5 comments on “Trinh Bao of Vietnam wins the 13th Mister International

  1. Vietnamese is slowly being a power in male pageantry..and why not, their reps are are a total package. Ang hot at charming ng mga pinapadala nila. I love for Hong Kong to win too…

  2. My top 10:

    Czech Republic
    Dominican Republic

  3. If im not mistaken, vietnam na ba ang most number of wins sa international male pageant for asia? Congrats

  4. Mr. Tinio, you actively covered our first hosting of MrI (2015). It’s all in the Archives now, right, po?

    This edition (13th) PALES in comparison to that one (10th) – both in terms of production value and the quality of the contestants! Ba’t nagkaganito na ang MrI? Minor na minor na ang dating. 😦

    I’m sure you miss the likes of Rein Villareal, Fernando Alvarez do Soto, Anderson Tomaszini, Rafael Angelucci, Rafal Jonkiscz, and of course, Pedro Mendes.

    I’ll bet susunod din ‘to sa MI – after two successive Asian wins (Philippines and Indonesia for the girls and now Korea and Vietnam for the guys), a REALLY STRONG European or Latino (Velazco for the girls) will be crowned next year. Am now looking forward to 2020….

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