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  1. MUP, I wish to be reserved for an unassuming-unaffected-unjaded young lady with neither sense of entitlement nor false modesty. In other words, someone FRAICHE and level-headed. YES, THE TOP PLUM WILL BE FOR A NEW STAR TO SHINE IN WME/IMG’s UNIVERSE.

    BBP-International > Lo

    BBP-Supranational > Bernardo

    BBP-Intercontinental > Bautista

    BBP-GrandInternational > Arnold

    BBP-Globe > De Vera

    Note that GI has been demoted in the hierarchy. Nonetheless, I hope my dear sweet Angkol will not waste this what I believe to be his LAST chance to work with the Araneta group. He probably realized that once LCS acquires greater say in the selection process in the following years, his brand might be silenced for good in Filipens. Hope he likes humble pie. Or as we would say, pride chicken. 🙂

    Runners-up : Short and Tiglao

    • Wow, Andrew . What a gutsy way to describe Cat. I can feel your extremely intense disgust toward MU 2018 . I hope she deserves it .

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        OK, I’ll take that. 🙂

        Something about Gray I just find CONTRIVED. Yes, one might argue that it is necessary to go this way if you are truly serious. And that in this day and age it is impossible to win MU on pure spontaneity. That the MU audience is “jologs”. And I do not dispute her dedication and humanity. But that’s it! All I get from her is street swagger-and-smug. At yaman rin lang na lahat nagsasabi na she has raised the bar so high, ‘eh ‘di walang issue siguro kung ipadala natin ‘yung exact opposite niya. Dahil in whatever case, a B2B is absurd precisely because “she has raised the bar so high”.

        Yyyiiiizzzzz!!! Catriona Gray will be the BE-ALL of pageantry. It will be all downhill from here. (sigh)

        ‘Tas, available ba TALAGA sina Magtanong at Guerrero? Magtanong is focused currently on her law career, right? And sufficient na ba ang residency ni Guerrero? Kasi, kung hindi pa naman sila available now, bakit ipinagpipilitan pa?

        Si Malinao na alaga nina Bragais, HUWAG MUNA at postpone to 2020 or 2021. Like I said before, haste makes waste and if there is anyone who could potentially buckle under the pressure/burden of following-up to Gray, it will be no less than her. precisely for that affiliation.

        At si Sutton, BUO na ba talaga ang loob sumabak ulit? Kasi, if she still harbors even a hint of that first-attempt trauma, huwag na muna. Allow her to feel her way through. It’s her life, not ours.

        Palabanin muna ‘yung mga atat at tapos na LAHAT ng kontrata (the 2017 batch, primarily).

  2. Wow nice group pic!
    The prettiest are Karen, Jehza and Ahtisa
    I dont know about the others…..
    I wish Teresita Marquez will compete again this year

    • Apply na therealjeremihunkygayingiterangbsklangpangetPalengkequeensosyal.

    • Marquez is meh….she already won that so called Latin crown…..move on.

  3. My bet for MUP
    Patricia Magtanong – 5’8 Up Law Grad
    Nicole Guerrero- 5’9 Marketing Grad USA
    Hannah Arnold – 5’11 Forensic Science Grad Australia

    Great credentials, hopefully they can articulate like Catriona❤️

    • strong contenders for the other crowns:
      Angelica Alita – should join MWP
      Samantha Lo – should join MWP
      Aliza Manilao
      April Short
      Emma Tiglao
      Samantha Bernardo
      Teresita Marquez
      Sirens Sutton
      Marianne Marquez
      Kim de Guzman

    • Wow may Nicole Guerrero pa pala.. malakas hatak nyan.. parang maliligwak either Samantha Lo, Samantha Bernardoa or Sirene Sutton sa circle of winners… 😦

  4. How exciting!

    New year, new outlook, new drama and a fresh batch of hopefuls and repeats to vie for the BbP class of 2019.

  5. Sa tingin ko napapanahon na sumali ang nagparetoke ng kasarian. Kung natanggap nila si Misster Spain bakit hindi. Kaya sali na po kayo mga ate siguraduhin ninyo na may kakayahan kayo sa pananalita at handang sumabunot este sumagot sa lahat ng paksa.

    • Hindi kasi considered na babae ng batas ng Pilipinas ang mga transwomen.

    • Si pabyan pwede na sumali kasi ang lawit nya ooperahin ko gagawin na keepay

  6. My BBP Dream team for 2019:

    Hannah Arnold/Patricia Magtanong- Universe
    Patricia Magtanong/Hannah Arnold- International
    Samantha Bernardo/Samantha Lo- Intercon
    Samantha Lo/Samantha Bernardo- Supranational
    Sirene Sutton -Global

    They are the girls to beat…
    I wonder who are the dark horses
    who could possibly snatch the crown from the annointed ones?

    • Ok…

      Either Leren Mae Bautista or Sirene Sutton could get MGI and the other gets Globe… but I seriously want to spare them from the heartache. I’d rather give them a BBP runner-up position than send them to MGI. 😦

  7. People just flooded Bpci post with #dropmgi I pity the girl who will be fielded to compete there. But before that I can’t wait to see Nawat getting booed if he attends Bb Pilipinas.

    • I saw that. And added to the list.

      I’m sure BPCI is under contract of some sort but still.

      Yeah NO-watt should definitely be Boo’ed if ever he shows his face at Araneta. Kafal talaga if so that annoying Thai face.

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