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  1. I sent a comment hours ago on this post. I don’t understand why it has not been posted. I resent it but still, it didn’t get posted.

    • Is there censorship by Akismet? I believe my comment was very civil, as all of my comments to this blog has been. And definitely, it was not a spam.

  2. Gaffud will still head the MUP with collaboration sa BPCI.. MUO doesnt want to give franchise sa BPCI instead they want to make MUP under IMG.

    • YUCK! MUO mukhang pera! Worse, corrupted money of LCS and networking echos ng Frontrow!

  3. It’s good to know that, as MUO confirms, the franchise stays with BPCI. The moment I learned that BPCI would mount a homecoming parade of their own for our Catriona, I thought that they still have it. We all know that if a change of guard happens in MUP, a big backlash would be ensuing from the production down to the quality of winners. Look at Misses India, Mexico and Venezuela winners. Nuff said.

    Anyways, another big confirmation comes from Cat herself. She is officially single now. Accordingly, she wants to focus on her MU journey. I think it’s hard for her to take her beautiful road while seeing another road in rough. She said that even before she competed in Miss Universe, she was not in speaking terms with Mr. Bondad. I would think that she could not take the demand of her lovelife and she saw it a big bump to her ambition. I am on it for Cat, and am sad for Mr. Bondad.

    I understand Mr. Bondad is doing well in GMA now. He has projects. As gwapo as he is, I believe he can easily win the hearts of pretty girls. Isa na ako. Come to momma, Mr. Bondad. Chooooooos!

    Kidding aside, it’s so saddening that Cat and Clint’s six-year beautiful love story had ended just that. I mean if they can set aside their love for one another for the sake of their respective ambitions, and then revive it as soon as they have conformed to their dreams, love will indeed be lovelier the second time around. From there we can utter “love wins.”

    That’s all!

      • I don’t think lalaki ang ulo ni Cat! At mag aala Dr. Mike and Pia. Yun nga ang iniiwasan nya. May pagka kiss and tell si Clint. The situation should not be taken against Cat. Sabi nga nya she is a very private person. Reserving certain things of her personal life out of public view.

        This is issue is such a small story to overall festive stories that is happening right now. Lovelives are OVERRATED. It is like your happiness depends on other people. NAHHH. Cat is a lot better than that.

      • @ Renato : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Ganyan din ang paulit-ulit ko’ng sinasabi kay J_mi – IF LOVE DOES NOT LOVE YOU, HUWAG NA.

      • LOL. Cat should be kept grounded and be told what she has to hear. #SamMilby #CaelanTiongson

  4. ‘Eh, talaga naman’g sa BPCI pa rin this year kasi nga nanalo tayo at libre therefore prangkisa for 2019. At may papel pa rin talaga kahit paano si Gob, take note.

    At inamin na rin na they explored options to enhance the brand sa ‘Pinas. My take : that alleged bidding war was true. Na SMA made a counter-offer five times what Gob did.

    And did your protest towards a change in the franchise ownership prosper, dear reader? Was the collective opposition enough to spook Gob? Did that petition make any difference? SAGOT!

    Eniwey, itey ang likey ko, po, por favor – that PRETTY girl recommended by Mr. Tinio with the great collarbones and FEZ that came before the Pakistani hafu for Universe, Lo for International, Bautista for Intercontinental, Bernardo for Supranational, and De Vera for Globe.

    Tell Bragais and gang to field their bet next year (or 2021), kasi dapat maihanda ng mabuti ang susunod sa yapak ni Gray. Haste makes waste. Palaguin muna ang negosyo sa Scout (Bragais Store) at ang lipstick. Fabian Reyes daw is planning to visit and buy shirts.

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