15 comments on “Nicole Guevarra Flores for Miss International Queen 2019

  1. So beautiful and well spoken . Can she consider joining BBP? She can be a good MU candidate . How tall is she?

    • @ Venus Rah : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Just a friendly reminder. MIQ is a pageant for transgender women. Yes, Flores ain’t biological b_lat.
      Anything in the BBP Rulebook about this (‘coz me don’t know)?

      And even then, does MU REALLY NEED another Angela Ponce immediately?

      • @ Venus Rah : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Yep. Unless, she already had it excised (and begun reconstructive surgery to fashion a “v” in its place). But that is immaterial. The point is – would BBP even accept transgender women? Just because MUO already does is no guaranteed assurance that BPCI would follow suit and soon.

  2. ‘Di ba 8 March din ang Puteri? Sino manonood nito? Considering Gray, Velazco, and Ponce will grace Indonesia’s premiere national pageant… Mr. Tinio, Puteri hotpicks, please po. 🙂

    • Bongga Puteri , MW MU And MI will all be present .What abt ME?
      I heard Pia will be there too .

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        My apologies. Vazquez of Supranational, pala. Not World. 🙂

        Puteri organization does not hold the Indonesia franchise for World. That being said, MWI 2019 was already crowned recently. And, yes, I think Vanessa Ponce graced the event.

        Supranational is the one pushing HARD in its promotions and marketing in the world’s fourth largest nation (by population), with two of its Misters serving as advance guards – Enio Faffeanie (4th RU) went two weeks ago to Jakarta. Now, Mathias Duma is hitting the beaches of Bali after his Top 10 placement at MrI last Sunday, 24, here in Manila.

        Bongga, indeed. Imagine just MU’s booking fee. And they are expecting three (3)! May anda ang org.

  3. Honey, you’re pretty and will slay the competition. But don’t wear those stilts again unless you’re feeding giraffes.

  4. Hi there therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetingiterapalengkequeeensosyal. This could be you! Transform!

  5. Sa palagay ko hindi na kailangan mag-suot ng bakya sa patimpalak. Mas lalo siyang lumiit sa suot niyang bakya. Hindi katangkaran kung hindi ang katalinuhan ang magdadala ng tagumpay sa iyo. Ang dami naman sumali sa mga patimpalak na hindi pinagpala ng Diyos ng katangkaran at masuwerte naiuwi ang korona. Buhay Pinoy nga naman.

  6. Beautiful and well spoken.

    I like her sincerity and depth. A career in the field of personality development is not far fetched.

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