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  1. Ako lang ba to pero may mga outfit na pinasuot sa MUP queens natin na sablay? For example, yung red gown ni Rachel Peters made her hips look wide. Isa pa yung pa corals ng damit ni Maxine. Pia’s gown is beautiful pero feeling ko nahirapan siyang maglakad. Hit or miss din minsan ang designers natin.

  2. Inasmuch as I commend Mak Tumang for his passion and selflessness in creating those iconic competition gowns for Catriona, I just have to echo the sentiment of many that he has unnecessarily exposed too much leg in his Jessica Rabbit cookie cutter peg creations with those precariously high slits. Cat’s Binibining Pilipinas gown has the best construction of the lot – not too much leg despite the slit and evoking so much class.

    Pia’s red and white gown is proof positive that you don’t have to bare so much skin – other than the exposed shoulders – to come across as classy and elegant while at the same time sultry and sensual.

  3. Cat, Rachel, Pia, and MJ they all look pretty. Something with MJ’s face that strike me the most (the heart shape) perhaps. Pia looked very dolled up………..it looks good on her. What happened to Maxine? Did she gain some weight? Just wondering………..Venus always looks to me.

  4. I love Rachel, MJ and Venus. I didn’t like Pia at first but during her reign, she grew on me but the other one, even she won Miss Universe, she will and never grow on me. I don’t like her as I find her too ambitious in the wrong way and over rated among screaming ugly faggot fanatics.

    • Wow youre so plastic therealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetingiterangpalengkequeensosyal. Grew on me, grew on me, napahiya ka lang ng todo. U kept on critizing pia below the belt during the 2015 competition tapos grew on me grew on me. PLASSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC. Hala, linisin mo na kubyertos, maglampaso ng sahig, at linisin ang inidoro baklangpanget, then transform.

    • rachel is a sentimental favorite by many cause its not because of her performance at MU its because shes so sweet and relatable. pia and catriona are different but i love them both for being perfectionist in what they do. very well deserved win at MU.

  5. Lahat sila magaganda dahil sila ang kinatawan ng Pilipinas sa Miss Universe! Iba-ibang ganda nga lang kaya iwasan na ang pagkumpara sa mga MUP naten.
    May kanya kanya man tayong paborito pero sana huwag ng magcomment kung pangit din lang ang comment na nkaka-offend sa iba.

    Pero pinakamaganda pa rin si… hihihi

  6. We have to admit naman. Pia was stunning that night. yes, iba yung suot niya kasi may white.. not all red.. but may K naman din siya mga bakla. remember, Miss Universe din siya. as if naman na overshadow ng damit ni Pia yung Lava Gown. girrll.. some people here are just hating on Pia for no reason.

    idk if may theme ba yung gowns nila or basta red lang. medyo nag expect ako ng mas maganda from some of the past MUP. but then again, to each his own. LOL

    BBP will be in June 2019. Feeling ko they needed time to prepare pa.. OR… they have to fit on Catriona’s Schedule. remember, kailangan andun siya bilang MUP. March 8 is the puteri.. they focused first on the homecoming events plus inayos pa ung issue with the franchise. so let’s give them enough time.

    June 2019 ang finals, so by April or May, start na ng pre pageant activities. so sakto lang. medyo late.. pero reasonable naman since may homecoming.

    LCS will still be in the picture. mas bet ko yun kesa naman kinuha nila ang franchise. they just sponsor BBP editions para mas grandiose. ewan k lang if they will have a say on who will win or will be crowned.

    LCS PLEASE FINANCE NEW CROWNS! LOL tie up with Jewelmer! LOL

  7. @Samantha,

    Okay, you make a good point.
    Perhaps it was a lethal combination of MJ’s training, trainers and her “uniquely” designed gown that mader her look like a mermaid.

    The infamous beaded white creation made our beautiful MJ look like she could “swim” back home to the Philippinrs after MU2014! 😊

    Anyways, because of MJ we have Pia and Catriona.


