24 comments on “Clint Bondad speaks about the #breakup with Miss Universe Catriona Gray

  1. Hi Papi Clint, if you need a shoulder to cry on mine’s available!!! hihihihihi

    But in all seriousness i think this is Catriona’s fault. Masyadong ambisyosa ang bruha….Not that it’s a bad thing but why focus on your lovelife during your homecoming.

    I think she was looking for attention. There’s so many other things they could have focused on and yet they decided to talk about her breakup.

  2. Just wondering….did he ever have a picture with Catriona during the coronation in Thailand? It seems weird that I’ve never seen one. He went there as a “supportive boyfriend” (someone headlined this or was mentioned), but if I wasn’t mistaken, according to Cat they were already on haitus way before the pageant…..so did he go just go to watch the pageant and really support her as a friend or as a “boyfriend”? Anyhoo, sad to see them broke up but they all have different things going on it’s better to focus first with on their careers.

  3. So sad to know that the 6-year relationship ended up to nothing. Cat won the crown that she worked so hard for but unfortunately suffered her romantic relationship with Clint. I fervently pray that someday or hopefully at the soonest, they find again themselves in each other’s arm because they really deserve to be lovers not just friends.

  4. Sorry, what I don’t like about him is that how come he acted as if sila pa rin..knowing fully well they were already ‘gone’ prior to MU pageant. He participated on talk shows, interviews, and even played at Eat Bulaga with legit partners of beauty queens..character ba ito?

    • What to do? Say that they are not together? Unahan si Ate Girl while she is competing? OBOB!

  5. Rumor has it that the guy allegedly had an affair with another model. There was a scandal thing involved din ata.

    • May rumor din na si Cat ang nauna. So STFU! Do not blame muna either. Okay? Wag OBOB!

  6. Clint should lay low and just say he will always cherish their time together. They’re both young and will find other love(s), but now is the time for introspection and mouthing no comments regardless the allure of public therapy.

  7. Better to have parted now than to have gotten married, bore children and then part ways in a bitter divorce and all the mess and ramifications that come with infidelity or adultery.

    There, there Mr. Clint. As the saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.”

    Time to lick your wounds, take out your fishing pole and throw it out there. Be aware of dirty tuna..😉

    Cat was pretty special. ☺
    Move on, sir.

  8. It would not have worked out anyway
    Cat said herself she is very ambitious
    So there is no way on earth she would settle for some penniless gigolo

    Clint is good-looking And seems very nice . I hope he goes far in showbiz . It would be his sweetest revenge.

    • Kilala mo talaga si Clint up close and personal for you to say he is penniless? Baklang twoohhh assumera talaga! Sabunutan kaya kita kalbong malantod na kulubot pati keepay!

  9. Clint obviously is avoiding something. He does not want to spill something that could implicate Catriona. He is just trying to be a gentleman

    • Pansin niyo ba? Wala talagang kuwenta ang buhay ko. Kaya nga dito nandito lagi ako at nagkakalat ng kapangitan ko!

      That is all. Bye!

    • Oh, how observant this hunkygaybaklangpanget is. Hey there the realjeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyalinngitera! Ang galing galing ko naman! Napakaobservant mo! Bilib na bilib ako sayo baklangpanget! Huwoooooooooow! ,Makintab naba sahig sa barko?

  10. Ano raw? Tang ina. Ang labo mo pare. Kaya ka naiwan eh. You cannot communicate 😀

  11. Kung talagang mahal na mahal nya si Cat…ipaglalaban nya eto hanggang sa dulo ng mundo….its just a matter of time,..kung nakahanda syang antayin si Cat ,..in Cat’s time,after her reign,baka maging sila ulit!… Years of absence may make the heart go fonder…if they are really meant para sa isa’t isa…

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