21 comments on “Samantha Mae Bernardo: A Return in 2019

  1. Miss Grand Mama Angkol! The MGIsh face that makes Nawat dip into the ocean and drown!

  2. Last year she was a little too KF pageant-patty prototype for my taste, which doesn’t bode well for a MUP hopeful.

    This year, she seems to have received the memo on what IMG wants. The girl wants MUP and it is obvious.

    On paper, I like her and think she would make a great follow-up to Cat.

    We’ll see who the other hopefuls are in due time but for MUP, I hope the contestants understand that the IMG mold is totally different now.

    Bernardo clearly does. Good luck.

  3. Mga seswang, ‘di ba sabi na nga nu’ng reigning MGI na hindi (na) sasali ang ‘Pinas?

    Dito pa nga sa blog nai-post ‘yung vid. Just forgot who and where. Basta, after na nu’ng win ni Gray at kainitan nu’ng “Mabuhay! Cooking Show!” ni Angkol…

    Eniwey, like I said before, Bernardo for the campaign in Krynca-Zdroj, please.

  4. Mas maganda siya ngayon compared to her BB stint.. lalo na sa styling and make up. she should really give BBP another try. so far, she’s my BBP International giving me Bea Rose santiago vibes.

  5. Wow, I didnt know she actually looks chinita without make-up… I love the curves… I just wish she’s taller by an inch or two. She might be a good contender for Miss Supra, Intercon or MGI.

  6. i like her she deserves a crown not sure which one ….any siguro hehehe

  7. I don’t see any problem at all. She is articulate and very tall 5′ 7″ with alluring beauty. She has the potential to be the Miss Universe Philippines 2019.

  8. Look at that body!
    That alone says BbP 2019 title holder.!


  9. How tall is she? I mean she has the body, but i’m sensing that they have a specific prototype beauty for MU which is your typical (half/breed……..or exotic looking delegate) just look at Venus Raj (she is not your typical looking pinay…..Shamcey looks very Latina during her MU stint……MJ looks very “malande” and could be mistaken as a Latina delegate as well. The only delegate whom i believe truly represent the “pure pinay” beauty is Maxine, and even her she looks very chinita and morena 🙂 I love them all.

    • At least all the great grand parents of Shamcey, Janine, Ariella and Maxene are Filipino-born, It just happens that they all got the best genes which proves that Filipina beauty is so diverse and not just the homogenized brown-skinned girls with small noses… Even Janicel Lubina is not that native looking.

  10. Globe or MGI levels, insulto naman Kay Karen Gallman Kung isama ko pa Intercon..hihi.

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