  8. Pia really needs to make herself different talaga. Girl, can’t get enough of your “DIVA” attitude. While everyone wears an “ALL RED” gown, you really have to wear a two-toned dress to make sure you had the spotlight on you. You had your time, ok na yun. Let your sister shine. Give her that moment. Ugh!

    • “This is in reference to the former Miss Universe Philippines ONLY”

      remind me why are we being selective here again? Just so you can single out Pia? If that’s the case, then let’s single out Shamcey as well for not wearing a gown. Yes, she wore red, but it’s still not a gown. Okay ba tayo dun? i mean, who goes to a party without making an effort to look their best? If you dont want any standout, might as well have them wear uniforms para parepareho talaga lahat

  9. MJ still look like a goddess! If only she wore a different gown, she would place high in 2014. But everything has a reason and purpose, and I know God has a plan for her, and my hope for her is finds her purpose beyond being one of the most beloved PH Queens.

    • MJ broke the streak Venus started in Vegas by failing to make it past the top 10. Don’t blame the gown. Blame her training and her trainers. It’s not a coincidence Rachel, who also failed to make it past the Top 10, and MJ both came from the same camp.

  10. Don’t forget the camps behind these girls that made us triumphant at Miss Universe especially Jonas and the Team of Catriona. Maraming salamat po sa inyo.

  11. Who would of thought in 2009 that the Philippines would have such phenomenal success at MU over the next nine years!

    Wow, just wow! 8 of the 9 beauties, in red, as an ensemble. Heartbreaking Janine was unable to attend.

    Make it 10! MUP 2019 will have a tough act to follow and an over abundant of pressure to deal with.

    Imagine the next MUP “not” placing at MU.
    It would be suicidal for her. What a nightmare. The haters, sad souls and uglier than sin themselves, will come out in droves. 😉

    On that note, thankful to the last nine years and fervent prayers for the new MUP 2019 crowned in June.

  12. They’re all simply GEORGEOUS!! Each of these amazing beauties delivers something unique to the plate. Let’s celebrate them instead of bashing, judging (they’ve already competed and too bad, you were not a judge) and fostering negativity… and I, thank you!!

  13. They’re all georgeous! Each beauty brings something to the plate. Let’s celebrate these amazing ladies instead of bashing, comparing or fostering negativity. And I… Thank you!!!

  14. MJ looks really GOOD in this picture.👍😍
    She’s the one that got away because of that….you know already😬

    • She does, doesn’t she?

      After 4 runner up finishes (2010-13) , I was “sure” MJ would be MU in 2014.

      If she wore that red gown she is wearing with her MUP colleagues, she might have placed in the top 5. Imho. I am still sad every time I think or see an image of a mermaid with lots of hair!

      • Saw MJ at arms length at one of those Araneta parade..nahh..morena skin (nothing wrong with it), and ordinary beauty..she capitalizes on good styling which is a hit and miss.

      • Plus MJs supoosed retokada nose remains a mystery. Again, nothing wrong with rhinoplasty especially if it is done well..and blends in with ones natural look.

      • MJ broke the streak Venus started in Vegas by failing to make it past the top 10. Don’t blame the gown. Blame her training and her trainers. It’s not a coincidence Rachel, who also failed to make it past the Top 10, and MJ both came from the same camp.

  15. Hey there! The Real Jeremi the Real Baklang Panget here.

    Galit na galit na naman ang KAPANGITAN ko!

    At kelan naman ako mapi-feature as “The Philippines Ugliest OFW Cruise Ship SeaGay Janitress”?

    Nasaan naman ang hustisya? Kahit na sana ito lang. Baka sakaling pag may feature na ako, makatikim na rin ako ng pinakaaasam-asam kong TITE! 😦

    That is all. Bye!

    • Hi there ingiterangtherealjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Why don you stay for good sa barko. Madaming ti….. doon. You might get rewarded kung gagalingan mo paglilinis ng sahig. Ayaw mo namang magtransform e.

  16. I love them all. Walang itulak kabigin sa charm and beauty department. Pero pagdating sa wit at comm skills, ay Cat is clearly in a league of her own.

