bali, Sulawesi Utara, and Sumatera Barat.

      Mr. Tinio, kindly feature soon the kebaya being put together for Gray, po, please. Terima pagih.

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