    • I disagree .
      Pia Rachel and Shamcey are just as good
      For somebody who did not grow up speaking in English , Pia sounds pretty good . I have re-watched all her interviews during her reign . All I can say is wow.
      Congrats Pia, u r a deserving MU.

      • Cat is the best. The depth of what she says is WOW!!! Second is Shamcey, my love. Pia is third. Wag kang ano.

  17. Facially weak placing at the bottom is Maxene, next upwards are Mj, Venus, and Shamcey. The other half are facially beautiful in their own way and share equal spots – Rachel, Ara, Pia, and Cat.

  18. Facewise:

    2. Catriona
    3. Ariela
    4. Maxene
    5. Shamcey
    6. Mj
    7. Rachel
    8. Venus

    Body proportion:
    1. Rachel
    2. Venus
    3. Pia
    4. Maxene
    5. Catriona
    6. MJ
    7. Shamcey
    8. Ariela

    Bone structure:
    1. Rachel
    2. Venus
    3. Maxene
    4. Catriona
    5. Pia
    6. Shamcey
    7. Ariela
    8. Mj

    And that is just the physical, If I include pageantry skills, modeling skills, comskills… and academic credentials.. its always a whole new ballgame.
    It just proves that we always have a diverse set of winners…

    The looks missing is someone who looks very Iberian(Daisha Jimenez), pan-indian(Patricia Magtanong), East Asian(Michelle Marquez Dee) and mullata(Apriel Smith)… Who could be our next Miss Universe? Could it be one of the missing looks or possibly another pan-Asian(Klea Pineda) or Eurasian(Hannah Arnold)?.. I want some1 smart, tall and very exotic Filipina.

  19. Hayss hung tagal ng bbp 2019. Sa june pa? hayss. I hope next week magpost na sila ng registration and screening date. Mukhang bongga ang bbp2019 kaya matagal. And lcs will help to bbp for staging of this event. I hope janine t will attend bbp2019 para complete na sila. In that event sana yung final gown nila ang isinuot nila just like catriona did. The theme is red pero mas maganda talaga kung sarili nilang final gown ang suot nila. Yung kay mj ara at venus lang ang palitan ir mj and ara lang. anyway. Tapos na naman yan. Ano ba talaga chika dun sa broken crown? Orig or replica? Sir norman? Baka may alam ka po? During her ist parade she wore the orig but what about her 2nd parade? Direct to US na ba sya this week or indonesia muna?

  20. She’s US-based already. Still hoping that she’s make it sa coronation this June so complete silang 9.

  21. I don’t think that was the gown she’s supposed to wear pero move na ‘te. It’s been 5 years already and we’ve already won 2 crowns since. As cliche as it may sound, if it was not for MJ’s mishap, Madame Stella would not have paved the way for Filipino designers to dress our queens and Barazza is still king.

  22. Wurtzbach got IT. Not even Gray could outdo her. Again, that lava dress is so Jessica Rabbit. Or the red relative of Versace’s safety pin abomination for Elizabeth Hurley eons ago.

    • Of course everyone’s still got IT. These 8 ladies plus Janine didn’t become Miss Universe Philippines for no apparent reason. Wag kang eme. Move on na. It’s time for Mak Tumang.

  23. the gown of MJ , was it the one she wore during MU 2014 dress rehearsal but didn’t use during top10?
    If she had used it , then she should have been in top 5 instead of Colombia b*tch Paulina Vega haha!

  24. Janine , where are you ? please attend Bb 2019 pageant and the group should be complete that night

    • She’s US-based already. Still hoping that she’s make it sa coronation this June so complete silang 9.

  25. I love Pia and Cat the most!! Pia stole the part of the show with her new catwalk. Mesmerizing performance with her iconic smize.

    Who trained Rachel Peters to look down to the floor when doing her walk on the runway,’?

    • I think nobody taught Rachel Peters to walk that way. It’s just her. She also did the same during her time at Miss Universe. No trainer would ever teach a model or pageant contestant to look down when walking on stage.

    • Didn’t expect much from Rachel Peters though. Her overall look and walk were I think reflective of her personality. She was just lucky that the stars aligned for her during BBP 2017.

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